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  1. Is there a way to change a player's team with the changes.txt?
  2. I bought it in Bologna. I don't understand where to put it.
  3. I am in 2021 and I train Bologna, the player is Nainggolan and I would like CA = 170 PA = 199. He can teach me the method so in the future I will be able to activate myself. thank you and sorry for my english
  4. I'm in 2021 and I train Bologna, the player is Nainggolan and I would like CA=170 PA = 199
  5. with changes.txt can you change a player with a save already created?
  6. I don't understand once the .txt file has been created in which folder it should be inserted
  7. can you send me a link that explains how to use changes.txt?
  8. the player in question is Nainggolan and his ID is 8169332, hex 7CA774, inverted 74A77C00.From here I went back to HID which is A1060000. From here on I don't know how to go back to the CA and the PA. the HID code is repeated many times but I don't understand what is the right code string to find the CA and the PA. please help me and i apologize for my english and for my ignorance on the subject, i am using the translator
  9. I need help. I'm trying to change the CA and PA with HEX EDIT but I can't find CA and PA, I did all the steps but after the 55 values I can't find anything
  10. Ho bisogno di una mano Sono arrivato al punto in cui devo trovare la CA e la PA ma non riesco a trovarla. Aiutami
  11. my goal is to change the PA. I didn't understand how I can find the player ID
  12. I can't find the folder com.sigames.fmm .I am totally incapable in this area