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  1. @AndersJ If I do that then I tend to go with early crosses, so that my wingbacks do not really overlap, but I have not experimented with that actually on this tactic. Although, I assume if the winger is not cutting in then he will always stick byline, unless he has decent positioning or marking then maybe overlap, your wing backs and wingers can be fluid.
  2. Yes, exactly! I love the way the classic wingers interact with the IWB on the flanks in this game, so glad I sat down and gave some thought into the tactic and how classic teams like United or City like you said play wingers effectively in this sort of system.
  3. @Dagion Interesting developments mate. Do you plan on replacing the wingers?
  4. Looks good mate! And great job with those signings too, all some really good bargain buys
  5. CM, and backup DM since my regular is injured currently. I trained it to gain better technical stats so he can play CM, gave him a few sub appearances in that role. first, and then he started for me, and he started to dominate the middle of the field for sure. There is another Chelsea youngster who grows to be a beast, I wish I could remember his name but if you play long enough he'll show up. His stats at CM end up being almost like Pogba too.
  6. Wow really?! Awesome to hear it is working well in Belgium! And it's great you told me about the IF's, I'll have to try that if my striker ever gets sent off
  7. Yea I noticed that wingers dont really do much in terms of scoring, which means you can save some money on class wingers (just get one with pace, crossing, decisions). Instead spend some money on a class midfield, can't go wrong! Mate, on a side note, I too just picked up Florentino Luis and he is unreal. If you get him under the right circumstances and team, I can easily see a 15-20 goal , 15-20 assist player consistently. And Jung is a very underrated DM/CD
  8. Every FMM that comes out I hope they fix this problem but they never do, I really hope they take more fan ideas for FMM21 👍
  9. I can suggest maybe pushing your wing backs up and making fabinho an Anchor, so that way sometimes in game your formation almost becomes a 3-4-3 where you have Van Dijk, Fabinho, and Gomez as defense, your midfield would be Robertson, Milner, Hendo, Trent, and forwards, Mane, Firmino, Salah. If you decide to give it a go let me know!
  10. Yes I noticed that sometimes too, its because usually they will not attack you as much and just constantly hit long balls and crosses. Also, they tend to play a 5 at the back formation which means they are very narrow, so if your CM's are not creative enough, they might struggle to control the tempo of the midfield. Against bigger teams, I've noticed sometimes the CM's actually play a more AP kind of role, where they look to drop into holes and. spring a counter.
  11. sounds good! I was actually referring to the roles that those players are playing like is fred anchor or dm or dlp ? Let me know how it goes
  12. @BCBS23 Awesome! Yea I noticed that you do not dominate a lot of teams, but instead your team holds a decent defensive shape, it makes sense that you are averaging about 1 goal conceded per game, could be better. I am surprised you have not scored a bit more, would turn some of those draws into wins. What player positions are you using on the DM, and Striker (and midfielders i guess) ?
  13. Wow a real Carlo Ancelotti managerial performance out there Francesco! Great game management skills.
  14. Is it true about the defensive mentality being efficient? What kind of formations or tactics work well with that mentality? I am always afraid to go below balanced, even against tough teams I tend to leave it on control, and it usually works so I have not changed it. But I am interested in a good pure defensive tactic if you know of one. Cheers
  15. Mate amazing summary, I could not agree more about your point with the inverted wing backs. It is a very tough position to get right in terms of formation, players who fit there, and how the team plays specifically width. I like the fact they dont hold their MC position and roam instead on the flanks/their side of CM. It gives better attacking options. Thats actually why I do not play BBM, there would be too many runs from midfield, and not enough cover. Great analysis, always love having convos about tactics and hearing other people's thoughts!