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  1. fmhpsgmufc

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Is there a difference between Commentary only and No commentary mode? Will my results differ?
  2. fmhpsgmufc

    Ribas tactic

    Looks like a beast of a tactic. Trying it with Napoli.
  3. Yes obviously. How will you get Shape Attack Defence in previous tactics? You have to combine them.
  4. For example, Use the best tactics that were available in previous installments and combine it with this tactic :
  5. I used a tactic from football manager mobile 16 and I am managing Everton with a pretty average squad. I won Champions League and FA Cup in the same season and would have won the Premier League if I wouldn't have used incompetent tactics at the start of the season. And not just one tactic from the past games, but several I have tried and they worked well for me. Just a friendly tip. Try it!!!
  6. Hey, I use original engine and i prefer it over enhanced one because the game doesnt lag and the game is way too slow in Enhanced. I try to find tactics for original engine but they are very limited. If i find, it's not very decent and i lose. And when i try tactics from previous games it rarely works. So when i manage a lower league team i struggle and lose. Can anyone tell me some good original engine tactics for FMM 16?? And also lower league tactics....
  7. fmhpsgmufc

    Only 1 season

    Not promotion i nevr played lower leagues...but sale can be the problem
  8. fmhpsgmufc

    Only 1 season

    No i dont make changes but i buy only one player and the tactic doesnt work
  9. fmhpsgmufc

    2014 Pep Guardiola Tactics??

    does anybody know a tactics like pep guardiola or a tactics that will make unbeaten for a season???
  10. fmhpsgmufc

    2014 Only 1 season

    Hey People, I have been observing in fmh 14 that if u use one tactic for season, in the next season it will not work. Does this happen with u People Too??
  11. fmhpsgmufc

    Can Anybody Post Non Vulnerable Tactic???

    Not confident...hey can u tell how to add fmh screenshots from ios
  12. Its 4-1-2-2-1 no editing. Attacking,short,normal,pressing and offside trap rest all no Wb-ctr-ctr-wb Dlm Cm-cm Adm----------Adm Pcr Surely works a treat ...will post results soon It's apm not adm sorry mistyped it
  13. fmhpsgmufc

    Can Anybody Post Non Vulnerable Tactic???

    Man city all same players....hey can u test my new tactic it's called scoring tactic
  14. fmhpsgmufc

    Can Anybody Post Non Vulnerable Tactic???

    K thanks ...bt can u tell some great tactics for ios