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  1. Hello everyone. There is my tactic which i still need to test more. But early results proves that this can be engine breaker tactic. To prove it, i made couple of screenshots. I tested with no transfers, and with no setting corner takers, penalty or free kick takers. If you have opinion on this setup it will be very useful. Note: it was fun to watch little Candreva to outclass Alexander-Arnold. Note: Im probably going to test this with Genoa or Crystal Palace
  2. You played with trequartista instead of poacher. Interesting. I think that Target man is one of the esential players for success. How much goals Esposito scored? For me in Inter he was backup.
  3. Hey make better commercial for this. I tryed many tactics, even created some, but noone didnt create some very convincing victorys like 4-1 vs City, and 1-0 vs Juve away. Even i played with Martinez and Sanches as target mann. Im interesting to see if i can lose game with this
  4. Its my dream tactic hahah. When i played first game agains Benfica i played 3-3 and i told myself its tactic of your dream, you just need to tweak it slightly. Why tweak it? I personally didnt like how my right side was exposed, so i made simple change move bwm on right side as you will see in pictures. Also my libero will not occupy the same space in attack as bwm in center. Second change is that i choose look for overlap, because i like how my wing backs becomes wingers in attack and full back in defence. Choose expresive creative freedom and changed Eriksen role amc to ap, because ap will help better than amc. Still dont know why is this so confusing to match engine. Ignore Juve game, because after that i applyed all my changes. Simply cant stop winning. When you are playing agains PSG and put guys like Candreva, Young, Esposito and have draw game instead of simply lost game is great. It is just great idea. Every player will protect every space of the pitch and occupy every space in attack.
  5. Said that i screwed transfers. They made offer, so i accept it. Pinamonti is my pain. He didnt want to accept contract exstension. Cuadrado is actually ok, dambrosio started to decline too much so i sold him. My horrible decision is signing Bakayoko. Long term mistakes was signing Giroud and Vidal. I was just wanted to test tactic with Conte favorite players
  6. Kind yes. Im fan of Barca and Guardiola. But so many guys created all variations of possesion tactics. Everyone will try to win like 5-0,6-0 with big team. I enjoyed to play like that once. I remember game Barca vs Inter when Mourinho kicked Guardiola ass, i was so sad. But than i watched Conte first time on euro 2016 i think. It was weird to me, that system. Defensive system, compact, but still is very effective in attack. I became evil hehe. I managed to draw Liverpool on Anfield 1-1 with this system with 25% possesion. I enjoyed so much. Its so funny. Because your oponent is giving effort for nothing. I will try to create even Simeone tactic. I want to all like Conte and also play rugby on football field, possibly win 1-0 in 95 minute.
  7. You can share it if you want. I wanted to be more like Conte.
  8. I can tell you that i screwed with transfers in this season. Didnt find replacement for Lukaku, thats why this season will be harder than first
  9. Results from season 19/20. We won league and cup. Knocked down by PSG and Mbappe in semifinal.
  10. Hello everyone. Im not posting tactic first time . My first tactic failed, i know. Some of the guys saw tactic and didnt even try to help me to learn something. Im still open for some suggestions. I have one month experience and i think that i learned something, not everything. And in this post i will critise my first tactic which was about Conte. Fact that noone didnt create Conte tactic gave me motivation. I wanted to be as closer to Conte. So lets start. First i want to talk about italian way of playing football. Italian way of playing football is defensive, disciplined and tactical. They are waiting for one mistake which they convert into victory. Main players in Italian teams are central defenders( Chielini, Bonucci, Barzagli, Nesta, Maldini ...). So the hardest league for attackers was Serie A. Antonio Conte tactics is closest to that style. Lets describe it in terms of football manager mobile: 1) Conte teams are disciplined, so creative freedom should be set to discipline, not balanced which i did in first attempt. 2) Conte teams defends narrowly. So width should be set to narrow. 3) Conte teams will not play with high defensive line, as i set it before. Rather they will go balanced or even deeper. I set that to balanced, because i found that deep line is way to passive. 4) Conte teams will shoot ball and they will not attempt dribbles like i set before. So i picked through balls and shoot on sight. 5) Conte teams will not press oponent like Klopp and Guardiola or in Italian terms like Gasperini. They will sit back. 6) Conte teams are not playing short like Guardiola teams. I will return to this point later. 7) Conte teams are attacking patiently, so tempo is set to slow. His teams will attack in center. So passing focus should be center. And his goalies are playing short. So as we see, many things came by default, when you mention Conte. Things what i still need to decide is team mentality, tackling, do we go with early/overlap and passing style. But lets first discuss formation. It is 3-3-2-2. 1) Goalkeepers is goalkeeper not much to be smart. 2) Question is how to represent 3 in back line. Lets take a look of Chiellini/Bonucci/Barzagli, or Cahill/Luiz/Azpilicueta, or Skriniar/De Vrij/Godin. So middle stoper is actually bpd or libero. I went with bpd. Other guys are central defenders. I dislike option of having three bpd-s, because they will not keep formation in defending. 3) We must have Pirlo, Brozovic role. They are dlp. Thats also set by default. 4) Conte likes one big guy in attack, and one small guy. Something like Lukaku/Lautaro, Vucinic/Giovinco. So i set combination of target man/poacher. 5) Midfield was my biggest problem. So i decided to go both box to box midfielders. Its because they will go into attack when we have ball, they will protect left or right side agains for example 4-4-2 formation. Also one of them will go higher and press guy with ball. Im not really satisfied with that choice. I would rather like to represent Sensi role in Inter. If anyone has any better idea, please tell me. 6) Other big problem is should i go with wing back or defensive winger. For example defensive winger goes up when our team has ball, but in defense dosent create 5 man line, like Conte wing back does. So i decided to go with normal wing-back. But problem is that wing-back will not go up when we have ball. So i found that wing backs becomes Conte wing backs when you choose option look for overlap. So yes wing backs are now your main players. Whole system is falling down if you dont have great wing back. So in the last two things i went with mixed passing and cautious tackling. Mixed passing, because you will lose ball too much. And cautious tackling, because you are agressive defending team, and you will get way too many red cards. And of course attacking mentality, because you have way to defensive formation, and with that players will tend to press, not just sitting and waiting. Uff i wrote down too much. I will post results in the comment below. Thats all. Hopefully that this tactic will not be disaster like my first one.
  11. This is best tactic i ever tried. Believe me you wont regret if you have right players. This tactic transformed shitty crystal palace team to title chalenge team in just one season. Transformed all my players almost into world class. All what i made is to sign Ivanusec, Petkovic(from Dinamo Zagreb), Almada and loaned Wilcok(from Arsenal), and Dalot. Sold Wilfried Zaha to Liverpool and other useless one-dimensional ball wining midfielders. I think that if you decide to play with Roma or Dortmund you could win league with 105+ points
  12. Tested with Arsenal and Inter. Solid results. Unfortunately cant post screenshots
  13. This is my first tactical post ever. I just love this formation. I made this before winter upgrade and i think that this work pretty well after update. Key with this tactic is target man and wingbacks. Still if you can improve this tactic, feel free to do it. Big plus in this tactic is that you dont concede too many goals, even agains big teams.