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  1. Just the striker role, some games TM would work but with the team I’ve got, DLF worked best, but very very impressed with this tactic
  2. So with my first adventure with this tactic and I am quite impressed with The outcome. So I started with fiorentina, and wanted to bring back glory to that legendary purple kit! But I have to be honest, I was disappointed with there squad, although it was very young. The current ability was not great. I did not spend any money in January because I like to give everyone a go before I make my changes to my team. So it was a rocky start with my players adjusting to life under my management. Got a few wins under my belt by November, Ribery and Kevin-prince already in the reserves as they declined so fast! As going through the season I found that TM wasn’t really working so I planed to play around with it, the only 2 strikers I had at the club was a TM and a poacher. So I knew it was going to be hard to find the right balance, Got into January with the club in 9th place(not bad but could be better). Then made a few bargain signings and sold a few players I didn’t want or that I couldn’t stop due to loan to buy already in the game. I then had the opportunity to get tonali, so that being said. I snatched him up, and it turned out to be a very good decision. From there I was moving between 6-9th place with my inconsistency. And it was really bugging me, that my striker was really never performing at all. Hardly any goals or assists. So I changed it to DLF in the idea that he supplies the IF a lot more that TM or CF would. And it worked a treat. I won my last 6 games with only conceding 1 goal and managed to finish 4th and gain that last champions league spot, so all in all I’m very happy. Tips; Forwards need good teamwork and shooting AP needs 15+ passing BBM needs 15+ Stamina, tackling and positioning Also like Jonny said use defensive if you want to cement your win, I used it a lot when winning by 1 or 2 goals Having 22 first team players that you can use is also a bonus because I got a few injuries but that’s just standard anyway. This is my first time doing this, so if you have any questions or screen shots I’m more than willing to provide them thanks for reading
  3. I’m new to this site, but not new to football manager, I’m looking at testing a few tactics and helping the community, so I’m going to test this with fiorentina