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  1. I usually use a 4-1-2-2-1 as I find that creating passing triangles all over the pitch is important and easily attainable using the set-up,I like BBMs as they average higher key passes per match and often set up quality chances like the ones in the videos attached SK, (L)FB BPD CD WB(R) BWM BBM AP W IF CF
  2. After KDB retired in my save I decided to replace him with who other than KDB 2.0(his regen most likely) but after I found the kid he had very awful physicals but opted to sign him because physicals tend to improve the fastest,but after having played almost 15 games into the season after every game the kid is always overwhelmed by the occasion and tends not to gain no experience whatsoever and therefore stifling his development. I usually get that for young players in their first 2-3 games but 15 games is getting out of hand and this is starting to worry me, any idea of stopping this trend🙏🏾😓😓 Even subtitute appearances don't work😓
  3. When talking about bids this bid from Barcelona was the most unlogical and irritating I've encountered,10m for a player worth 111M 😫
  4. Is there a record for most key passes in a game?😁 11 is the highest I've had
  5. I know not many people play My Club mode but having done a save a few times I think some improvements might be good. 1. Being able to change your team's kit every season (might also work for Career) because sometimes when doing a one club save playing with the same kit for 20+ seasons becomes monotonous and boring. 2. The ability to customize your club's stadium name. 3. The choice of changing your local rivals and even naming your own derby might be good also(it's your club isn't it🤷🏾‍♂️) 4. Changing your team's nickname might be good also.
  6. Had to analyse the whole squad I created in My Club mode, although I was "blessed" with almost 50% of the squad having above 17 Technique and "cursed" with a large group of unprofessional players.
  7. I feel like being able to customize yourself better can be great especially doing things like selecting your date of birth, preferred formation,second nationality (if you want one) and even Language(s) spoken can also be decent.
  8. Just wanted to know if certain stats like anticipation,flair,sportsmanship, determination, composure and even passing and shooting can be edited. If they can please guide me Thanks in advance
  9. Name: Collins Amuziller Country: France Secondary position: RW(left footed)
  10. Great read I also tend to stick with a 22 man squad and use reserves to cover for any injuries because I tend to have two squads that play games alternating to keep fitness high and prevent injuries from exhaustion and plauers getting angry from lack of game time
  11. Does anyone know how to edit the second nationality of a player..... Thanks In advance