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  1. the AI used combination like TM-P or P-P but when i use this tactic my combination is AF-P
  2. Anyone having issues with regens from ukraine? Most of ukrainian regens in my save have brazillian names.
  3. seems like playing with counter is more effective than attacking when using smaller teams. when i go counter, my Twente beat Napoli 7-1 in CL, then in the 2nd leg i tried attacking mentality but lost 3-1 to them
  4. lots of big teams in my save use this tactic but with different striker role
  5. Try coaching bilbao, you can only sign player from Basque
  6. What a great and beautiful tactic. Doubted it at first because going on winless streak at first, but after getting the right players and developed the relationships i been banging goals for fun.
  7. looks interesting, always love asymetrical tactic. gonna try it soon
  8. lol been using this kind of tactic from the last year version. I suggest to disable offside trap, youre gonna concede less
  9. Try to improve your squad morale, do mentoring, set the training, appoint the right staff, and most importantly make sure your player has the right stat for his position. Its not just about the tactics.
  10. i had problem scoring goals with this tactic, changing FB to WB seems to solve the problem.
  11. Using this on fmm 21 and only clubs logo from epl that show up. Anybody having this issue? I’m playing on iphone
  12. I used last year’s logopacks. Some works but most of the logos dont appear, im using IOS
  13. Tried this tactic with austin fc made up mostly of free players. My attack has been fantastic but got a lot of problem with the defence leaking too many goals, maybe because my bpd’s are not that good