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  1. I would say accrington are harder to manage. I have played with them before the winter patch and it is harder than Bolton. I did not enjoy the save at all.
  2. The main problem is poch did not trust in youth. If dembele did not get injured laat season, skipp will not get any minutes. Dont forget that poch doesnt trust on youth makes our youth player (bennetts and griffiths) leaves the club to getting first team opportunity. It's clear that you just support pochettino not the club. And they regelated most of the time.
  3. Im thinkig about to do clean sheet challenge and see how many cs that my goalkeeper can keeping in his entire career
  4. Im also face this problem , i think is internet or SI server error
  5. Cannot extract the downloaded database , try to reupload
  6. Your player profile make me want to download this skin even didnt support newcastle
  7. I have a good tactics 6-0 man utd in 1st season 4-2-3-1
  8. Club skin -AC Milan (red and black) perfect for anything
  9. Thanks peely , I changed bwm to dlm , and work for me again , this time was the arsenal (my rival club in real life) , thanks for this wonderful tactics