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  1. Finland 1 v 1 Russia Turkey 1 v 1 Wales Italy 3 v 0 Switzerland Ukraine 3 v 0 North Macedonia Denmark 0 v 3 Belgium Netherlands 2 v 0 Austria Sweden 2 v 1 Slovakia Croatia 1 v 1 Czech Republic England 2 v 0 Scotland Hungary 0 v 3 France Portugal 2 v 1 Germany Spain 2 v 1 Poland
  2. Turkey 0 v 2 Italy (1) Wales 0 v 2 Switzerland (1) Denmark 0 v 0 Finland (1) Belgium 2 v 0 Russia (2) England 1 v 1 Croatia (2) Austria 3 v 1 North Macedonia (5) Netherlands 2 v 0 Ukraine (6) Scotland 1 v 1 Czech Republic (6) Poland 2 v 0 Slovakia (6) Spain 3 v 0 Sweden (6) Hungary 0 v 3 Portugal France 1 v 1 Germany
  3. wtf I haven't copied it
  4. Hello guys, this is another tactics from me. In opinion a successful one!! I suggest you at the beggining to pick a Control Team Mentality until you buy more decent players. You can use one of the MC as Central midfielder. For the Goalkeeper does not matter G or SK. I have tested ML & MR as Wide midfielder, there is no big difference just as Defensive midfielder the crosses they deliver are increased.
  5. Hello to all of you. So guys, with few words, this is my third tactics here. It's a very similar to the Sir Alex Ferguson 07-08 season in Man Utd. I've been thinking of a long time to try this one and the result of that try will be shared. You will see the result of the tactics and proven in several season. I play mostly with youngers and wonderkinds - youth policy. My opinion is that with 5* players this will be total killer tactics but I don't mind playing with 3* and 4* players. Enjoy and give your feedback.
  6. No, mate. Look at the year - 2034
  7. Hi fellow managers, This is my new Great tactics proven with Green Forest from League Two to the Championship. As you can see a lot of goals and less conceded. I won all derbies and 1 draw. This tactics is good even with less than 3* players. Few tips: if on HT is 0-0, I change mentality to overload, if goal scored, return to attacking if losing on HT 1-0, do the same as above mentioned if losing on HT 2-0, change mentality to control, and if you equals the score, go back to attacking you can play with 2 Poachers, or 2 CM
  8. Hello guys. I want to share my first very successful tactics. This is my first season with PSG and won Ligue 1, French Cup, League Cup and Super Cup. As you will see I had only 4 loses - 1 in Ligue 1 and 3 in CL. Top scorer Kylian Mbappe with total of 45 goals and 8 hat-tricks in all tournaments. I think this tactics is not bad at all but have not tried it on lower leagues. Feel free to try my tactics and give feedback.