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  1. It’s always nice to see how other people play the game! Love the fact that you have a well drilled system! I do some of these things a bit different though, and I think it’s an interesting exercise to explore those differences: Stadium and facilities - completely agree, fundamental stuff! I do forget to ask for a stadium expansion often enough! Will pay more attention to that! Holidays - I don’t take holidays, unless when running experiments. I enjoy the transfer season and I look for youth bargains all the time. Assistant friendlies - again, I like to play these games myself. I normally pick some players that I think could deserve a chance on the first team and see how they perform. Training - I tend to spread my players in different types of training, not only general. Specially because in FMM18 your coaches have specialization, and they always create a connection with a couple of players each - it helps on their development. But I should try only hiring general managers and see if all of them get a couple of players. TL,DR: Nice read
  2. I remember that a few years ago Atalanta was a regen hotspot! I think the reason for that was that they were just promoted in the second season and needed players to fill up the squad - but my memory may be failing me. From my actual save, I get good regens at Bologna, with maxed out youth facilities. However, from my scouting the team that stands out the most in terms of really great youngsters is Man Utd. Again, I would expect that there is an element of randomness regarding where regens show up. However, without a controlled experiment it’s hard to draw conclusions I’m afraid.
  3. As mentioned before, MLS is a bit bland without the special rules in place. May be a bit more exciting for some due to the playoff style finals, but it doesn’t do much for me. Might be a good place to start in case you’re planning a mighty World Cup trophy with the likes of Canada (Still liked the Brazilian league more)
  4. lol, didn’t even notice first time I looked! Looks too good to be true
  5. I guess it’s the developers choice to match the colors to the actual kits. I’m sure if they were your choice of colors out of the box there would be someone else upset about it not matching the kits. Hard to please everyone At least you got the editor!
  6. Yeah, those messages can be a bit odd sometimes. I guess that Torino picked up a few good results in a row and the press went a little overboard. Sounds like the typical British sports press anyway Of course it would be nicer if they were talking about your mighty Juve, but this is far from being a game breaker.
  7. Help National Rank in World Ranking

    I still think there's a problem with the way the rankings are calculated in FMM18 to be honest. It is not uncommon to see African nations on the top after the CAN competitions. In the FIFA rankings these nations do jump on the rankings, but never to the top.
  8. Chat Figuring value for money

    Short answer, yes Long answer, as the financial system in the game is absolutely bollocks, wage expenditure stops being an issue after a few seasons. Your wage budget just exponentially increases season after season. However, if you wanna play hardcore and consider what is 'value for money', you probably would also like to consider the player's expected valuation over time. Typically, young players get more expensive, older players get cheaper. A player's value is also proportional to how many years they have left in their contract.
  9. I don't see why this is tricky. It's just a budget spreadsheet. A system where the club has some fixed expenses (wages, facilities maintenance, some overhead costs) and some fixed incomes (tickets, prize money, sponsorship). That is enough to create a budget, and this budget should be flexible to tweak transfer budget, wage budget and investment in infrastructure).
  10. The financial system in FMM18 is really weak. Basically, you can increase your wage budget exponentially every season. I don't think the game should be complicated with financial decisions, but a more solid economics system shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. It would be nice if teams had a projected budget for the season, based on the team size and reputation and which competitions they're in. Based on that and their current wage budget, money should be made available for transfer funds. This should be updated every season start. A few things could be added, like stats on the financial screen including sponsorship income, how many years until the current sponsorship deals run out, etc. A revamped finance system would also allow for different challenges, like taking up a Premier League club that has been relegated and suddenly sees itself without the major TV income, which would force the manager to sell out and reduce the wage budget. Or a small team that makes strides into the Champions League having a surplus of cash at the new season due to prizes, increased TV revenue, increased number of tickets sold, etc. I honestly don't understand why this system hasn't been improved in some many years. Hopefully FMM19 does a better job
  11. Have tried MLS, England and Italy on the new game. I think all European leagues are kinda the same, as the league format is similar. It’s good because normally the best team wins, and you don’t lose the league due to one bad performance - looking at you MLS cup But to be fair, the league matters the least - as long as you have a good challenge or motivation, you should be good.
  12. To add to that, you can try to maximise the number of South American based players by playing around with the leagues you load. For example: Loaded Leagues - Number of S.American based players USA, Australia, Portugal (all leagues), Spain (all leagues): 352 USA, Australia, Portugal (all leagues), Italy (all leagues): 336 USA, Australia: 287 USA: 242 Spain, Italy, England, Germany (all leagues): 208 Australia: 201 Portugal (all leagues): 192 Spain (All leagues): 185 Italy (All leagues): 165 Portugal (Premier League only): 164 South Korea (All leagues): 155 Turkey (All leagues): 155 So, it seems a good idea to have a game with USA and Australia loaded, plus some European leagues with plenty of South Americans.
  13. There are no S.American leagues, so my guess would be that the players based in South America are always the same, dependant only on your database size. If you want to have S.American players based outside S.America, than load the leagues they play in. I did some experiments, loading every possible league combination. I couldn't find any of the players you mentioned, unfortunately. So I think it is safe to assume they're not in the game.
  14. Chat Playing Two Strikers

    Have you tried swapping the strikers around?