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  1. So we are only allowed one striker in the team?
  2. I tried to buy packs and @Kun Aguero has told me, no packs but can transfer between players. Sorloth/Martinez?
  3. What you thinking for Passlack please? How much we looking at for Pons/Longstaff? @Rich Got anyone your willing to part with? Seem to have a good few attacking players!
  4. Is anyone selling ANY players for coins at all? 😂
  5. Wow i really dropped the ball in not getting any more players in. Could be tough untill the next Transfer Window.
  6. I havn't even started this next season yet, might need a few extra days - been abit hectic at home the past couple of days!
  7. To say I was sh**ing a brick on that penalty shoot out would be a understatement ha.
  8. Coaches will affect the training/improvement of players, fitness will try to improve stamina etc, attacking will focus on attacking stats and so fourth. General coaches are good if you are at a smaller team with not many spaces. Aerial is simple to try and improve, focus training on Target Man for a ST, with a mentor with good aerial. Scouts, pretty self explanatory. Youth scout to find younger players, tactical scout for your match reports on opposition. Bargain hunter for cheaper finds, first team scout for players good enough to go straight into the first team. As far as I know with the captain, try and get someone who is of a influential personality. Picking someone who the team doesn't agree with, will likely decrease morale. I'm sure someone like @Scratch who has excellent knowledge on the inner workings of the game will be able to give much more of a detailed answer 😂
  9. Most of the time players will accept a new contract on there current terms, or just slightly over.
  10. Try offering new contracts to those players with the blue information marker on them. Sign a new 'star' player who will get the players back on side, someone who the fans will 'celebrate the signing off.....'
  11. You've missed out the best player Arsenal have sold to a EPL team recently....
  12. Its a shame that the VPL/TTR probably wont count otherwise I'd be racking the points in ha. At the moment, i just have a measly 24.