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  1. Match Key For Predictions MW30 Vibe Challenger Division Liverpool 2-0 Dortmund Real Madrid 1-3 Tottenham Arsenal 2-0 Sevilla Chelsea 0-0 Man Utd Porto 3-0 Chelsea Barcelona 1-2 Liverpool Vibe Platinum Division Krasnodar 0-3 RB Leipzig Vibe Gold Division Torino 3-0 Newcastle Torino 3-2 Celtic BONUS (4 pts) : Predict the first scorer of the Barcelona vs Liverpool match. Firminho
  2. Insane score there! Scores all square now, mainly thanks to Wu Lei.
  3. Can we post first do we have to wait until you have posted your score?
  4. MATCH KEY FOR PREDICTIONS - MW 29 PSG 3-0 Arsenal Dortmund 1-1 Porto Valencia 1-1 Liverpool Chelsea 2-0 Napoli Spurs 2-0 Barcelona Man Utd 2-0 Arsenal Liverpool 2-4 Spurs PSV 0-2 RB Leipzig Everton 1-3 Torino
  5. Just for clarification, can I sign any players? Other than the 2 for the challenge of course
  6. HARRY KANE! Not gunna lie, did a little fist pump haha! Happy days, get to keep my sponsor
  7. I'll have a go then, but you can decide who I get
  8. Spurs to win 2-1 Werner to grab the winner
  9. We need this trophy as I don't think top 4 is gunna happen this season! Gotta keep the sponsors happy
  10. Dave transfer request Club Dartford +3 shooting +2 movement
  11. MATCH KEY FOR PREDICTIONS MW 28 Challenger Division Valencia 1-1 Barcelona Juventus 2 - 0 Arsenal Bayern Munich 0 - 3 Liverpool Spurs 2 - 0 AC Milan Dortmund 1 - 0 Real Madrid Inter Milan 1-0 Chelsea Platinum Division RB Leipzig 3 - 1 Pumas Gold Division Torino 3- 0 Leicester City
  12. If we get minus points for the month do we need to take away attribute points?
  13. Name: Dave Country: Wales Secondary position: CM Preferable team: Yeovil Town Come on you Glovers
  14. So I was attempting this but stopped playing for a bit and struggled to get back into it, when I eventually did return to it I forgot the rules and bought TAA and realised I couldn't do this a week or so later on, thus disqualifying me. May attempt this again soon though.