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  1. Hi, I've created this new tactic with the aim of scoring as many goals as possible. It turned out very effective and also has quite high possession given the formation and playing style. You can see from my attachments how things are going for me in the second season. End goal is to try and score 200+ goals in one season. Something I have never achieved before and in reality it is probably near impossible as it requires an average of 5.26 goals / game. In my current season I am sitting on 5.1 goals / game with 8 games to play 🤞🤞 I've had great fun with this tactic as there is never a quiet game. I've attached my formation, some player histories, my current league table and fixtures, last season's league and top goal / assist and also some highlights from this season. Note that in Europe and the cups I tend to use my back up team but even they are smashing it this season. Any feedback on how it can be improved is very much appreciated. Good luck and I hope you enjoy.
  2. Insane mate. What tactic you using for this? What tactic you using here bro?
  3. Glad it still works. I am trying to get a more goal scoring formation at the moment so I can hit 200 goals a season. Struggling a bit though
  4. only tried it with EME, never played OME with FMM20
  5. nicely done. I just finished 7th in my first season in the premiership. need to sign a few more defenders and i reckon i can win or at least push for top next season
  6. not particularly, they have decent pace but not the fastest in the world. when i use it with good teams chances are they are pacey but with my st. albans they are not
  7. Nice, i am currently in the championship with st. albans now, promotion ever season so far but struggling a bit now. Teams am up against have players making more than my entire squad. Good challenge though
  8. cheers crash, have you tried it out yet? Interested to see how people change roles and what difference it makes to goal scorers
  9. how did your season finish? added 0 minutes later Did you win Serie A??
  10. what kind of return are you getting from your strikers?
  11. Doesn't really matter as long as they are solid players; good passing, stamina, etc. Find that they don't get too many assist / goals but rather get the ball to the BBM who do the damage
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