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  1. Wait.. My team won something? 🤣
  2. Something something idk I just saw two men in black walk by past me and now I know nothing 😅
  3. Funny thing I just drink lmao Just coke tho, nothing too serious 😅
  4. My team has GF of 29 compared to a GA of 13, doesn't that count to the monthly requirements?? @Titjes
  5. Yep, that'll be another £10M cut from their starting budget 🤣
  6. Hmmm, never thought we'd lead given our relative inactivity in the summer, but ig it's a nice bonus ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Would've payed less but I needed cover and David's pretty versatile across the board Also Geordie wanted Davies/de Jong as part-exchange if I wanted a smaller fee so I just said no lmao
  8. DAMWON are happy to announce the signing of forward Jonathan David from Blue Star United. The forward is expected to complete a medical in the coming days. Blue Star United will receive $50M in compensation for the acquisition of David's service. We thanked @geordiekrispy for the swift work done in completing the deal WELCOME, DAVID!
  9. Sane being snubbed for POTY two years in a row now too
  10. Quality posts once again 👏 Delighted for Foden firstly, and very much proud about Sané all career long so far. Never thought Leão was doing this badly tho understandably it gets masked with how phenomenal Sané is doing. Pedri will rightly takes time. Side-note: Grealish/Sané combo can potentially be devastating next season
  11. 35G/20A, man I'm genuinely afraid for Sané after this season Man's probably broke his back carrying this team to the finish line 🤣
  12. Starting S6, and I've gotta say, after my 1st UCL final my team have crashed out in the round of 16 and the quarters the following seasons. Abit rough 😅 so hopefully yours is abit successful
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