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  1. Hahaa, 2020 bro. COVID-19 made me waste 1 year :))
  2. Hi everyone. Me again. Previous tatic so wild and unbalanced. I try this and solid more . I don't make any transfer or loan. Just CLEAR and PICK TEAM. No change in match. Note : CF scored and assist more than anyone, LB and AML also important. ( I don't know English too much, have fun )
  3. @Mile Dodgson I tested 2 weeks ago. U can change somthing like here. Look like solid more. Tks u for test this tatic p/s: im sr about my English. Dear
  4. How to your team rating hight more than opponent meanwhile your team got lose 3-1. It's funny. I like it. Hâhha
  5. Not yet bro. Cause my style look like i hit my opponent one punch then they hit back two punch rather draw 0-0 or win enought 1-0. So I always choose OVERLOAD. Hihi. If strong team more. This tatic not lose heavy .... what I've been say. I don't know what mean :)). Seem be to hardest to say ::). May be I spend more time to learn English :)). Lol
  6. It's hard to me. Actually i don't know to much about that. Just test and work so I post this. What I want is one tatic for whatever player. Sr if you can't understand what i say cause i stupid in English :)). Hơever, could you do this for me. Find recommend for each position in tatic. Tks bro
  7. I've been a quick test another. No tranfers, no hire coach, no loan in. My job is " next-next-clear team - pick team. No care about fitness, about position, player. And start, i choose coachibg balge is unknow so almost player unhappy with me. Lose heavy again big team but earn point again weakness opponents is good. Finish 6th. Funny, my GD -0. And Man UTD's GD +20 :))
  8. Hâhhah. In the bad day. My team maybe got lost 0-5. Sometimes it happened. Really fun. Actually. I don't know to much about tatical. I just play the game. Try try and try. Combine bla bla... and i see that ửok and want to share it cause it very fun ;)). Tks you , bro
  9. Hi. Sr about my English. this tatic Is very hard to clean sheet. Problem is you could more lucky than opponents. Attack is fun 1. You can got a satifying win. 2. You lose. Unlucky So you can try more. Or change anything you want. I'm not sure this good to much. But I tried many times. And it's totally is good. For a small team you can bet for your lucky. For a big team, it's better more. dear.
  10. And... your team is... Burnley ?🤩 LoL
  11. Hi everyone. i just know a littlebit english :(. so I want to share my tatic. It's work great for me. i test many times. And I usually don't make any tranfers. My first match. My team get lose 0-5 again Áton Villa. Next match lose again arsenal 2-3. And after. Unbeaten. I completed mission early 4 round.
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