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  1. It only took you a hour?! Thats madness ha.
  2. @samhardy Just want to check, in the league its 1 goal only that can get the points, is that the same in cups? Or, if Sharp gets a hatrick, does that count as 3 points?
  3. It was more a joke comment than serious. I know it would take away the fun, and the element of the save...
  4. One way to stop that from happening is don't play him 😂😂
  5. Trying to think which way to go here. Sharp up top on his own, or next to a TM/DLF for the knock ons. Also clean sheets are concerning me, never played for defence before - usually just go for goals and out score the opposition 😅
  6. I suspect some of the scores this week are going to be awfully close!
  7. Interesting using IF, are you not concerned they will steal too many goals from your main three?
  8. Add to this, Movement is more important for a striker, and he has 12 for that so decent starting point. Best of luck!
  9. Thats a mental target, although if theres anybody on here that can smash it out of the park....your not one of them 😂 Kidding. Best of luck!!
  10. Thanks, Zirzkee to Leicester & Rodrygo to West Ham then please mate.
  11. Any chance of a clue to which you reckon will get more first team action. None of them are that appealing ha 😂
  12. Can i get a short term loan move for Zirkzee & Rodrygo please?
  13. Yeah i think it has been confirmed by the club now.
  14. I may be in the minority here, but i don't believe Lampards sacking is harsh. If you back at his jobs as manager, he took Derby from 3rd...to 3rd, Chelsea from 6th....to 6th. Now spent over £200m on players who he can't get a tune out of. It was only ever going to end badly, that sort of money demands instant results. Lets be honest though, I don't think he expected the Chelsea job so early, it was always going to be end game. Hopefully he can get another job in the Championship, prove his worth as a manager then push back on.