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  1. Below are some issues I have observed with FMM2020 amongst others. FMM2020 1. Game is stuck on the second season. 24th of June, 2021. Game doesn't proceed beyond this point. (Processing retirements on the processing screen). 2. AI always bid way below my player's worth. (In one case amongst several, wanted to buy Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan worth £33million for £17million. He wasn't even on the transfer list). 3. AI always sell their player to me way above actual worth but same player will go to other AI clubs for lesser amount if I ignore or replay. 4. Some young players despite being happy and playing beyond their squad status refused to renew their contract and they are in the last season of their contract. 5. Couldn't fine/discipline a player who received a red card in the last match. Though it happened only once. (I am a disciplinarian). 6. Match day attendance doesn't show during the match. Is it a new thing or a bug? Also I can't view my match attendance in match reports (in one of my saves) because the stadium name is too long. Can't the attendance be on a separate line because on the screen, there's a lot of space to accommodate more information.