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  1. The Carlo Ancelloti's Formation in Football Manager Mobile (FMM) 2021 is one of the best Formation you can try. This 4-1-2-2-1 Formation is very common in recent times...it is similar to a 4-3-3 and 4-5-1 formation. It shores up the midfield and allow you to hold possessions. Football games are won by possessions most times, except you are Diego Simone. But This Particular Formation has the Carlo Ancelotti Vibes. With Two Defensive midfielders, one staying permanently and one box to box plus one centre midfielder. I added the Defenders to be ball playing Defenders(BPD) because, I noticed they do well that way. The Two Wingers in front are inside Forwards and the Striker is a poacher. This is a lovable Formation , and it should do well with most teams. I tried it with Everton for two seasons. I shared my results in the Video, u can try the formation too.. It's actually fun and you normally would not lose possession. Note: You can always choose to player "Balanced football" or "attacking" one or "counter attack" or "control" depending on your opponent and situation. Let me know what you think of the formation.
  2. Hmmnn...I dont know how well Rooney can still perform though. His Stats are not encouraging at all...especially if u are using him as a top flight team striker
  3. He does qualify too...if he's doing well and doesn't cost too much to acquire..
  4. Old and Easy to Buy, but Priceless!!! The Best and Reliable Players in 30+ These players are not the ones you can depend on for long term team building as they don't have much useful years ahead of them. Instead, you can rely on them for good results in your early years in a new team as a manager. They have the ability to get the results immediately they get in the team. They are experienced and inspire the rest of the team. Be The Best and make instant impact!!! Try them Out... Ibrahimovic The Real Zlatan. He still has a lot left in him. You can absolutely trust him to get you the goals. De Rossi De Rossi is a reliable midfielder, he can't get you much goals, but you can be assured that your ball possession is sure and you wont leak goals. Dani Alves. Dani Alves will bring joy to your face. He's good with set pieces. Plays the corner well, as well as scores beautiful free kicks. He Defends well too. Really Dependable player. Plays in a lot of position. Baumgartlinger Tireless Midfielder, just like De Rossi. He makes sure you don't lose the ball. Pedro Leon A very dependable winger. He gets the work done. Pepe Just like in real life, plays like a tiger. Defends really well. You should try him out too. Fazio Tall and strong. Not so fast but really dependable as a centre defender.
  5. Hmmmmn....I had similar issues in the first season too. But I had to commend and share the formation because it did well with a not-so-good team. Thank you for trying it out Schwantz34.
  6. The Formation up there is pretty straightforward and works well. The Formation tries to hold the ball well and retain possession well. When you have the ball more, there's a higher chance u score more goals if you are direct and not wasteful. It's a 4-5-1 or 4- 4-1-1 formation. Your lone striker will be lonely and useless if he's not strong or your support striker or advance midfielder is not effective. The two centre midfielders must be able to tackle well if you are playing a better opponent, and choose a "balanced" team mentality. If you are playing a weaker opponent, feel free to choose an "attacking" team mentality. Screenshots are below..Try and See
  7. Hmmmnn...I'll show u proofs..and step by step guide. It actually works..and that wolves team is way less than that bayern team. Plus it's the first season...imagine that!
  8. This formation has been tested and trusted so many times. Even elite clubs in real life are using the formation. The results are amazing.. 4 - 4 - 1 - 1 , 4 - 5 - 1 , or 4 - 2 - 3 - 1. Follow the link below to learn more.