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  1. @Foxy What a nice challenge! For this challenge, i have gathered the youngsters form Ajax, and their nestor Tadic, to see how we can handle this challenge. The outcome was clear: Play overload with 3 strikers and good wingers, always score one more than the opponent. And look what happend, 1000 goals in only 238 matches. A goal difference of 689 and 4,20 goals per game average. A special thanks to the players Tadic, Unuvar, Brobby and Traore who made this possible. Here are the player stats, Tadic scored 55 and 53 goals the forst two seasons, After that Unuvar took his role over. Most of the time we played in a 2-5-3 or a 2-5-1-2 formation:
  2. Nice to see a warning or a fine will help. Do you do it after every 6 (or lower)? How about the morale of the player?
  3. That looks great @Ian 52 league goals, unbelievable. And what a beautiful formation did you use in your last attempt. I might try that one for a late bloomer/Goals per game challenge. Do you mind that I use this formation?
  4. @Foxy You've missed my attempt also in the list
  5. Season 2 The pressure is high to match the results of season one. But the Amsterdam Goal Machine did not fail! After 54 games and 224 goals, we made an average of 4,15 goals per game 😃. In the Dutch league we are almost unbeateable and we made it to the Champions League Finals this year. After a game with lots of big chances on both sides we lost 6-3. But what a game it was. Let's see what we can do in season 3! Here you can see the season overview: How did the players do? Here are the results and the two seasonstars: Gregoritsch and Wijndal.
  6. Oké, I'm Back Just finished my (revenge) game with Ajax! No unlockables and no in game editor this time @Foxy 😉 I made some small changes in my tactics which had great effect. Changed my TM in a CF and my BBM in a CM. The result: a goal in game average of 4,07! Sorry @Jsavfc, I take over the leaderboard. You can read the story here:
  7. The Amsterdam Goal Factory A brand new season in Amsterdam! No IGE or other unlockables. I did the challange before with great result, a GpG of 3,71. With a few changes in tactics and signing some different players my new tartget was to get over 4 GpG. After playing 57 games and scoring 232 goals, the goals per game average was 4,07! Like almost every savegame I play with Ajax, at the start of the season I sell Onana for big money. That allowed me to buy some key players for key positions. Of course my favorite goalkeeper Andrada (from Boca -> 5 mln), some great strikers (with strong heading and shooting) like Gregoritsch, Bruno Henrique and Ganvoula and my favorite left wingback Wijndal. New in this set up was the experience of wingback Dani Alves, 35 and still going strong. Singing him and striker Ganvoula made that Dest and Traore quietly develop into top players for the future. I won the competition, the cup and made it to the semi finals of the Champions League. Season 1 The Transfers: The key players
  8. Thanks for you motivation speech 😉 I've just started a new game (without the IGE) and giving it a go!
  9. Yes, the IGE is standard but as you can see, never used it. But fair enough, rules are rules 😥
  10. Yes, the IGE is standard but as you can see, never used is. But fair enough, rules are rules 😥
  11. Add me to the leaderboard. I just managed to get the same score as @Jsavfc. My Amsterdam Goal Machine did 189 goals in 51 matches, a GpG of 3,71
  12. I was triggerd by the Goal Challenge and try to build a goalmachine in Amsterdam. It worked pretty good After playing 51 games and scoring 189 goals, the goals per game average was 3,71! At the start of the season I could sell Onana for big money. That allowed me to buy my favorite goalkeeper Andrada (from Boca -> 5 mln), some clinical strikers like Gregoritsch and Sandro and my favorite left wingback Wijndal. Favorite striker in this setup is Lassine Traore, train him as Targetman and he becomes a beast! Biggest win this season was 10-0 against Zwolle. Look at the clear cut chances in the game: 10!
  13. I would like to share this with you all. A very last minute defeat by penalties. Look at the scorer for Liverpool. After his goal in the 120 minute, he stops 3 penalties 🙃 You often read a keeper comes forward in the last minutes, but him score a goal is new for me.
  14. 4 penalties scored in one match! Brobbey my hero 😃
  15. Good luck, there is enough talent available in Alkmaar!