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  1. This interested me slightly, so I went onto the google play store and had a look at the description. Here it is for anybody else who wants to see; Seems to be correct in the loading 5 leagues now, but there is new transfer tools according to that. Not sure what those tools will be, but hopefully it makes selling players slightly easier, but not to the extent it is unrealistic, and more realistic fees for youngsters from the lower leagues and lesser known clubs.
  2. Is £200 million actually enough, considering the whole team (barring ASM) will need replacing. Still sounds like a massive rebuild job.
  3. The full fat FM beta has been released tonight and Newcastle had a starting budget of 200m. Will imagine its similar to what we will get on mobile.
  4. Just ordered my new phone, so going to have to wait a week or so after release to play sadly. Can't use my current one as changing from Android to iOS
  5. Just got to hope that the new guy can keep you lot in touching distance with the rest of the league before January. Think I heard you have 12 games? Could be fairly imbedded into that bottom 3 by that point.
  6. I've got a feeling this isn't going to take you that long at all. 3rd season perhaps? 😂 That is a cracking start, some of the numbers you manage to reach scare me Scratch ha!
  7. Can't stand that block. Complete moron. Questioned why we employed an 'set piece coach' & 'attacking coach'. Micah Richards soon shot him down about it. Murphy's opinion was that the head coach should do it all.
  8. Not giving too much away from them. Hoping there is some new stuff going to be announced over the next two weeks. 5 leagues instead of 4 is good, but not exactly what was needed.
  9. I won't lie, it's difficult to say how far I would oppose it for my club, unless we were in that situation. Thats fair then I suppose all I had seen is that its the PIF, which was essentially the country, rather than a select few rich guys. As I said, happy for the toon fans that they finally get their takeover, that you guys have wanted for years now, so don't take it as something it's not.
  10. I may be wrong, but City's owners are a family. Yours are pretty much the country as a whole yes?
  11. I'm happy for the toon fans, about time they had a club they could be proud off. But, is no one else slightly concerned about the morals and beliefs of these new owners? How can a country, which basically class women, gays, and anybody who doesn't conform as second class citizens own a English football club.
  12. Just a quick comment to say Up The VIlla!! Cracking performance Saturday, and one similar to the two games against Chelsea, which our performance deserved alot more than we got. It was such a pleasure to see Brunos penalty FLY into space 😂 Nice to see we are becoming a team now. Not just reliant on one player.
  13. For me, once i've invested a few hours into a save, im attached. It happened with my 1KC, I saw that player grow and grow and was determined to finish it. Once that was done, i've struggled to find the same attachment to another save.
  14. Surely if people just wanted to skip a game, they could use the holiday feature? Not sure the game needs a 'quick sim' option in my opinion.
  15. Can i see what strikers you are using please? Might give me a better idea as to why its struggling with your team. Fab! Glad your enjoying it, what little change did you make if I can ask?
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