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  1. Thats a cracking start, can imagine those numbers are only going to go up and up with the quality of players you can add for the following nations.
  2. Typical. Whats a man gotta do to cross some numbers off. 💩 Stick with Salah, and 5 goals please.
  3. So....Villa are actually going to win the league and no-one can stop us 😂
  4. Well done chaps, good battle that was. Will updated the OP shortly.
  5. I know im biased, but how can Grealish get MOTM against Wales, in a comfortable 3-0 win then get ZERO minutes in the next two games. Pundits, former players, other club fans all calling for him to at least come on, if not start yet Southgate refuses to play him. Grealish would of provided us with something different last time, I lost count the amount of backwards/sideways passes from Rice & Phillips, chuck Jack in front of them and you have a player who is willing to run with the ball, take players on, be creative.
  6. Getting closer to that full house!! Stay with Salah, and 3 team goals please mate.
  7. Salah and 4 team goals please.
  8. Best of luck chaps, always good to see your own challenges being played out!
  9. The way i see it, if another company offers you double your wage to do the same job, you are not going to say no are you? Yes the player may have said 'I want £X' but, the club can always refuse. In regards to him not taking a paycut, he wasn't the only player who refused was he? Im sure i read that they refused because they were not sure the savings would of been used correctly. Remember, this is the same club who made 55 'normal' club staff redundant, THEN signed a player for £50m @ £100,000's a week.
  10. Ill go with Salah & 4 team goals please mate.
  11. Just finish the season as the table is now is my best outcome 🤣 To be fair, the bottom three might not actually change that much.
  12. Had fans been at the game last night, we would not of won that 7-2. No chance. The negativity from us villa fans would of creeped in at 2-1, when Salah got your first, would of affected our players and we would of lost. Quite simply. Our away support is top notch, but home fans are very quick to get on the players backs when it doesnt go our way.
  13. Well that weekend was eventful. Personally, delighted over our performance, we looked sharp and dangerous with every attack, yes Liverpool were poor but, even a poor Liverpool side have beaten teams last season.