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  1. Is it just me or I score half my goals from corners. im very rarely able to get nice intricate play to break down opponents. It’s all set pieces. I’d say 70% of the highlights on any game and tactic I’ve tried are all free kicks and corners. Crosses almost always hit first man and you guessed it out for another corner. Anyway else the same? Bit tedious
  2. I see a lot of people posting their tactics up but I see less threads on the principles behind certain ways of playing. I thought I'd try and get some discussion going on this. This version is obviously much stripped down from the PC game but how would you set up your team to do the following and why. What formations would you go for? What roles would you use? What about shape/defence/attack settings? Possession based tactics Counter attack tactics Park the bus systems Pressing based systems Low block systems Attacking tactics This thread is designed to share experience and get people who are maybe new to the game to think and analyse how the different components fit together to create a good tactic. Feel free to share how you play and what style you want to achieve or have achieved. If you're struggling, ask some advice, maybe the community can help. Cheers
  3. Player preferred move likes moves into channels etc so if for example my IF has in green ‘cuts inside’ he already does it or is the green/white a recommended move in game for the role?
  4. First time buyer of the mobile version. Really enjoying the game. Quick questions: 1) is there any way to train a PPM on the game? 2 ) in the players PPM screen, I don’t know which ones the players have for the role I’m using. Is it green or white? cheers