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  1. All of the movies from the movie index challenge are pretty fun. My career is on hold for a bit due to work but it's a nice way to try some other leagues and players. English Killer challenge was also quite fun until I saved over it. Otherwise, take over some of the newly promoted clubs in the Dutch second division after the first season (or two). Usually they have no manager, few players and no money.
  2. Nobody went with the Dutch Eredivisie.. bummer! Well played guys and congratulations to the North East.. guess the jinx of drinking Heineken finally caught up with Team Holland 😁
  3. Excellent stuff guys! Still don't understand the rules after reading them four times so I can see why broodje kip made his mistake. Too bad team Asia, but better luck next edition. Maybe a rematch in the finals against Woody and Rob next time! 👍
  4. I'm actually continuing a bit with them for some casual play at the moment. Pretty fun although their expectations in the second season were a bit high after promotion but we managed. Nice way to cover up my lack of TT expertise 😀
  5. Well, speaks a bit for his tactics I guess, selling the two most wanted players at Celtic?
  6. Yep, really a bit disappointed there were only Theodor's in the game, no Theodore's 😄
  7. There are plenty of interesting teams in Italy, hopefully one is available. Also look forward to your last bit, even if it isn't with Oldham.
  8. Next up: Alvin and the Chipmunks! Not sure if I've actually seen this one but the challenge itself is pretty straightforward. Pick three players whose names start with A(lvin), S(imon) and T(heodore). Do a triple threat challenge (by playing them in the striker positions) and the score will be their total assists and goals. Bonus points for team of the week (+1), team of the year (+10), and world player of the year (+25). With all those bonuses in play it only seemed fit to manage a world class team with world class players. Well maybe I missed the part of all the bonuses but we went with Kaiserslautern. In the 3. Liga in Germany.. Ah well, not changing it now since we finished it but you probably can get a lot of bonus points I guess. Or regular points with like, I don't know, skilled players. However, off we go to present our amazing Chipmunks! First up, our "Alvin". Bought from the Dutch powerhouse located in Eindhoven. Or at least when I manage them, FC Eindhoven! Seems decent and a lot of yellow so with a bit of training quite flexible. Next, our "Simon". Bought from Belgian side Oosterzonen Oosterwijk for 30k. I was just searching for a willing striker with high finishing and he came up. Pretty solid performer though. And last, our "Theodore". I loaded up a bunch of leagues and searched for the actual name but there aren't any I could find. Close enough I think! I was going to play two strikers with Theodor as my AMC but the rules of a TT state you play your guys up front so I ended up retraining him as an AML to play in the forward IF spot on the left. Fun fact; I only could find three Alvin's, and two of them are Dutch. You can actually come pretty close doing this at a higher lever, depending on some leniency from @Thepremiermanager. For example, playing Calvin Stengs, Simone Zaza and Theodor Gebre Selassie (who looks pretty decent as a winger) up front. Calvin wouldn't qualify but all the Alvin's are lower league material. Not going into much detail here, the league was pretty fun to play in. A lot of known clubs were actually in the same league. For example, Uerdingen and Unterhaching (probably my age) but also 1860 München, Hansa Rostock, Braunschweig (played Bundesliga in 2014?) and Duisburg. In the end we won the league pretty convincingly. Cup we went out of in the early stages (read: first round) so that wasn't good for our TT. We got a decent amount of mentions in the Team of the week. And even one (well two) mentions in the team of the year. Why Aboukhlal is in I don't know, he only played 14 games. In total that gives us 31 bonus points. Not too shabby considering the quality of my Chipmunks. Theodor actually got in the most, probably due to him being a retrained midfielder? On to the individual stats, first up Alvin. 7 goals and 18 assists. Higher rating than Aboukhlal (his backup) and more games so what the hell! Didn't score that many but assists are good I guess. Second Chipmunk, Simon. 23 goals and still 6 assists being my man in the middle. Decent rating also, but expected a little bit more goals from him. Last Chipmunk, Theodor. 12 goals and 3 assists. Strange to see him have more goals and way less assists than Alvin. Our players scored us a solid 69 points. Combined with the bonus it gives us 100 points. Probably easy to beat if you pick a better team which plays European games but I had fun doing it with these names in the 3. Liga! Thanks for reading and I just noticed we can go back to the MLS. Want to go for a Western team this time but suggestions are welcome! Already checked, no Drago's to pick namewise 😁
  9. Just curious, how did you pair players? As in DL DCL or DL and ML for example?
  10. Even world class players can only stay confused for so long. In the end the pure individual class of Toby & Mario showed.
  11. My colleagues say that's my specialty.
  12. A bit late and not sure I got everything but this will be brilliant! Think choice of DB will be important, also Netherlands only have 18 teams in the highest division and Belgium have their playoffs bonanza. Tricky!
  13. Too bad, looked like an excellent start. I noticed the same rule with my Alvin and the chipmunks movie challenge but I just changed my tactics. Hopefully not too much of a problem for that leaderboard since it's empty. Was playing one of them as IF in the AML spot, but I can see why someone would go for a TT with an AMC. Maybe it should be changed I guess?
  14. I'm not that old but my fond love of strong beers has the same effect 😉
  15. Antwerp is always fun to play with, lower leagues in Germany are a bit hit and miss until now. Snatch and Lock Stock are two favourite movies of mine, much better than The Godfather. Yes I said it @BatiGoal Players I went with aren't good enough to excel but it's fun. Also didn't do the triple threat exactly as intended but I changed the tactics now. Need some reinforcements in the winter window because the players I brought in aren't as good as I expected 😃