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  1. whos tht ramsey in my team, u can release him
  2. Pep finds this very interesting, will be giving it a try...
  3. everybody tops the grp, my expectations, hope they don't let me down.
  4. I'll top the grp, most probably, or 2nd
  5. oh ok..is poch good, his last stint wasn't tht successful...
  6. any available manager for 15 coins? wht do u mean?
  7. @Albionic, mind a loan deal for one of em?
  8. Player Name : Santiago Ramos Nationality : Spanish Position (Only 1 position allowed) : RW Footedness : Left Footed
  9. well deserved unai carried me from 8th to 4th...hopefully I end up 3rd in the ucl gs, so tht I'll be in the uel.....we all know wht happens next..😏
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