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  1. Alright, no hurry. Your health is first. Hit me up when you’re able to, and we can start then! Looking forward it it
  2. I think basic info will surely help — it personally helped me when I first start a long time ago. But having it brief, and cutting straight into the meat would probably be the best bet. Also, I’ll message you in a week once I am done with my exams. We could work out the details with reddit and everything. I think it would be a really cool project!
  3. Hey, I would love to help out in compiling all the information. And I totally get your frustration with all the lazy questions spawned from the thread. I think that's why reddit would be perfect so all those stupid questions could get downvoted or removed.
  4. Does anyone know what happened to the Hexer's Workshop thread? @Scratch @NguyenDucAnh
  5. Thank you @WalterWong! Do you have a paypal or something - the least we could do is buy you a coffee!
  6. Yes, you’re right, I am noticing the importance of such a thing too. I might restart but add in some legacy Muricans. Also, that’s an interesting point about their personality. I’ll focus more on that when selecting my squad.
  7. Hey Everyone! I hope you are having a blast with this latest iteration of FMM. I wanted to hear your opinions on what you believe to be the greatest determinants of tactical success in the game this year. I have provided some context behind this post but feel free to ignore it if it’s too long. I will put it under a spoiler for brevity. So with the discussion out of the way, I suspect a couple of reasons why this seemingly legendary team is on the pathway to being remembered as a laughing stock: 1) The team was full of youngsters. I suspect this may be the core reason of it all - a successful team needs experienced players to guide the youngsters. 2) The team did not get along with each other in the tactical screen. I am referring to the new feature which is similar to FIFAs Chemistry system. Despite 3 seasons, the team’s chemistry was virtually non-existent. 3) Too many cooks indeed spoil the broth. Maybe having too many stars causes confusion. But the natural question to that becomes, at what stage are there “too many cooks”? Separate to the discussion, I have noticed that having the right stats for the role is quite important. Therefore, it is imperative one focuses their attention on training rather than having the assistant take over. Are there any other reasons you guys have noticed in your own experiences? Do be sure to share your own odd experiences! Look forward to hearing your thoughts
  8. [SOLVED] Hey, for some reason the names of the players isn't showing up. Seems to be persistent in both the 1.2 & 1.3 versions. EDIT: Seems to be an issue with one of my saves. Doesn't appear to be an issue on my older save interestingly enough EDIT 2: Boy was it the stupidest of things. Took me ages to figure out what the issue was. For anyone curious, apparently my name had an extra space. Totally my fault, I know the program bounces off the manager name and requires it to be in a certain format.
  9. Great idea! Also loving the Excel feature. It gives rise to so many interesting aspects of the game - plus makes narrowing down on my next transfer exciting!
  10. Can you please open source it ? Would love to contribute (maybe help with a Mac version) and it would also help the community if you for whatever reason decide to give up on the project. Seriously, this is incredible! Single handedly brought me back to the game this year. Well done to both you and @Scratch (P.S Im still very, very excited about the editor!)
  11. Yup I pre-ordered just now but it started downloading for me here in Canada! Absolute shocker. I got to say boys, this game is running super smooth on my iPhone X. The older games were choppy but boy is this smooth as silk so far. Very impressed.