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  1. Season 3 So after last season was gonna need to pull my finger out to get this challenge back on track. Won the league My stats are okay , them seems stressed , but might be down to beginning about more harsh with warnings for bad performances So he was stuck all season again with the needs to mature message Not sure how to get rid of this , but will hamper me if it carries on. Luckily my team stayed together and my players developed nicely And having a spare striker Meant the team played better and could rest him more without issue Which all seemed to pay off as he scored 41 in 40 matches .final going in the right direction 89 / 1000 , slow start, need to see if I can get the Holland team job as well to help. Here's to season 4 and hopefully 60 is my target.
  2. Season 2 So didn't go that well for me , lost more players to bigger clubs But did get some okay youth players Did win the league and the domestic cups Was unlucky with injuries , had two 2 week ones and a 4 week one and the last part of the season hot stuck with "needs to mature" Seems I forgot to take a screenshot of his goals scored , but it was only 23 again in 37 matches ... Not going that well hopefully will be able to keep the team together and develop them and tweak my tactics otherwise this will be a short challenge
  3. These are the 3 I've promoted and I use scherpen as my first choice and seems to be doing well so far
  4. Season 1 So no transfers in only out. Won the league, but with not buying any players to fill in holes ,tactics were hard to get to work. If anyone got injured caused me to have to use 4 different tactics in the season and the goals ended up coming from to many different players So only got 23 in the first season and was tired most of the time due to low stamina. But stats at the end of the season show promise for season 2 New recruits from youth and if I can keep the players together looks good for the future Here we go...
  5. Can't buy any players but some wanted to leave so sold them and the used the cash to request from the board to upgrade both youth and main training facilities , as will need the youth players to be as good as possible
  6. Found this 16yr old in the youth team and retaining him to be a striker
  7. So after some thought and being a Man Utd supporter in real life , I decided to go with Ajax .🤪
  8. Gonna start a 1 k goals challenge but without buying any players, only promoting from the youth team. Was thinking of either using man utd for mason greenwood or Ajax and develop the youngest striker they have