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Everything posted by Will

  1. Will

    Off Topic Welp.

    Well I haven't been here in like 2 years. It's been a long time. Hello to those who even remember my existence. Hello to those who don't. And goodbye to all.
  2. Pulled . But like Patrick said before, The match updates are brilliant , But these are still amazing
  3. MGMT - Kids (Dagga Remix) The comments on it are mental people just like, 'hfhkdjhjdshgkjghwehiogroihfgjeakjrg, Sorry just wiping the jizz off my keyboard. :L
  4. The Quick Brown Fox - I'm A Fucking Car It's Great :3
  5. Will


    Favourite Album: Postcards From a Young Man - Manic Street Preachers Favourite Book: Not sure. Favourite Film: The Expendables Favourite Game: Black Ops / Minecraft Fabourite Genre: Metal/Emo/Punk Favourite Musician: Too Many. Favourite Song: Dammed If I Do Ya (Dammed If I Don't) - All Time Low Favourite Sport: Football Favourite TV Programme: The Inbetweeners / Two and a Half Men
  6. Will


    Got my options for GCSE coming up in a couple of weeks now. I'm thinking about taking Art/Media/P.E and Not sure if I should change any of them.
  7. Will

    The Universe

    Childish joke time 'Hehe 'SEX'tillion hehe'. But really, just :|, that big?(Thats what she said.) And I get lost in Manchester.
  8. To go along with the MSN & Twitter threads. This is for people who have Skpye. If you don't have Skype: Clicky Skype Names: Will - willevanss
  9. Will

    The MSN Thread

    will.evans8[at]hotmail.co.uk Add if you must, but tell me your from Vibe :3
  10. Will

    Hiyaa :D

    Welcome to Vibe Keiran :3,
  11. Google Chrome - Computer. Safari - iTouch. Default Browser - Blackberry. :3
  12. This : http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-g5210uk-07677506-pdt.html :3
  13. Havent Seen one around yet, so PSN's Will: ColdWarTacticz Chelseafan: TMD-2 XBLGT's Saul: ISMFOF XD Will update
  14. Will


    Nope, my account isnt premium :L, I lost my old one so I have to go without atm :/
  15. Pendulum - Blood Sugar Imo the best band around at the moment along with All Time Low.
  16. Will

    English football

    Grimsby have been terrible last season and this, we need to up our game, get rid of Fenty and Wood, and we will do fine :3.
  17. Will


    I've had this for a while, good to see other people enjoying the beauty of Notch's work ;'D
  18. Thanks Dec, good update :'). Works fine
  19. Basically the same as FMH2010 then :')
  20. May try some of these player out, I've heard of some, but most of the others look like good talents .
  21. Welcome back to FMHVibe Snorth
  22. Haha, can still play as the mighty mariners :')
  23. Will

    I Too Am Back

    Thanks ImABlueToo, OLIVEEEH, I shall :')
  24. Will

    I Too Am Back

    I see what you did thar Dec O.e. Thanks anyway :').