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  1. U can get 55-70% depends on who you are against, just try it yourself
  2. Doesnt work in Italy. Well against attacking teams like juve and atalanta got some very convincing win, but too many draw results. Can’t even beat serie b team
  3. more from me: 1. Schalke, bring back the glory for the royal blues, 2. Wrexham, you know.. deadpool, 3. Alloa Athletic or Juve Stabia because of bees, 4. Arsenal even though I support Spurs because i pity them for having such a mindless coach
  4. add Mezzala and Enganche, and maybe add hungarian league or austrian league. Really wanna try to play with Puskas Akademia and Wolfsberger on the mobile version
  5. hes not really that old, 40s something
  6. So at one point i had Jan Vertonghen as my physio, then i sacked him because he always failed the exam (he stayed silver). Then a season later i switched club and want to hire him again, but cant find him in “staff search”. Is this normal? Or could he be in mental breakdown and retired early because i fired him before?
  7. you can train my player attribute or position the way you like it best, when Lord Erik Lamela the Spurs legend is the coach I would follow him like a blind dog 😂😂
  8. going nowhere unless Spurs is the one knocking, but only after my 4th year in the club when my player is around 20 y.o
  9. arent the Indonesian and Malaysian leagues playable in the pc version? cmiiw
  10. can't wait to see how this will end up 😂 Got one question, will you accept any transfer offer from other clubs for the "original" players?
  11. Name: Luhut Binsar Panjaitan Position: CM Nationality: Indonesian (with Israel as 2nd nationality) Foot: Left Age: 17 PA: 5* CA 1.5* and i will take number 40
  12. Yeah i guess the quality of the league affetcts it. Been managing many clubs in Holland and changing clubs per 3-5 seasons. Ajax, Breda, and Twente, moved to EPL for 2 seasons, then back to Eresivise with Uthrect where suddenly this tactic not working well anymore and had to tweak it. I guess the eredivise league improved a lot, and when i faced all my former teams i always got massacred conceded 3-6 goals 😂. Funny though because i was the one who turned them into monsters. Thanks for this very very good tactic man
  13. I think somehow this tactic has been nerfed in the latest update. Results getting worse with 10 winless matches. IWB not as powerful as before
  14. the AI used combination like TM-P or P-P but when i use this tactic my combination is AF-P
  15. Anyone having issues with regens from ukraine? Most of ukrainian regens in my save have brazillian names.