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  1. Will

    Off Topic Welp.

    Well I haven't been here in like 2 years. It's been a long time. Hello to those who even remember my existence. Hello to those who don't. And goodbye to all.
  2. Pulled . But like Patrick said before, The match updates are brilliant , But these are still amazing
  3. MGMT - Kids (Dagga Remix) The comments on it are mental people just like, 'hfhkdjhjdshgkjghwehiogroihfgjeakjrg, Sorry just wiping the jizz off my keyboard. :L
  4. The Quick Brown Fox - I'm A Fucking Car It's Great :3
  5. Will


    Favourite Album: Postcards From a Young Man - Manic Street Preachers Favourite Book: Not sure. Favourite Film: The Expendables Favourite Game: Black Ops / Minecraft Fabourite Genre: Metal/Emo/Punk Favourite Musician: Too Many. Favourite Song: Dammed If I Do Ya (Dammed If I Don't) - All Time Low Favourite Sport: Football Favourite TV Programme: The Inbetweeners / Two and a Half Men
  6. Will


    Got my options for GCSE coming up in a couple of weeks now. I'm thinking about taking Art/Media/P.E and Not sure if I should change any of them.
  7. Will

    The Universe

    Childish joke time 'Hehe 'SEX'tillion hehe'. But really, just :|, that big?(Thats what she said.) And I get lost in Manchester.
  8. To go along with the MSN & Twitter threads. This is for people who have Skpye. If you don't have Skype: Clicky Skype Names: Will - willevanss
  9. Will

    The MSN Thread

    will.evans8[at]hotmail.co.uk Add if you must, but tell me your from Vibe :3
  10. Will

    Hiyaa :D

    Welcome to Vibe Keiran :3,
  11. Google Chrome - Computer. Safari - iTouch. Default Browser - Blackberry. :3
  12. This : http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-g5210uk-07677506-pdt.html :3
  13. Havent Seen one around yet, so PSN's Will: ColdWarTacticz Chelseafan: TMD-2 XBLGT's Saul: ISMFOF XD Will update
  14. Will


    Nope, my account isnt premium :L, I lost my old one so I have to go without atm :/