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  1. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO POST A CHALLENGE Right, now that is out the way. I would like to share my success 4-4-1-1 tactic I have used throughout my Jorge 1KC challenge; I am posting this because I know some players would love to do a 1KC challenge, but can't create a tactic. So hopefully this gives them a chance to play one, but without posting it as a challenge here. More screenshots of the results can be found in that thread. I must say, I took a lot of knowledge and tips from various users in the old thread, on how to create a lone-striker tactic, which can be found here; Also, through various DM messages, @Rich has given some guidance and advice on the tactical side of FMM which helped me in putting it all together. Right, moving onto the actual tactic; Players required; GK = Standard attributes really, nothing special. WB = I went for crossing/dribbling, along with the usual defensive ones such as tackling & positioning. CB = Usual attributes. (Tackling, aerial, postioning) Pace & Passing are always good if you can get them. CM = Tackling, passing, decisions & teamwork were my main ones. You want them to be able to win the ball back, and have the ability to find a pass quickly, either out wide or into the AP. Try and have a Left footed player on the left, and Right footed for the right. W = 2nd most important position here. High crossing/dribbling is a must. Ideally, pace & decisions will be as equal. In the spoiler below are my two choice wingers. Please bare in mind I am in the year 2032, so have had time to buy/develop world class players. Same as CM for left/right footed for each side. It will make alot of difference having a left footed player on the left etc. AP = Almost as important as W, but not quite. Teamwork/creativity/decisions/passing for me. I tried to avoid any AP with shooting over 15 as don't want them stealing too many goals. TM = The key to this tactic. Usual TM attributes are a must. High aerial, shooting, movement. Low teamwork would also be a bonus so they are a someone selfish player. Instructions; Balanced defensive line as not to push too many players forward & limit the goal scoring for everyone apart from the TM. However, you will want to win the ball back ASAP, for the wingers to get a nice cross in to hopefully land on your TM's head. Attack wise, the most common partnership of Work into Box & Run at Defence. WIB = You will want to try and limit any long shots, especially from your AP. This should enable your AP to think about the pass, and hopefully play it through to your striker. RAD = Mainly so your wingers will run at the oppositions back line, meaning your TM has time to pick his position in the box, perfect for when that cross comes in. The other instructions are fairly self-explanatory. Results; So, as you can see in my Celtic thread, I have had success year in, year out using this tactic, but for those of you who haven't seen it, I have a few screenshots to give you a glimpse of what I achieved; All of the above was won in 12 seasons, constant success domestically, and 10 Champions League wins in a row. Players results; Over 1000 goals at club levels, the highest scoring season was 100 goals. As you can see, between 90-95 was the most common result. These are my two first choice Wingers, and both have been with me for a number of years and provide between 20-30 assists a year. Not as high as others have produced, but a solid return none-the-less. Overall, this tactic has averaged 2.76 goals per game, while conceding just 0.53 a game. All while not spending that much money. I haven't managed to test this at any other club yet, but providing you get the right players for the right spots, I can't see it being a problem. Any questions please ask away. Thanks for reading!
  2. Most attempted shots by 1 player? (21) A very frustrating game to say the bloody least! He could barely finish his dinner for 90 minutes.
  3. Season 12 (and possibly last?!) So as you are all aware, I fell short of the 1000 goals last season by just 5. It was almost certain it would be finished this season, but did FMM gods have something else in store.....lets find out; To put it bluntly. No. By the end of August, Jorge had scored 8 goals. Leaving him on 907, combined with the 96 ITN puts him on a grand total of 1003. Meaning this challenge was done. I did however finish the season, and here is how I did; 91 at club, 11 ITN. A total of 102 for the season. Still can't hit the magic 100 club again, seems that was a one time deal. A few minor week injuries through the season limited his playing time, but nothing as bad as the previous season. Shooting & Movement have decreased as Jorge hits 30. Still feel he has another 2/3 years in him with potential decent returns, so 1500 may not be completely out the question. But more on that later... Competitons & Awards; Everything won as normal. To be completely honest, as many of you understand, it isn't really a challenge to win trophies anymore. Even my weaker side is better than most teams I come up against now Jorge shown his qualities in the Champions League more this year, gaining the Golden Boot. For like the 12th season running he scooped Top Scorer in the SPL. No one even comes close to him domestically. Manager & Totals; Confirmation that I have hit over the 1000 goals needed. Still nice to be in the positive bank balance, by around 500m give or take. I am not surprised my Domestic Player Bias is so low, my team is 75% Brazilian now. Nice to be noticed for my transfer dealings & financial control within the challenge. I knew I would have to spend big the first few years, but always planned to leave Celtic in a decent state come the end. So thats it. I have a few options now, which I will create a poll on the OP to see Vibes opinion; Keep going untill Jorge retires and see how many goals I can score Leave it now having finished 1KC and try something different Leave the ITN job and focus on 1200+ for club only I will most definitely at least start a new season to try and hit 1000 at club level alone, so there will be at least 1 more update in the next day or two I would hope. Once again, thank you for all your comments & support throughout this challenge, even I was unsure how it would go, especially after losing 2 years earlier on in the save.
  4. @George Traistă @Rich what happens with our predictions now we have reach destination club? Obviously don't need the miles, but what if any are wrong?
  5. We have moved folks! And it will be our final move of this game. Entella wasn't my destination club exactly (that was Genoa) but falls within the 30 mile radius allowed; My miles; 206 rolled over + 11 + 24 + 34 = 275 total. Distance travelled; Just 9 miles wasted which isnt too bad. Confirmation; @George Traistă I'll finish the season with Entella and send you the usual league/win screenshots today or tomorrow. Do you need me to pick 3 milers by the way? If you need anything else, just lemme know P.S = Hope I have screwed some predictions over here with my final move ha 😂
  6. Apologies for not getting my guesses in on time, been abit under the weather recently. Will be on time next time! 👍
  7. Season 11 So, we had a chance to finish this season, and aslong as I kept the average going, it wouldn't be a issue, would it?! Well, it seems FMM had other ideas. Jorge had a awful season, not goal scoring, but injuries; 3 months out in October, and as you can see he was on fire. Averaging above 2 goals and game. I thought it was going to be a bumper season, but how wrong I was. He had only been back a few weeks, and actually had started just as he finished when he was out for another 10 days. And just a month later, he was out again for a month. I have been lucky with this challenge with injuries up till this point, so I can't moan too much, although it would of been nice to get this wrapped up and sorted. So despite his injuries, lets see how Jorge finished; Shooting, decisions, decisions & creativity all dropped by 1 point. Not too surprising considering how much time he spent out this year. He finished the season with just 65 at club level, sounds abit poor, but when you consider he only got to play 35 games, 20/25 less than normal, its actually not a bad return. 7 goals at ITN level means a return of 72 completely, which, sadly means we are just 5 goals short of the 1000 we need. Almost gaurenteed it will come in season 12, surely the game can't hate me that much?! General; We became un-sackable this year, not that my job has been in any doubt throughout this game. Awards; So despite his injuries, still managed a decent number of awards. Everything won as usual. Not really any challenge in winning trophies at the minute, just a formality of playing the games. Total; As i said earlier in the post, a injury riddled season leaves us needing just the 5 goals. Im low-key gutted I couldn't get it sorted in S11, but shouldn't take too long into S12 to get this sorted, leaving the door open to a potential new challenge of 1500, or 1kc purely at club level.
  8. I've got two quick fire updates coming, so they will be short and sweet while we wrap this challenge up at last. Season 10 Awards; Plenty of awards again, mainly due to his league form and this result at ITN level; In terms of domestic level, everything was won again; Jorge; Still falling short on the 100 club goals again, but keeping the average of over 100 per season. I must say Jorge has been a pleasure to manage, apart from very early on in the save where he moaned abit about not moving, he hasn't moaned again in about 4/5 seasons. Very rarely injured for more than 1 week-10 days and has signed a new deal when-ever it has been offered. The World Cup helped quite abit this year, with 11 goals at ITN level. Totals & Manager; Still in the positive in terms of money spent/sold, and despite all the success i've had at Celtic I am still only ranked 5th in the world, which is a shame but I imagine its due to the league standard rather than mine. Only need 79 goals now to finish, I have finished season 11 and will be uploading soon, I wonder if I did it....... Once again, thanks for comments and support, it does mean alot.
  9. Will be sending mine over later today, been abit under the weather over the weekend.
  10. @George Traistă can you confirm who is left in the game please mate?
  11. If your drinking the booze I sent and come out with these crap bonuses we need to have words! 😂😂
  12. Getting closer and closer to that finishing line. A good season for me in terms of bonus points. Come in @Rich be nice to me again this season!
  13. For what is worth, my 2 pence - if the only 'cheating' aspect is your own scouting app, personally I see nothing wrong with using this forum & challenge as a way to show what it is all about. I'd very much like to follow it, and see what kinda things this app can potentially do and show you about the in-game stats, so yeah post with the info Scratch!
  14. Im afraid because you missed two weeks on the bounce, you were removed from the game. Maybe you can join in the next one, providing you feel you can commit to a long-term based game