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  1. fyi, this tactic still works in FMM 20, few games in, feeling a whole lot different to my tried and tested 433. Yet it is less effective against smaller teams even with large tweaks
  2. i tried i tweaked version of this managing Real and went unbeaten!
  3. i rarely use "work into box" as well, but if the attacking midfielder or striker has great dribbling, aka Firmino, i will consider using "work into box". Great idea!
  4. i will give this a try. Any records of results and what is your goal difference?
  5. may i ask how do you familiarize yourself with the players in clubs that you don't even know
  6. instead of rafa, i like to use cervi for some weird reasons 🤣
  7. Young keepers are generally worse on their first or second year, they'll get better afterwards. I've experience with Meret and Donnarumma, both are terrible in the first year. I suggest waiting for a year then buy them or even put them on reserves for a year or more.
  8. the training facilities are all according to the level they are on the start date, you have to upgrade them according your needs
  9. a 4-3-3 with a BWM in DM was brilliant for top teams such as Liverpool, Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barca. Went undefeated for two seasons
  10. i tried this tactic with Liverpool, won almost everything except the Champions League. Losing to real madrid 3-2. Not bad👍