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  1. Season one Transfers in and out Player I picked His first season goal tally
  2. So as ppl might know I'm in the process of doing an Ajax , no transfer 1 k goals challenge, but my phone died . So I will be able to recover the save file but in the mean time im gonna test stuff out on a Celtic 1k goals challenge but allowing transfers
  3. Okay my phone had a fit again and I can't acces anything on it at the moment . I do have a new phone and will be able to retrieve the save file just means the next update won't be till the end of this week and also didn't back up the screen shots I had taken for season 4.
  4. Season 3 So having no issues winning the league and cups and this time made it to the champions League semi finals beaten by man city , who then won it . So my tactic tweeks seem to have worked , unfortunately my striker had 5-6 injuries so limited his games and flow but my second striker did well with 23 from 30. So main man stats improved Even with a broken season , he managed 17 in 31 . Looking ahead to season 4 ,if he stays fit and with the other players going in to there roles could be a big season all round
  5. Season 2 So the team kick on and we won the usual stuff , just having trouble in Europe. Having issues as you can see with the amount of goals I'm scoring even though I'm having 17 shots and 10 ish on target most matches , hopefully some tweaks and my striker development will help that. He go stuck with the needs to mature for this season so didn't kick as I would like So only scored 24 out if 34 as he was injured 3 times and distributed his flow . Good news is other players have developed and should help with season 3 So with some tactic tweeks and players like this lets get on with season 3
  6. Yeah , i sold some players not needed and used the money not upgrade all the training facilities to help with the youth players
  7. Yeah , i sold some players not needed and used the money not upgrade all the training facilities to help with the youth players
  8. Season 1 So it went okay this time didnt lose any of my good players this time Managed to win the league and cup Squad developed nicely The main man did okay with 23 from 43 matches and developing well Let's see what season 2 brings
  9. So I started this previously and got 5 seasons in and my phone had a fit and I've lost the save file. So decided to start again. Same team :Ajax , only aloud to use the players you start with and my youth team for the challenge , no outside transfers in. Last time I chose this player as my striker But this time decided he would be better as a winger and supplying my striker. So I have gone with Looks promising from the coach report and stats are okay , only time will tell, so onwards and upwards with season 1
  10. Okay have started again , will post in a new topic
  11. So phone has had a fit and I've now lost the save file to this 1 k challenge, so unable to continue. Will look at starting it again with Ajax but will be in a week or so
  12. Season 4 So won the league and stuff again So he suffered from 3 injuries this season but still did okay So 36 in 36 okay 125 / 1000 But his stats are looking better Hopefully season 5 it will all come together
  13. I've done that in the past in different versions and been sacked due to lack of team harmony and then players not respecting me . So I find it easier to let the go and replace , just harder as my replacements are coming only from my youth team
  14. Season 3 So after last season was gonna need to pull my finger out to get this challenge back on track. Won the league My stats are okay , them seems stressed , but might be down to beginning about more harsh with warnings for bad performances So he was stuck all season again with the needs to mature message Not sure how to get rid of this , but will hamper me if it carries on. Luckily my team stayed together and my players developed nicely And having a spare striker Meant the team played better and could rest him more without issue Which all seemed to pay off as he scored 41 in 40 matches .final going in the right direction 89 / 1000 , slow start, need to see if I can get the Holland team job as well to help. Here's to season 4 and hopefully 60 is my target.
  15. Season 2 So didn't go that well for me , lost more players to bigger clubs But did get some okay youth players Did win the league and the domestic cups Was unlucky with injuries , had two 2 week ones and a 4 week one and the last part of the season hot stuck with "needs to mature" Seems I forgot to take a screenshot of his goals scored , but it was only 23 again in 37 matches ... Not going that well hopefully will be able to keep the team together and develop them and tweak my tactics otherwise this will be a short challenge