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  1. I'm trying to get the no transfer window unlockable, so I created a new save and sold all my players at Man Utd. I gained 71million and spent 150k, with a bunch of free agents. I'm now in October and I haven't unlocked it. Any help? EDIT: I sold all my players at Arsenal and it worked.
  2. Hello I'm in my second season doing a challenge (win everything with only signing U19 players) with Blackburn, and I just got promoted to the Premier League. Last season I found some decent tactics to use, and we did well. But this season, my best players from last season left because they were on loan and reject my transfer offers, so I've had to improvise. I'm struggling to stay afloat against all of the good teams in the Premier League, and I feel like I'm going to be sacked really soon if I don't get some better results. Does anyone know any good defensive tactics? I've got good tactics for teams I know I can beat, but not for bigger ones. I don't need to be beating Man Utd 6-0, I just want draws or near losses against bigger teams with mostly wins against the medium ones :D. I don't need the tactics to fit my best players perfectly, I'll adapt based on it. Thanks in advance :3
  3. Hello friends. Recently I've been fancying a few challenges, but I don't really know how much I'll play and I'm not sure if I want to dish out 10 pounds on FM mobile (I think that's what it's called now). So I was wondering if there's any way of downloading previous versions that I've already bought, eg: FMH 2015. pls sned halp
  4. @Lee-Roy Shhhh Yeah I've been playing since around that time. Around may 2014 I started getting bored of it thenI got back into it kinda in about July-August. Right now I haven't played since around December-ish, so I haven't even touched FMH 2015 yet.
  5. I had a look, and it doesn't seem too exciting for the moment, but I'll wait and see what other people think when its released.
  6. Hello people, some of you may or may not remember me from a while back, but apart from a quick burst back into FMH a few months ago I haven't really had too much to do with the site in a long time. I've been thinking about buying FMH 2016 in October and trying to get back into the game in my spare time. The thing is, the only spare time that have that I don't spend doing homework (whoop de doo) is spent playing MMO's with my friends, so the only opportunity I'd get to play FMH (apart from occasionally at home when I feel like it) is on the train to and from school, but I'm not sure it'd be worth it spending 10CHF and starting carers just to play for 15min each day. (fyi I have 3 train rides per day but 2 are spent talking to friends rather than being antisocial in a corner with my phone) Especially when I get very little pocket money to spend. I haven't really hear much about the upcoming new release in the series, is it going to be worth it would you guys think? I'd appreciate you guys' input :D. PS With the new layout and stuff I have no clue where the "follow topic" button is D:
  7. Really good stuff, but as a guy who lives in Switzerland I would add two swiss players: Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri. Although I'm hesitating between Xhaka and Alonso I reckon even if I go for Alonso Xhaka would be a great replacement. As for Shaqiri he would make a great attacking midfielder if you were to use one in this team.
  8. Yes. I went to America a few years ago and thats all we ate ^^. Going back this year as well! TPBM wishes he lived somewhere else in winter.
  9. I quite like some of Chelsea's players, but it's currently Diego Costa that puts me off liking them. Although not liking a team because of one player is silly, that just how I feel. TPBM has had to wade through snow for the past few weeks.
  10. Maybe if you stayed around Devil he'd have been in my mind more , great to see you posting on the on topic stuff again though mate . I'm going to take that as a compliment Leroy . I don't play FMH much anymore, but I still like to look around on Vibe. Although I am planning on doing something with Yûji (unless someone does it first that is ).