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  1. Looks like the interest on this thread has cooled a little, but I just completed another attempt over the past 2 days. It isn't as good as most of you can achieve, but I would like to think I did a decent job. @Rob, could I have another spot on the leaderboards please.
  2. Gave this one more attempt, and there was one result that I found really surprising. Fixtures Tactics Awards Transfers Manager Career Notable Mentions Challenge Results League Points: 101 Goal Difference: 74 Salah: 40 Goals + 20 Assists = 60 Mane: 37 Goals + 37 Assists = 74 Firmino: 34 Goals + 8 Assists = 42 Total Points: 351 Wonderful attempt this time, with my aim being 170 from the league table, and 180 points coming from my players. I would say it wasn't too shabby an attempt. The surprise being Mane racking up 37 goals and 37 assists! I did not expect that at all. With this done and dusted, I don't think I'll revisit this challenge any time soon. 350 was the aim, and I made it!
  3. I stared at it for a good 10 minutes and I still don’t see how it’s any different from my screenshots (I don’t have IGE), how do y’all recognise it???
  4. I never knew Vibers ran the challenge many times before choosing one to post HAHA I always assumed they just posted their first attempt. 😂
  5. So, this update is me officially abandoning the attempt. RNG just wasn't on my side this time and I don't possibly see a way at a decent score. Fixtures Manager Career Points This equates to 49 + 31 + (16+6) + (12+8) + (16+7) = 145 points 145 for half a season, with the trend falling off in the second half, I don't even think I can achieve 300 points, much less 400. And here is the main reason why: After two lengthy injuries from Salah which means he'll probably miss most of the season, I don't think I can get a decent score anymore. Nonetheless, will still give it another try with this tactic and transfers, and hopefully I get luckier next time. As you can see in the 28 games I played so far, I only lost 1 game, so let's see how it will do for me if my front 3 remains fit.
  6. It didn't take Salah long to make an impact upon his return, smashing in a brace to bag us the Super Cup! With 2 assists from Firmino, the 5 points is a good start! Hopefully my front 3 will be able to stay healthy and fit, and my talisman can continue smashing in goals at this rate! Will I be able to reach 400? Stay tuned!
  7. Update: Just got my third attempt started. Managed to secure Koulibaly, McTominay and Brozovic, but didn't have enough funds for Pjanic and Parejo failed a medical, and I just barely had enough for Gundogan as my AP. Also, in a rash bid to weaken CIty on the last day of the transfer window, I might have splurged 50 million (which I got from the sale of Shaqiri and Origi) + Fabinho for Ederson, only for him to sit on the bench, second to Alisson. Not quite a smart decision there. Essentially sold 3 players that could serve as back up, just to buy Ederson for the bench. I didn't managed to offload Lovren and Clyne, or I could at least have bought Bravo too. You could say friendlies went well I suppose, considering 4 wins out of 4. However, considering two offsides and one missed penalty in the first game, I can foresee RNG's not gonna be too kind to me in this save. And it didn't take me too long to be proven right. Just after the first friendly, I saw this. Which means that Salah was going to miss the first two competitive fixtures. I wonder how we would fare without him. In the two games that Salah missed, Minamino made up the last of my front 3, and he snatched 2 goals and 1 assist, with Firmino also managing to miss a penalty. I wonder if these four points dropped would prove costly at the end of the season on the leaderboards? Stay tuned to find out!
  8. @samhardy I think I know the answer but just got to try my luck anyway, are friendlies scorelines considered?
  9. Want to try this, but not so keen in having a single digit or negative score as the first on the leaderboards... Might very possibly end the season with 0 MotM from both players 😢
  10. So how many MotM has Joelinton got for you so far? 😂 Maybe you can try for -114 points and try to be unbeatable at the bottom of the leaderboard instead 😂
  11. So the aim is to have both collect MotM? Or the one that's not Joelinton? Sorry abit confused here.
  12. Had a few ideas to further tweak my tactic (or combine the two), but I'm not sure how well it'll work, so just putting it out there. GK: Have always put Alisson as a SK, but I constantly get match reports with 'Wasteful goalkeeper distribution', and I thought, since I have BPD's to start play and bring the ball forward, I wouldn't need Alisson to be a SK and he can instead be a G instead. CB: Having both my CB as BPD did well for me so far, without many goals against us, so I would think it's a good combination which I plan to continue using. I would have to find an upgrade for Matip though, with Gomez as my backline substitute due to his versatility as CB and WB. FB: Similarly, not much issues with my WB pushed forward, except Robertson committing too many fouls, but not too pressing of an issue and I will only find a replacement for him if budget allows for it, but it isn't too high up my priority list. CM: Tried BBM-BWM-BBM once and CM-DM-AP once, and I feel that I don't have to pack my defence with too many players. I'll be attempting a BBM-AP-BBM in my next attempt, with my 2 BBM hopefully able to cover any defensive lapses and my third midfielder pushed up as an AP instead of in the CDM position. Will have to use most of my transfer budget here, or whatever is left of it after splashing the cash on Koulibaly. Henderson will be my remaining BBM cuz I wouldn't have enough budget, but hoping to get Brozovic as my other BBM. Pjanic is a good choice as my AP, but may prove too expensive, in which case, I might go for Parejo. If budget allows for it, I would want McTominay/Jorginho too, both of which would be good options as BBM, but that would mean I have to overhaul my entire midfield and be able to sell all of them. If not, will possible keep Milner as cover (I don't think he has any resale value), and possibly Fabinho if he can be retrained as a BBM, and Wijnaldum (I just like him). Keita has to go, and I think he will bring in quite decent money, and Ox wasn't even in my considerations cuz of his defensive flaws, even though I quite like him in real life. CAM: Firmino remains firmly in the CAM position cuz of his inferior finishing stats compared to the other two, but instead of building him as a T this time, I will attempt him as a SS, and hopefully he can bring us more assists and be more useful to the team and supply more chances to the front two, like Savic managed in @Foxy's article tagged above. CF: Mane as a Poacher didn't work wonders, although his score wasn't too shabby, but this time I plan for both of them to be AF, so Mane will be able to supply Salah with goals too, instead of the balls going one way. After all, Salah does have better stats. Stay tuned to find out how my third attempt goes, and if I will be able to break 400 this time! Wish me luck 😊
  13. If your score is mediocre then I wonder what mine is :')
  14. @Ian HAHA I haven’t even realised his potential, he has only been a sub for me to rotate the front 3 cuz I have enough backup players in all other positions. And yeah I was really surprised conceding so few goals the entire season, I think I was probably just lucky HAHA