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  1. thanks bro! Looking forward to see how it goes for your team in bundesliga
  2. New Tactic! Possession tactic worked with big or mid table team.Very fun gameplay to watch 😀 50 of league goals came from the striker duo! Some tips: TM and P have good aerial and shooting Make sure your team good in passing and teamwork Corner kicks near post (both strikers attack near post) Train strikers as Target Man Have a look at players morale before put in first team (bad morale player may affect team performance such as make sloppy mistake)
  3. You're welcome mate! Glad that this tactic worked well for you. Same here my Anchor also not performing well. I suggest you switch the A to RP because in my experience RP performed better as defensive midfielder and easier to get high rating because he contribute more on attacking (goal/assist). Also switch previous RP to BBM because three playmakers in midfield doesn't work very well.
  4. This is the tactic i often use now when started a new save.Very consistent,solid at the back and beautiful tiki taka gameplay 💪 Unfortunately i forgot to screenshot my first season
  5. wow impressive mate! glad that it worked for you 👍
  6. i recommend use a roaming playmaker as BBM (make sure RM have decent shooting,stamina)
  7. yeah bro this tactic doesn't work since the new update
  8. maybe you should wait until end of the season. the players need time to get a strong relationship not in just a couple of games.
  9. he was injured half of the season. alex telles since bruno injured but most of my goals were from open play
  10. my new 4231 tactic. this time i use man utd and manage to win the league 😀 greenwood and rashford keep banging goals with Cavani as my top assister lol. I have to buy centre back next season to focus on champions league because my defence a bit fragile. De Gea and Henderson also made sloppy mistake sometimes.
  11. i found AM contribute more in creating chances than AP. PF is the best choice when you use 2 IF because he can drop deep if the IF cut inside.also PF worked like a false 9,he bring another players around him to score goals. if you use P he mostly will be in the penalty box waiting for passes and IF will be less effective to cut inside.