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  1. Origi again please. WBs combined = 29 assists: TAA = 20 Alaba = 9 CDs combined = 5 assists: VVD = 1 Koulibaly = 4 Midfielders combined = 61 assists: Savic = 19 Pogba = 14 KDB = 28 Striker combined = 88 assists: Benzema = 32 Neymar = 31 Origi = 25
  2. Neymar for this month and I think Koulibaly too
  3. Going for Benzema this month and gotta go with everyone else saying TAA.
  4. A great month and my tactic of trying spell words with there names is working, first it was nob and now I am writing noob noob (rick and morty) hahaha
  5. Origi again this month and Alaba is my guess
  6. Going for Origi and Allison! Let's play Bingo!
  7. No problem, thought it was best I was honest
  8. Going for Neymar and De Ligt. Also you put that I got the last guess right but I ended up going for Son instead of VVD so I am on one correct guess, not two
  9. We shall go for Benzema this month and as for my guess, I wanted to go for VVD but everyone else went for him so I shall say Son Heung Min
  10. I don't know what I expected under the hidden contents for using both feet. 😄
  11. I will go for Origi I think this month, see if he can repeat last months efforts. My guess is Kevin de Bruyne for the player
  12. Fair enough, I will just accept that I have got it wrong then
  13. maybe not Lukaku forgot about united, was just thinking of chelsea and inter milan and he is belgian, will have another guess when I think about it some more
  14. I'm gunna choose Neymar this month, do we have to change player each month or could we keep the same player for every month, not that I will? My guess of the player is Lukaku