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  1. Well, I can add you to the leaderboard with 313 points, but not with 323! Nice try, but you might want to try adding 204 + 109 again. But all good mate, and still a great score. Gonna be better than mine for sure!
  2. Nice work! Out of interest where did you get the height and weight from?
  3. Good luck, can't wait to see how you go! 🙂
  4. Yeah in some games we'd batter them and lose (or scrape a win). In others we were better than the opposition or equal, but not battering them. Actually it wasn't just one thing. We are creating chances, but maybe not as many as last year. And we're not converting as many either. And we're more fragile at the back (which is more realistic give I have 1 CD with 2 IWBs in front). So we occasionaly get a 5-2 win (which was common last year), more often or not it's a narrow win, but with enough losses and draws that we were only 10th when I got that message above. Up to 7th at the moment and it feels like we might be a litte better, but we'll see...
  5. Yeah, I'm going to stick it out this season to see what happens, but I'm thinking I might need to ease off on the 1 at the back stuff. Might try a Celtic save (sorry @ScottishFMM !) to see whether it still works in cases where you're a lot stronger. Or maybe I will just go again with my DT tactic (one at the back but more in the midfield). I'm wondering if they've seen our FMM20 careers and gone "Right, we need to make it more realistic!". Part of me is sad that these tactics I created don't seem to work anymore, but on the whole I'd be happy if they've made it more realistic.
  6. @Dai_ - great attempt mate, added you to the leaderboard. added 0 minutes later Thanks mate, hope you give it a whirl... 😄
  7. Yeah, I should have gone with Mount over Pulisic, but same... I have Havertz retrained as a T in between TMs (not that logical, but worked really well in FMM20), but I'm sitting 7th and about to get sacked... 🙁
  8. Yeah, exactly, that's what I liked about it. It's even why I included 5 candidates for the 4 players - so many approaches.. I'll be doing it a few times myself, I'm sure. But, with my current attempting not going so well, I'm not just talking about a low score, I'm talking about possibly getting to try it again sooner than I expected... Basically either my very attacking tactic doesn't work in FMM21 or the team dynamic thing means you can't rip up the whole squad... I'd be killing it in FMM20, but 21 is different...
  9. Sorry @Alejandro Sanchez looks like he's not in FMM. I searched the full database and there are 5 Almada's, but not him. Maybe he's just in the PC game? On the other hand @vaxikpl - your friend in definitely in FMM and has a CA of 143 and a PA of 152. Must be pretty good in real life! 😄
  10. I set Training intensity to low for the 3 lads and they had a few minor injuries, but not too many.
  11. From the SI Games site (on the wrong nationality issue): Yes - it's just the text that is wrong, they are actually going to the right squads. Fixed internally, will be in a future update.
  12. Good luck mate. Hope you make a better fist of it than I'm currently doing...
  13. I'm halfway through an attempt, but I can assure you it won't be me knocking you off the top! Would need a miracle for that to happen at this point. 😄
  14. Great score mate and right to the top of the leaderboard you go! Happy to report that the top two scores (at the moment) are both from Toon fans! Though I strenously deny any allegations that it's rigged! 😄
  15. Great job mate. Though I make it 283 points instead of 282 (Timo got 44 instead of 43). 🙂 Will add you to the leaderboard shortly. I've started this myself now and it's not going as smoothly as your attempt. 😐 I'm not sure if it's because I pulled the whole team apart and lost all the existing dynamics (and that really does have a big effect), or whether it's because I'm using one of my super attacking FMM20 formations (and they no longer work in 21). Either way, it's certainly more of a challange than last year!