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  1. It's a disgrace. I'm not able to understand why the brazilian healt authorities handled the situation like this. I literally cannot believe my eyes
  2. Glad you enjoyed managing in my country :DD
  3. The images don´t load mate, could you please reupload them?
  4. I've been using Matheus Henrique from Grêmio (Brazil) and the well-knowed Tonali (altough he lacks movement at first). But in reality they don't do very well ratings wise :/, i've been wanting to change the RP to an AP to see what happens but in fear that the team breaks down i've haven't done it yet nevertheless Matheus is an incredible and versatile player for the midfield How's that save with Man C going?
  5. Quick update, won the bundesliga after being promoted (only bringing in 2 new players to the starting eleven; 1 CD and a GK), safe to say this is one of the best and most fun tactics this year And also what i meant by mixed passing is this I thought I Made mistake because when you applied the tactic to Sporting you changed it to mixed passing (So i thought You were talking about style of passing, not were the passes are headed) sorry for the misundertanding, cheers
  6. Tested with Hamburg in germany's second division, used the updated version but with mixed passing focus and direct passing style (not changes i intended to do, they were mistakes when i copied the tactic 🥴 still proved to be efective tho) League Table Goals Assits Transfers in: Transfers out: Most used 11: Results: Congrats for creating such a solid and amazing tactic @Schwantz34
  7. Hello vibers, I was wondering what do you take in consideration to select your corner kicks takers. More specifically ¿Do you select the one who is a better set piece taker? Or the one with the highest crossing stat? Or even maybe a combination of both? Hope everyone reading is doing fine, cheers.
  8. Very good looking tactic , will surely give it a go!! How did your DLP performed?
  9. Don't worry about your English man, it's very easy to be understood altough could you please post some screenshots of the tactic? For example i don't know if the midfield line is BBM - AP - BBM or the AP is on the "10" position. And if u want you can post some results too just for the sake of really "proving" that it works , cheers
  10. @Scratch may i ask wich app do you use to watch these stats? Thx
  11. Yeah i do , it's truly a really simple and fun game and it's even better playing while being in discord with the people you're playing with, improves the experiencie imo
  12. Yes it does makes sense jajajjaj , seems we have a bit of a rivalry since Gorillaz's (and for this case mostly Blur's) Damon Albarn doesn't get along with the Gallagher brothers very well 😅 Only heard of the last artist you mentioned i'll surely give them a listen I don't know if you're still into early 80's dancing music but i think you can put them in new wave? A genre wich has influenced me a lot with bands like the Smiths or The Cure, also have a soft spot for Linkin Park. Tbh never heard of Andy whitby but i'll give it a go. That some variety righ there. Did You follow any of the member's carrer particulary after they disbanded? (Talking about 1D) Thanks for sharing ,means a lot to me. hope you're doing ok
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