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  1. I agree it’s a bit more challenging after the update, but it’s not impossible. I ran one season with Bournemouth, no signings and letting the AI pick the team. Custom tactic, a 5-2-2-1 setup, normally playing counter. Finished second, which is great ? Im sure there are plenty of tactics that can help you get where you want, but of course don’t expect to win it all.
  2. Oh man, Argentina is in shambles...
  3. Anyone following the international friendlies today? Following Germany vs Brazil, really interesting game.
  4. I'll not provide any guarantees on 'safe', but soccerstreams on reddit has a few very good links.
  5. Very nice read mate, massive squad changes! Just hope you can keep the updates coming, as it seems like a lot of time to write soooo much detail!
  6. Haha to be fair the game is much better nowadays (except the in app purchases, those are filth) - but I did enjoy it a lot back then!
  7. Yeah, here it is! Tomi Morgan! https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/10005-the-tomi-morgan-challenge/
  8. Nice! Didn't i had a challenge way back then with a really old player as well?
  9. Loved the read, specially that I grew up following these guys. It was a short lived partnership, but gosh they were amazing! Here is the Man Utd game highlights https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzkeCbQsiMs added 0 minutes later Edmundo's third goal was a beauty!
  10. Yep, you have “estreals” on the title instead of “estrelas”
  11. Your Portuguese is a bit rusty mate! "Super" + "Estrelas"
  12. Just to add to that, I don't think starting with a non-English club is the way to go, as they don't have the work permit issues that British clubs have. Man City is probably the best option around. added 0 minutes later And I don't think selling players affects the unlockable I'm afraid.
  13. I’m enjoying it Keep the giant killings coming, but always tell us how many times you had to try. Do you change your tactics when you lose and reload, or try again with the same setup?
  14. It's a very special case - and I'm grateful that the developers actually coded it in But hey, with all these original basque players moving around to play in Brazil, Turkey and Russia, maybe they found love and had children in these countries But I agree, I am not against a few players from random places also being Basque, but there should be a bigger number within Spain and France.
  15. Just to add to that, you can change the odds to decimal if you prefer. So 'Evens' would be 2.0, 1-2 would be 1.5 and so on.