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  1. Can i see what strikers you are using please? Might give me a better idea as to why its struggling with your team. Fab! Glad your enjoying it, what little change did you make if I can ask?
  2. You have got no chance with that mate 😂 As you can imagine, I was a big team in a small league. I had world class players from about half way through my save. I dominated possession, very rarely under 55/60%.
  3. Jack Grealish is available for trade/sale if anybody wants to make an offer? (psttttt @broodje kip)
  4. Most of them brought as 18/19 year olds, if not younger. Kept 2/3 over 28's for mentoring, and trained them mostly. If you check out my 1KC thread, there is some transfer screenshots in there I think, which will show roughly how much I paid for players.
  5. I had the current player, but not a clue on retired. That was a tough one chaps!
  6. Please! Anything without that name 😭😭
  7. Side note = @Kun Aguero @broodje kip Did you really have to change your PFP 😭😭
  8. It wouldn't of been as bad from our view, if he hadn't of spouted off not 10 months ago, about how this is his club, his home and he believes in the project the owners put to him. That is what hurts, the fact we've been played for a year, when all he actually wants is that instant success, rather than having to work for just one trophy.
  9. I honesty didn't expect Jack to go this season. It hurts emotionally, of course it will. He is meant to be 'one of our own', local boyhood fan done good kinda thing. There is new information coming out daily about his headspace, and it appears that he has wanted a move for a while and was happy to go to Man United last year, but a bid never came. I think his head got turned massively at the euros, and with having his so called 'super' agent, it was never going to end well for us. But, if i take my villa glasses off and look at this from a business view. £100m. Its a hell of lot of money, especially for a player who hasn't completed a full season for 3/4 years at least, never scored an international goal, never won a club competition, who is clearly trying to focus on their own 'brand' and image, rather than football. Its an incredible deal for us. But, his value to our team, and our hearts is more. I hope we use this money wisely, and with Ings coming in, and potentially JWP too. I think we have. It will be nice to not be known as Jack Grealish FC for abit, and not be so reliant on one player to win games. That being said, I don't wish him well. I understand his reasonings, but we are looking like a team on the up, with real potential to knock on the door for Europe and he is off. I hope he fails, gets no game-time and realizes what he has left behind.
  10. Glad its working for you mate. Enjoy!
  11. I also know its only pre season, but Nakamba has looked fairly solid so far compared to last season. He could play a big part of that defensive midfield role.
  12. Cash was injured for some of last season, Targett was our most improved player. Plus with Emi goal, I am not concerned defensively to be fair. We looked solid at the back last season but lacked in attack when Jack was missing. We needed to improve our wingers, and with Emi & Bailey we have done. If we can get abit of steel for in the middle, I'll be confident of a top 6 finish. Edit - Forgot we've got Young in now, so that experience and level of talent for cover for both wing backs is already better than what we had when Targett/Cash were out.
  13. Add in potentially JWP sat behind them. Looking to break into that top 6 this year with ease.
  14. Grealish has told them where to go, so City's attention now on Kane. God we can dream. 😂
  15. Anyone else completely stuck with the current player? Not got the foggiest here 😂
  16. No offence taken from myself personally, but my 1kc tactic does work, but as @FuddledFox said, need to build the team correctly & really think about team/player choice. The days of plug and play tactics have long gone from FMM, it is alot more based around player choices for certain roles.
  17. I have serious doubts Jack will go this season. If we fail to get European football, he will go next summer.
  18. Apparently we are in for Leon Bailey, now that would be a statement signing!!
  19. I bet! Its a class signing in my opinion, and at that price i'm surprised some of the other 'bigger' teams weren't in for him actually. Would of liked him down at B6 personally.
  20. Looks like Brentford are signing an FMM legend; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9794345/Kristoffer-Ajer-closing-13-5m-Brentford-declaring-wish-leave-Celtic.html @Mr Tree Surely gotta be happy with this one?
  21. Im proper struggling with those clues. I thought I had the retired player, but turns out to went to another club for a year after Turkey. Here I am sat strolling through line-ups of old Supercopa games. God help me 😂
  22. Total So Far - 37 Italy 2 - 1 Spain (37) England 3 - 1 Denmark. (37) Round Total - 0 Overall Total - 37
  23. Inter Dudley & Sandwich to finish 2nd, everyone else to top their group.
  24. Hard pass Broodje! Make it, £200m + KDB + Foden + Dias, then we may be able to talk about it 😂