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  1. Joined. I'd say Dec has the best team so far! Think I was top 10 last year so hope to maybe match that or push on this year, the title is mine!!!
  2. Sorry lads don't have the time with I thought I'd have after uni commitments, good luck to everyone.
  3. I'll try to have it done on time, studying for my final uni exam on Monday.
  4. RAC

    50,000 Vibers!

    I really have to congratulate you Dec on how far you have come from the days of AllOutAttack and TFW. It was an honour to staff on here for a time. While I'm no where near as active a member as I used to be I've met some great people who all love FMH and contributed so much to this site to make it what it is today. Well done everyone!
  5. Any update Bati? Looming forward to this getting underway !
  6. Can I have Baye Oumar Niassé please?
  7. Neymar Icardi Welbeck Volland Mitrovic
  8. Congo 0-0 DR Congo Tunisia 1-0 Equatorial Guinea