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Everything posted by Lufc2013

  1. Thank you guys, olayinkrjnr what do you prefer. With one striker i really struggle to score. Not sure why!
  2. Do you have a suggestion for a better duo up front in terms of roles, maybe two advanced forwards, or one defensive forward? Never sure what combo to use!
  3. Hi Damilare, my advanced forward did very well. I struggled to get goals with him prior to this. I think training regime helps. Always keep tactics and motivation intensive on all regimes.
  4. Hi all, I stumbled across this tactic accidentaly but it seems to work wonders for me. Give it a try and let me know how you get on. If you have any improvements please let me know 😃
  5. Try this tactic. Worked wonders for me! Good luck let me know how you get on...
  6. Do you think this would work for a team like Leeds United. I cant get any good wingers and are the current wingers good enough. Whats the minimum attribute you recommend
  7. Thanks everyone so much. I added a Bwm and have 7 consecutive clean sheets.
  8. Amc all I score 2.1p/m and concede 1.82p/m. Are this okay, good or bad.
  9. Yeh thanks. I have way too many attacking players. Can you please advise me what attributes are best for the role or what good young player I should sign?
  10. Attacking, short, normal, yes yes
  11. I created this tactic for leeds after making some quality signings and it has worked wonders. Dominating every game with high number of shots/ possession stats. Mentality : Player tactical roles : wbk Ctr Ctr. Wbk. Bbm. Apm Apm. Apm. Apm Pcr So far: 296 games. Won: 69% Drawn: 22% Lost: 9.5% Won: 4 league titles. 11 cup titles with an average team