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  1. @Nucleus @Ashez @smoggy90 - Thanks for your support fellas. Smoggy I'm gonna have to read about your 1KC! I reckon Chen Shilong would kill it with a 1KC.
  2. So.. it's been a while... (more than a month!). I had a semi enforced break from playing around Christmas time for a week or so. Then, when I had the chance to come back to FMM, I actually didn't. I played some other games that had been sitting ignored on my phone etc, caught up on Netflix a bit, started working on some of my long abandoned side projects. To be honest, although I love it, FMM had become a little too consuming and I really needed the break from it. I guess I suffered from FMM burnout. The break felt good! The same can probably be said of Vibe itself. I love it here and I've gotten so much out being involved in the community, but I really struggle (timewise) trying to keep up with all of your great careers. To top it off, I take a long time to write updates for my career. So I was spending every second of my spare time playing, writing, reading FMM. Could be worse things than that, but I'd lost balance and other parts of my life were suffering. Now? Well I guess Pedro is still there waiting for me and I'll probably return to him at some point, but not just yet. And when I do, I need to try to keep the balance a bit better. Not sure how though. Once I start, I'll have trouble not playing too much. I might be able to make my write up's briefer. Can't really scale back my reading as I was pretty bad at that in the first place! Anyway, just thinking out loud and figured I should dump some of this here in case anyone's interested in why I've been scarce...
  3. Yeah, fair enough! Will be interesting to see how it pans out. Leaving personal favourites aside, I would still have gone with Mitrovic because this years game seems to really favour strikers with high Arial. My tactics don't particularly play to a tall striker, but my 20 Arial striker scores a bunch of headed goals all the same. Still geggenpressing is a whole other thing and maybe Arial is not as useful there (it shouldn't be)..
  4. Well I was going to say this looks great, especially using the built in challenge as a base, but you lost me at the 'I'll leave Mitrovic on the bench' part! You trying to make it hard for yourself? Nah, this'll be great, can't wait to see how it shakes out, but I'm sure you'll avoid relegation no worries. Good luck mate!
  5. Sorry I missed this. I could have sworn that I commented on this before, but apparently not... 🙁 Anyway, great work here, even if you didn't make it to the triple 1KC. That's still a bucket load of goals and the lads did you proud. The triple 1KC was always going to be really really hard (I can't imagine doing it myself) and you had a real good go at it. Interesting that Geubbels was the strongest striker. I would have picked him last to be honest, but he was immense! Anyway, well done mate.
  6. Trying not to think that! But maybe, if we keep improving... I think at some point it's got to level out. I think I can squeeze a bit more out of him, but 150? We'll see! 🙂
  7. Thanks mate, will do. I'm sort of wondering where the ceiling is in China to be honest. The team is getting better slowly and he's hitting his prime age, so should be more like this in store...
  8. Thanks mate. I think because I got the club up to 4 stars, people aren't trying to pinch him as often. Or maybe it's because his salary is higher now. He was in the World Team of the Year again, so obviously good enough for the top clubs to target, they've just stopped trying. They still have a go for Pavon or Sessegnon or one of the others every so often, but they are always happy to sign a new contract instead, so I think its looking good
  9. @Rob @Foxy - Lucky you didn't add my last effort, as this time around Pedro scored 129 goals at 2.43 goals per match: No hurry to add me, but next time it's updated would be great to get this one added. Thanks fellas!
  10. Update - Season 4 Pedro came of age in season 3, scoring 115 goals at 2.3 goals per game. Can he repeat that (or better it) this season? Let's see... Club & League Development We want to improve the reputation of both the club and the league in order to attract / keep players and to allow them develop to their full potential (ie most need to play at a higher level to improve). The club finished the year on 4 stars, up from 3.5 last year (and 3 originally). We also increased the stadium capacity to 80,000 and we finally maxed out the training facilities. The CSL still has a 3.5 star reputation, but it's rank is still slipping backwards (from 23rd, to 25th, to 26th, now 27th). We're clearly the best league in Asia now, but it doesn't seem like there is anyway to improve this. Player Development Pedro only got one update this year and it was very minor: Plus 1 to Shooting and Creativity. That's it. He's still improving, but very very slowly (+2 for a 10 star performance). Given that he only improves in the Asian Champions League, the Club World Championship and ITN games, it's going to take some time to level up again. Transfers We continue trying to bring big names to the club. We succeeded in some respects, but for every player that came, at least 50 said no. A lot went out this year. Some highlights: Rajkovic: whose key attributes just weren't developing (keepers are the one position I can't get my head around with the new training). Kryvstov: who I like quite a lot, but he fell behind Ajer and Tah and I wanted to bring in some fresh players. Kampl: who was top drawer, but we'd overloaded the midfield positions and someone had to go. Dudu: who looked good last season (14 assists in 30 games with only 1 goal), but a new arrival meant he wouldn't get game time. That new arrival was Leon Bailey, who will be awesome here in China! Apart from Bailey, we only brought in a few promising youngsters. It looks a little unbalanced, but we committed to giving some promising young Chinese players game time and needed to free up some space. In other news, it's Sugar Daddy time: Though I can't spend the money I already have, so... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Competitions - Club We won everything again pretty easily: Screenshots below: The only notable results there are: The second leg of the CFA Cup Final: I forgot it was over 2 legs and went super attacking when we went 2-1 down instead of tightening up. We gave another 2 goals away, which meant we went to overtime. Luckily we got the winner in there, but I could have so easily thrown it away. 😨 The 2-0 Semi Final win over Bayern Munich in the Club World Championship. It wasn't even close like previous years. We still lose the odd game here and there, but basically we're better than everyone in the world at this point. Competitions - ITN Still no sign of Tite losing the The Brazil job. He's rock solid. In the meantime, things are going great with China. We easily won the qualifying group and qualified for the World Cup: Assists Let's see who is providing the most assists: Pavon again with 48. I almost got 50 assists for the first time! After Pavon, Bailey was great, as was Sessegnon and a bunch of others. Looking good. Injuries He had a ghost injury: Then a real one, but only 10 days: Once again, he's gotten off lightly. Goal Highlights Pedro only had one 5 goal haul this year (in the Champions League Final, screenshot above), but this is the sort of form he had this year: Goal Totals Pedro scored 129 goals in 53 games this year at 2.43 goals per match: Ramping it up now... Progress 24 (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 129 378 The Future Should I set a target of 140 goals next year? I guess I'll just take it as it comes. Probably worth mentioning that Pedro wants to help me succeed and people have stopped trying to buy him, so I think we're going the distance here...
  11. Scratch

    Looking for Chilean regens

    I've done what @Rob2017 has done, but before that I try to filter the search to players based in South America as most Chilean regens start there. But if not there, then gotta do what Rob said.
  12. Yeah! And in China too. Killing it!! Yeah totally agree. More this year than ever. Which I think is a good thing. Means no one size fits all killer tactics you can pick up and slaughter the opposition with, which is a pain for some, but I think it makes things more realistic and challenging and ultimately enjoyable
  13. Me? I've got Pavon and Bailey at the moment. By (W) I really meant Wide, not Wingers, but as it happens I am playing both of them as Wingers right now. My Striker has 20 Arial, so crosses are good and keeping them wide means they pinch less goals than they would as IFs or APs. I have used on AP and one W with pretty good success and even two APs in FMM18. But rarely use IF as they score too much (maybe if I'm chasing a game where I'm behind).. @aaronbez I guess that leads to a point I forgot to mention: I always find that if you get really good players, they can make most tactics work, even if it's not so good with lesser players. When I started with 4 3 2 1 this year, I actually had to drop one of the CMs back to DM because I was leaking goals, but as my players got better, I moved them back up. And the better the players, the more my striker scores! Obvious, I know, but worth bearing in mind if the tactic isn't quite firing right now - keep improving the players and it will get better.
  14. Great job mate, definitely on track! 👍 Hope he hangs on to those attributes a while longer and doesn't start the long slide for a while... I think (from earlier updates), that Wilson is the Bale regen. Is that right @Nucleus? That's pretty awesome goal to assist ration for a winger. That said, so far I've found 19 more likely to have wingers assist a fair bit more than score, so either I've been lucky (I struggled with it last year) or the game has been tweaked...