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  1. Scratch

    Surprise tax bill and delayed transfers

    You could try holidaying for a few days - I believe that sometimes sorts out delayed transfers etc.
  2. Scratch

    Hexer's Workshop: It's all about Hex

    Thanks. There's a lot more that I want to do, but it will take a while. Maybe don't need to hold up the first release for that, just add that stuff later. At the moment, it's just a website based tool (easier for me to create a proof of concept), so I need to make a mobile app version. I have a lot of other stuff on, so can't promise a timeframe yet, but I am working on it.
  3. Scratch

    Hexer's Workshop: It's all about Hex

    Wow, so much gold in this thread! I had to work most of it out myself, would have been so much easier if I'd seen this first. 🤦‍♂️ I'm working on a tool, still early days, only a work in progress at this point, but here's a screenshot of where I'm up to (if you're interested):
  4. I used Nox and it worked for me but is definitely slower than my phone. Useable, but only just and not enjoyable. I used to use Bluestacks years ago, but it was even slower. Haven't tried either recently, so not sure if they've improved. I believe Bluestacks is faster than it used to be, but no experience. There are probably things you can do to speed either up on your computer, but that'd be complicated. These days I actually use my phone, but just cast it to my computer using Vysor. It's basically the same level of performance as your phone (because it is your phone), sometimes a very slight UI lag but we're talking miliseconds here. I shelled out for the Pro version, but you can try the free version and see how it goes.
  5. Yeah that's why I stayed on the old version (which doesn't help you at all). I tried the new version and it was just not fun... Hope they do ease it in the next update. 🤞 Anyway, good luck with this 1KC. Nice choice of club and player. The only thing standing in your way is this new conditioning system.
  6. You can't actually check it in the game itself. The star system that the scouts and your staff use is not accurate (because the game is simulating that real scouts can't tell exactly how good players are). Sometimes they are close, sometimes almost the opposite! If you buy the official Editor (in game purchase), then you can edit a player and see their real CA/PA, but still only represented as stars. So Messi and Kane will both be 5 stars (I think), but if you could see the real CA/PA as a number, you'd see that Messi is better than Kane. I think the Wonderkid post use the editor star system, but I'm not sure. As for how you can actually see the CA/PA as a number: There used to be a free PC pre-game editor and maybe a save editor too, as well as a paid Android app (not sure if it was an iPhone app too). However, that hasn't existed for the last couple of versions. That means the only way to see it, is to use a HEX editor and manually decode the file. There are instructions on here somewhere. Just search for HEX and PA and you should find it. I have half created a way to see it, but not sure if or when I'll release it, what platform it would be on and whether it would be free or not. Yeah Arial 20 seems to be like gold in FMM19. As for how you get someone from 8 to 20 in half a year (it was 3 training updates for Armstrong I think), I just make the focus role Target Man and the focus attribute Arial and it jumps up really quickly. I think Armstrong had one that jumped only 2 and at the other end, one where it jumped 6 or something! Honestly I think this is just a bug in FMM19 - there is no way it should jump that fast. It happened for Armstrong, Pedro in my previous career, my new striker in my current career, and others in some other careers I've done in FMM19. I have had a few players where it hasn't worked, and I have no idea why, but they seem to be in a minority. For coaches I generally have 1 Att, 1 Def, 1 Fit, 1Yth and 1Mot (me), but I don't think that makes any difference. Good training facilities should help, but once again I don't think it makes any difference. I just think FMM19 is broken in this regard. Of course I am still using the pre-Winter update version, so maybe this doesn't work in the latest version - not sure about that.
  7. Thanks mate. Just started a new save. Pretty boring: it's a 1KC at Celtic again (love playing them for some reason), but this time I'm using a Scottish striker. About to rebuild them all over again, and will be difficult not to choose the same players as last time (already signed Pavon), but will try to put a slant on developing Scottish players. Last time I only had about 3 Scots who could get in the team, this time I'm going to try to keep it 50/50. Maybe signed a decent Scottish player here and there instead of someone great. I'll still be signing loads of foreigners, especially at the beginning, but hopefully can keep it a bit more balanced...
  8. Scratch


    Sometimes it's a blank button. If you see that, press it, it still works. Mind you I don't think I've used it in 19, so maybe they finally fixed that...
  9. Yeah, solves the problem of whether to play on or not! I guess I will start over and be more careful this time... added 0 minutes later By start over, I mean with a different player.
  10. Lucky Jenny Graham knows her stuff so it's only 9 months out hey? Imagine if she'd missed it... Funny game FMM... Funny game...
  11. A key point may be that he's not playing in Scotland either! Pavon did have that in his favour... 😄 But anyway, this is a great start! Only going to get better from here on too.
  12. The FMM gods have spoken... I went to play the off season and this happened. It's all over now. I don't have the patience to play through that under the circumstances...
  13. Not sure about the list on the site. The wonder kid one? Last time I looked it only had a star rating. And youngsters can change a lot from save to save. But I saw the real CA/PA of my players, so that's over the line for me. Anyway, it's all academic now (see my next post!).
  14. Thanks mate. Yeah, I have a dev background, mostly web dev for the last 10 years (which is why I've used PHP for the first pass of this). Don't code much anymore though, which is why it's doubly fun to jump into stuff like this.
  15. @Rob @Foxy @Woody @Ashez - Thanks for the feedback everyone! Especially you Ashez with that mammoth comment! I think it's against the rules, so even if I do continue, I won't be submitting it for any leaderboards. But thanks for discussing it! 🙂 Like I said, I don't think I get much advantage if it was just me finding out the PA of my striker, after I've already committed to him. If it was just that, then maybe there's a discussion around whether that's really worse than picking a striker that we know has a high PA from the list (or just because everyone has used him). But.... Once you start seeing the CA/PA of your squad and potential targets, then you've just changed the nature of the game, as Ashez says. And at that point you have an advantage. That AM in your team that you thought was a future superstar only has a PA of 132 and is already fully developed? Hmm. Might trade him in for this one I've seen over here with a PA of 182... I actually had a look at my team once I decided to stop (couldn't help myself at that point) and I had a player my coaches were saying had a lot of of potential to improve, but he was already maxed out! The game abstracts the true CA/PA from us for a reason and this just blows that away and makes it too easy. I get Ashez's point that knowing CA/PA beats the point of the game (makes it even less realistic). That said, I actually enjoy playing that way sometimes (not all the time), as I love watching players develop - but it goes against the spirit of challenges and shouldn't be allowed. As for the tool I was using, well, I have a fascination with pulling the game apart and seeing how it works (just not on a challenge save) and at some point a few weeks ago, I finally acted on an old thought of creating something like that. I guess at the moment it's like the iscout app, although not as complete and a bit hacky. There's also some other stuff I want to add, like creating reports on the season, saving a more complete record than is in the game etc. Not sure if I'll ever get that far - it will depend if I can work out where all that stuff is stored. It can only run on a website at the moment (because it's easier for me to create that way) and is not anywhere complete. I'm thinking of turning it into mobile app at some point, although I'm worried about it's impact on challenges etc, for the very reasons discussed by Ashez. I have been thinking through ways of limiting the impact: maybe adding something to the save to show it's been used, then creating a 'certificate' on a website that gives a summary of the save, including whether it's been used for anything spoilery. Not sure if that's feasible or not. Anyway, we'll have to see if I get time to take that anywhere and if I do, it will probably take a while. But I'm keen to keep working on it at the moment.