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  1. I'm presuming this is just a one season challenge?
  2. Neymar and the common guess of Trent please
  3. Results submitted already. Glad I managed to get this smashed and out the way, can sit back and watch others sweat now! Fairly confident with my score that I hopefully go through!
  4. Holy cow. I can already tell work permits are going to be a killer AGAIN! You guys are evil. 😂😂
  5. That was about as rough as a season I've ever played on this game. Just happy to have got through to the next round. Unluckily to the two went out.
  6. That's a decent score considering the few injuries you had. Well done mate.
  7. Delighted to keep making correct guesses, but I am having no luck with the actual goals ha.
  8. Wigan got theirs this season cause going into admin is a immediate deduction. Sheff Wednesday aren't in admin, so EFL can apply theirs next season.
  9. Might be tonight, might be tomorrow, might even be Sunday. All depends how busy people are and how much effort going into the write up
  10. Its only about half what they still owe to clubs for old transfers, sure i read they owe around 80million in transfer fees still. Plus not many players on relegation clause contracts, could be a few tough years ahead financially for Bournemouth now.
  11. Not gone with Neymar yet so will have a month with him. Im gonna go with Allison for my player guess.
  12. Just submitted mine. Not a clue how I've done. Difficult first challenge so wouldn't be surprised if I'm rock bottom last!
  13. Good to know. Might need them points in the end 🤣
  14. Do you still get the 'try' points if your wildcard scores and assists, but you don't win the game?