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  1. Yes I can!!! Goalkeeper; Ball Playing Defender; Winger; Ball Winning Midfielder; Advanced Playmaker; Attacking Midfielder; Poacher; Target Man. G BPD BPD BPD W AP BWM W AM P TM Share: Attacking, narrow, fast, disciplined; Defence: Balanced, all over, normal, yes, no; Attack: Look for Overlap, work into Box, Through Balls, Mixed, Mixed, Mixed.
  2. Speak guys, beauty. I bring you the tactic that gave me the title of champion of the 3. German League with FC Ingolstadt. Again I did not make any transfers in the 1st season. I hope you can test and put your points of view.
  3. https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/43728-help-for-summer-madness/ This tactic was done by you last year. Was it her inspiration?
  4. Thanks for testing. May you be very successful with it, just like I did.
  5. And I'm sorry to ask, what are pcr-cf-pcr? It is because I am very bad with acronyms! 🤣
  6. Hello people. I'm bringing you this tactic that made me collect all the trophies in MLS. Just a detail, I didn’t sign any contracts during the season and I didn’t change the tactic either.