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  1. I tried that with the couple of my players, but they never actually get the playing time 😑
  2. Unfortunately, not in my save. All but one of them are benched or don't make it to the bench
  3. ohhh, ok, ill try to demote more players that way
  4. I thought you were talking about the players that are grayed out in my reserve team. I am guessing you can't sack them, since it only gives you an option of offering a contract
  5. Ok, makes sense! Thanks for the advice! Is there a way to sack my current youth players in the squad?
  6. Righttttt.... If i demote my player to a reserve team, I want him to get some game time, instead of sitting on his butt
  7. Well... what's the point of reserves then?
  8. Is there anyway to tell my reserve coach to play specific youngsters?
  9. I wish they would make cup draws similarly to a pc version, I hate to just read the news who I am playing against instead of watching or skipping through a cup draw. Also is there an option to rest players for a day or two? just like on a pc version?
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