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  1. Very interesting shape. Would love to see how the season turned out
  2. Another amazing season finished, can't wait for the last tactic
  3. Looking forward to the ever-enjoyable updates. Keep it up!
  4. Many tactics in the index work. Have you tried all of them?
  5. with his age, do you see the tag 'needs to mature if he is to improve further' on him? You can also consider loaning him out (but you said that is not possible)
  6. that is amazing. A great attack for such a defensive formation too.
  7. I tried Edouard for the role, and he wasnt as good as I wanted him to be. Would you also recommend high Aerial (14+) for both strikers?
  8. tactic was great against the big teams so we won the league quite comfortably; nevertheless, we sometimes failed to beat smaller teams, for example drawing to Ascoli and Salernitana. By the way, what type of player would you recommend for a DF?
  9. Definitely a nice tactic, won the Serie A with a rather average Milan team.
  10. Like the shape of the tactic, reminded me of my favorite tactic in FMM2019. Can I get away with CDs except of BPDs?
  11. Another amazing season testing out different tactics- cant't wait for another season!
  12. I would also recommend this tactic, which I found to be very consistent.
  13. I suppose that the team will always be leaky, even if you are using a decent team like Man Utd.
  14. This seems very much like the SS tactic posted a while ago to me... one at the back is always fun, but it sucks to lose to sheffield united as manchester united 5-1 due to only having one defender... Update: oops, someone seems to have mentioned it already... nevertheless this must be a very fun tactic to try!
  15. Sticked to it for one more season. Seemed to work better this season, but that could be the quality of the squad. Some huge wins against strong opposition (Liverpool, Athletico), but also some unexpected losses and crazy draws (Eddie Salcedo scoring at both sides). Its not a bad tactic, but perhaps could be a bit more stable. added 0 minutes later oops, the bundesliga table was wrongly sent. That was another save in FMM19