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  1. How do i change the squad status for a particular player in my team? Thx in advance
  2. Any IOS user (jailbreak) tested this yet??? Thx
  3. i am wondering if this works with ios(jailbreak) too..
  4. Why the facepic is so small?? i am using 180x180. How can i make it bigger?? Thx
  5. i cant seems to get the coach pics... any help?
  6. what i meant is the options bar on the left on the pic. currently my screen on my new iphone just look like fmh 14
  7. Hi, I recently upgraded my phone to iphone 6s plus.. But somehow, my fmh15 does not look like the version on my iphone 6. On iphone 6, i do have the options to click on the left just like ipad.. How can i get this version on my new iphone?? Thx
  8. in game editor cannot edit hidden stats... a save editor will be nice...
  9. can this be use on ios or its just for android?
  10. How can i use the in game editor to changed the hidden stats of a player?? I created a few new players, but all of them are prone to injuries...
  11. How can i add players pictures (on my club mode) in the save editor?? Thx
  12. ip5 got good graphic.. but the HD version is so laggy on iphone 4s and 5..