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  1. Tottenham 1 - 2 Madrid Barcelona 3 - 1 PSG Chelsea 1 - 1 Benfica Arsenal 0 - 2 Man City Dortmund 0 - 1 Barcelona Barcelona 2 - 1 Madrd Sevilla 0 - 3 Liverpool Southampton 0 - 2 Torino
  2. Season 9 After a disappointing season last time out, and a few players not happy being at Celtic anymore. I felt it was time to actually move the challenge to a new club. Unuvar himself was getting bored up north, and pretty much decided for me actually that we needed to move; A few jobs came up, Arsenal, Wolves, Sevilla. None of which I felt could attract and importantly afford Unuvar to follow me. Untill.... The challenge moves to Liverpool! Before we moved, Unuvar had actually scored some for Celtic; 22 to be exact. Seemed to struggle the past few years, perhaps his heart just wasnt in it anymore. So onto the new stage of my career. Liverpool were actually sitting mid-table, knocked out of the CL and a very very young squad. No where near what we expect of the Premier League giants. We finished the season; Few iffy results as my players got used to my tactics, and considering the state of the club when i arrived, i was quite happy with a 6th place finish. Can only move forwards I say! The transfer window was open when i joined, and my first bit of business was obviously bringing Unuvar with me to England; So, how did he get on at his new home; Not a bad start. He had a month long injury near the end of the season, so happy with his returns. Now, remember he was only on 22 goals for Celtic when i left so need to remove 2 from the totals. 23 + 22 = 45. Luckily we had the Euros so he was able to add another 8 goals internationally to help the poor league scores. Competitons; Decent start to my reign at Liverpool. Awards; So i decided to check out at the end of the season how Celtic did; Obviously won the league, but more surprisingly managed to re-claim the Champions League! Quite proud of that to be honest, nice to know my years of hard work didnt go to waste as soon as i left. Now, the smart lot amongst you hopefully would of clocked onto something here. Celtic won the Champions League...I won the Europa League...that means.... Yes I have to play my old team very soon after leaving in the Super Cup. Manager Profile for admin reasons; Totals Season 1 = 32 Season 2 = 20 Season 3 = 36 Season 4 = 44 Season 5 = 48 Season 6 = 56 (club) + 13 (international) = 69 Season 7 = 59 (club) + 17 (international) = 76 Season 8 = 52 (club) + 7 (international) = 59 Season 9 = 23 (Liverpool) + 22 (Celtic) + 8 (international) =57 TOTAL = 437/1000 This save may go down the wire unless he can start hitting 80+ soon.
  3. Quick fire update for you lot. Season 8 52 club & 7 international = 59 total scored. Unuvar got his head turned quite abit in season 8.... Competitons; Actually lost the CL final - heartbroken. My straight run of wins is over....for now. Do have more in-depth screenshots if anyone wants them. Season 9 is ready to post too. Totals Season 1 = 32 Season 2 = 20 Season 3 = 36 Season 4 = 44 Season 5 = 48 Season 6 = 56 (club) + 13 (international) = 69 Season 7 = 59 (club) + 17 (international) = 76 Season 8 = 52 (club) + 7 (international) = 59 TOTAL = 384/1000
  4. Pretty sure you'll crack 400 at some point. I keep meaning to give this a go but then check out the scores and change my mind quickly 🤣
  5. You can turn it off for a save, its a option when creating the game. Can see it wasnt used but can still see player potential with it without actually using it. Although its a cracking score, thought mine would be up there on its own for a while. I say turn the editor off, give it another go - im sure you can actually beat my score!
  6. Vibe Challenger Division Liverpool 4-1 Dortmund Real Madrid 2-1 Tottenham Arsenal 0-0 Sevilla Chelsea 1-1 Man Utd Porto 0-2 Chelsea Barcelona 1-2 Liverpool Vibe Platinum Division Krasnodar 0-4 RB Leipzig Vibe Gold Division Torino 2-1 Newcastle Torino 1-0 Celtic Bonus - First scorer in Barcelona v Liverpool = Mane
  7. Season 7 Apologies for the lack of action. Took a break from this save to do a smaller challenge, to try and keep this challenge fresh and not too tedious. This is quite a short update as I had already played some before taking a quick break and didn't notice I had not collected any screenshots before hand. Competitions; A early cup knockout which was awful. Complete FM result. I think i had something like 25 shots, 15 on target yet lost 1-0 to Killie. Won everything else as usual from that point. My two defeats were near the latter end of the season when i was saving most of my 'top' players for vital Champions League games. International; Not much too report here except for winning the biggest competition in world football. Also a sign of things to come in this post with Unuvar grabbing the two. Played Tunisia, Cameroon and 'Germany' in the knockouts so no real competition untill the final. Unuvar; Another great season. His most games played and most goals scored to date. 59 for club, and as you can see from the second screenshot he is now on 40 international goals. After the last update he was 23 so an increase of 17 international goals. The world cup definitely helped grab a few more goals this year. Still not keen on his aerial, seems to be maxed on that now after another 12 months of training and no sign of improvement. All the other stats look decent, hoping to get shooting and decisions maxed soon to match movement. Awards; Also got a new stadium this year. A whopping 125k seats. Not sure I will fill it, average is around 95k at the minute. Didnt get the message screenshot but you can see the name of our new home here; a ode to the point of the save. Totals Season 1 = 32 Season 2 = 20 Season 3 = 36 Season 4 = 44 Season 5 = 48 Season 6 = 56 (club) + 13 (international) = 69 Season 7 = 59 (club) + 17 (international) = 76 TOTAL = 325/1000
  8. Cheers chaps. Still think I could hit 4.00 so might give it another go, few tweaks here and there and see where we end up!
  9. Oh god. I do not feel confident about that game at all.
  10. Heres my goal. Overall score of 3.71 gpg
  11. Here's my go at the Goals Per Game challenge. Which can be found here. A quick one season game, see how many goals I can score. Obvious team choice for me. PSG. I spent ALOT of money. Just over 1/2 billion pound. Many players only stayed a few months if they were not performing. We won the league easily. Few games we should of won but due to tactics we were very open at the back. As I said, alot coming in. Jimenez didn't perform, not scoring in first 3/4 games so he went. Vardy was similar but went in January. Changed formation half way through so needed WB so that was mostly January dealings. So overall spend of around 300 million. The team; So goals wise, Lukaku easily the better performer. He was awesome. Would of liked a few more but playing 3 up to was always going to get a spread. Mbappe leading the assists, but again Lukaku is up there. He is definitely someone I would use again if possible. So onto the results. Above shot to confirm positive goal difference. Finished with a GpG of 3.71p/m. Happy with that but think I actually could of hit the magic 4.00. Had a few boring results latter half of the season (1/2 goals scored per game etc) which pushed it down. Some fun results too! Typing this up on my mobile so excuse any errors, lack of presentation. Will keep the save game if anyone wants to see fixtures/formation used. Comments appreciated.
  12. This looks like a cracking chance to try some of the older, favourite formations and potentially find something amazing for this years game. Good luck!!
  13. To be honest I have no idea. I have never been very good identifying the regens of former players. I know that some people look out for their nationality, footed-ness (left or right) and maybe some certain stats.
  14. I normally send a youth scout to South America and see what comes back. Other than that, just search for 16/17 year olds and look through their stats, see if they relate to any of the above players you mentioned.