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  1. I have just changed my manager name through the changes.txt using a name that is in the game already and this works fine, it's better than the name I had so I'm happy with it, thanks for your time dude
  2. Sorry to be a pain bud, do u no of any other way to change my manager name or what this issue might be that I'm having please
  3. Changes.txt does work manager but I get same problem when trying to load my save after I have saved my game again
  4. Hi yes I used Daniel James as the player like u suggested, my surname I'm using isn't in game already, this works fine when I change Daniel James name to mine but soon as I change my manager to new name I get the problem
  5. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain, I did everything u mentioned and it worked perfect until I saved game and try to reload it, the game just closes and won't start every time I click that save
  6. Could u please help me with this buddy as I would really like to change my manager name👌