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  1. I found that praise or critic the players sometimes can increase the players work rate and morale. Mentor partnership also can improve loyalty and proffessionalism.
  2. in my opinion wages under 50k a week is acceptable for decent player. some players as example pavon like you mentioned may demand high wages based on your club reputation.
  3. thanks mate 😁 but i wonder how come your players scored for opponent team? 😂
  4. not a massive possession since just promoted to premier league
  5. I just bought some backup players except of Andre Silva as first team player because i sold Raul Jimenez. Yes a played manually. Tactis does not give an effect if going on holiday because assistant manager will take care of it and probably he use different approach and players. In game, i rarely make any adjusments unless with big teams i will proceed for time wasting at last 10 minute. I also make only 2 subtitution at 60+ minute in case my player injured after that i can make another subtitution. So far i have tried this tactic with many teams especially mid table teams and it worked fine. I'm already in 3rd season with my RB Leipzig using the same tactic. Hope i answered all of your question 😀
  6. Corner kick: near post Poacher attack near post Inside Forward mark keeper For free kick no exact setup
  7. yup DM seems very consistent than A. I don't know why if i lose Anchor will get 5 rating.
  8. Update: Changed WB to IWB and A to DM Pedro Neto and Andre Silva scoring for fun every match lol 😀
  9. impressive mate! what a squad depth you have 😀
  10. okay thanks! will give it a go with new tactic
  11. is AF will be effective working with 2 IF?
  12. how was your experience with AF? i never used an AF before
  13. New tactic! I recreated my tactic from FMM20 but i made a little changes. Effective in attack. Inside forwards and Poachers consistently banging goals . Key position of this tactic is Winger. Just choose a winger with good crossing at least 15 (dribbling,creativity,shooting is bonus) and set winger as corner kick taker.My recommendation just buy Jirka from Red Star. Bargain for this underrated lad. Absolute beast in set piece. Cheers! 💪
  14. pressing forward role was my favourite if i'm using a tactic with 2 inside forward. PF seem to provide more goals and assists than TM but somehow i agree in some match hard to score goal. Not so entertaining to watch actually. Because of that my recent tactics i like to use 1 W and 1 IF with P up front. btw thanks for trying this tactic. btw appreciate it mate! 😁