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  1. Not negative but do you think they have a positive effect? I always go for General, Fitness, Youth and Attacking and myself as a Motivational but I'm really not sure what the actual effect is of their differences.
  2. Are there any reserves in the second division? Like Castilla still there? Atletico B got promoted? Looks strange..
  3. First one that comes to mind is Palermo obviously, but I'm currently having a save with Red Star FC from France and their away kit is also pink (quality isn't there because they are in league national), and I think Evian also had pink. Ajax used to have pink in their away kit a few years back, not sure about these days.
  4. While it's surely (extremely) impressive and an interesting formation personally I'm more for the traditional formations. Must be the age.. Tactics with two CB's seem good however this year, also the IWB looks exciting, but my brains still think that it's a left footed player on the right and the other way around haha. That goals scored though 🤤 so nice of you to rip apart my most common division to play in..
  5. How come his rating is under 8 with not only 41 goals but also 18 assists? That's massive! Must be some harsh critics in Turkey 😉 Seems like a fun challenge, are you restricted to a number of foreigners or is that something of the past or just in more extensive versions of FM?
  6. Wow. 13 months. Didn't see that one before, hope he recovers from it, seen it happen with the 8/9 months one. The top 10 looks excellent that way 😁
  7. Quite vulnerable in Ligue 1, but my players aren't that great so I think the tactic holds up good in France. Got some nice players developing and upgrading my facilities and currently floating between 7th en 12th. I really like the action from both AF's you get, AM actually seems a little bit more involved. Maybe because my MR is more a defensive winger? Also, I never changed anything during matches, reminds me of the RoOmbus diamond back in FM2007. Plug & play away!
  8. Excellent read, season 4 and onwards would be my problem with buying only one player I guess. Any promising young guns through the academy who are getting some playing time?
  9. My season in Ligue 2 is finished and it performed pretty darn good I can say. Quite a slump after clinching the title, but to be fair I played some listed players to gain interest and some young prospects of my own instead of the temporary snipers up front. If you've got decent strikers you will get some nice counter goals. They seem to get launched quite often. Not sure about the heading, but it looks like they can utilize it since Esposito did better than Silva and his heading is a bit better. Both played the same amount of games, Silva a few more. Not sure about the wingers, tried retrained IF's, retrained WB's and some natural wingers. Maybe a slight advantage for the retrained IF's, but that can also be because they had better pace than my backs or wingers. Didn't get much from my AMC, but to be fair he was the least skilled player in my starting 11.
  10. Almost gave you a run for least scored to win the league haha. Still seems very overpriced to me, sadly I don't have the tactical knowledge to fine-tune my tactic. Not sure what exactly happens when adjusting instructions and I read somewhere that even shots doesn't mean that much. I'm already looking into some players for another go at this but I'm not sure how to get the most out of a striker to be fair. Trying out some stuff with a narrow 4-3-3 / 2-2-3-3 but that still has a long way to go. And maybe someone else takes the player I have in mind and we can start all over again.
  11. Thanks for updating! Just a question regarding the rules of this challenge about the transfer rules. Can you recall additional players? And what if you send someone out on a loan and you'd like to recall them?
  12. So far, so good. Giving away quite some chances but I brought in a new goalie who is doing pretty well. Still no SK but I'm playing him as one. Some matches that were close got decided by Esposito. Also doubting if I should play a more defensively solid player in DLP or just the more creative one. Defense can be better, but considering all (especially my defensive minded players aren't that good) it looks promising. Think you need a lot of pace in defense, lacking that at the moment.
  13. Always nice to see not so often used players for challenges. Pretty good season, look forward to the next update. China was pretty fun, relatively easy to be successful, but sometimes there is an annoying bug you go bankrupt if you hand out too high of a signing bonus(es) to your players. Also, the quality of the Chinese players isn't that great, but if there are any good ones your rivals sell them pretty cheap in comparison to other leagues.
  14. Just finished this one, I have written down some others for the future, what league do you want to play in? Maybe I can point one out because finding them takes a bit. In the Eredivisie there are very few for example, at least with the March database.
  15. Think it was about 1 in 8 but I'm sure there was a short period I saw them. Maybe the first winter update changed them and then the following canceled it once again?