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  1. Thanks mate. I've really tightened up my editing process to cut down on the update size! πŸ˜‚ Fireworks will be coming...
  2. Yeah, commented over there and that's put the wind up me alright... Basically gonna have to win it all! added 0 minutes later Thanks mate! I'm up to January already... Can't stop playing this year's version, love it. This team is going places...
  3. Scratch

    Regens too expensive?

    Still trying to work out whether FMM19 is different from previous years or not, but in the past it really did vary. Some were available instantly. Most took a month or two, but I had at least a couple show up a year or two later... Just a theory, but I think regens of other nationalities come back quickly (0-4 months), but at some regens of the nation you're playing go into some sort of queue for the youth academy, so take can longer.. I saw Ashley Cole turn up in my youth team 2 full years after retiring... Others are quicker than that though...
  4. Hmm. Thinking more about it, I guess you didn't qualify for Europe next year? I guess that might be part of their reasoning? That's still super harsh though. No way you'd get sacked in real life given everything you've done for them.
  5. WTF! That's insane. That's actually a really good season all things considered. How can they sack you? That's super harsh and has me quite worried now. At least they have to keep playing at the Cockers Stadium! Good luck with Watford mate at least that should be a more reasonable board.
  6. Thanks mate. Hmm, ominous about your next update... 😦 I'm hoping I'll be able to do alright after a season or so adjusting to the top flight... I've targeted a few regens to help me out, so will likely have a strong team. I probably won't be able to hang on to them for more than a couple of seasons, but they are the best of the best (think: the top 2). I got them for under £3M combined as well. And I'm building up the rest of the team too. If they develop quickly, then they'll drag the team up to the point where we'll win stuff (and they may then stay and our reputation will improve etc.). Just all theory though, no guarantee it will work out that way. 🀞 Makes me scared to read your next update though! Maybe this is all a dream that will vanish shortly...
  7. Scratch

    Regens too expensive?

    I got Messi from Juve for Β£2.3, Ronaldo from Vit. Guimaraes for Β£550K, Hunterlaar from Bayern for Β£1.5M, so bargains are definitely still there, even for those spawning at big clubs. On the other hand I've seen some priced way out of my range (Zlatan, Modric, Robben). To me, in this save, it feels about right. I can still build an insane unrealistic squad via regens, but I can't get all of them! Fair enough... Just like real life (actually I couldn't get that many in real life, so...).
  8. Just caught up and that's awesome work. He's looking top class and going to pass 100 next season. Congrats on the ITN job btw. Much easier this year! πŸ˜„ But those spending amounts... Feeling a bit ill at the thought of that much money! Obscene I say! πŸ˜‚
  9. Yeah, actually that might work. Except I've already started planning the 1KC (if you can call it that)... πŸ˜„
  10. Haha, guessed as much... No hurry - season 3 update is... long. TLDR: Won the Championship!
  11. Thanks mate! I used to do that sort of thing more often, back when I was first coming to grips with the 1KC. I sit down to write an update and before I know it I'd have explained something like that! πŸ™‚ Not that this one is particularly insightful, but it just came out and I figured may as well include it...
  12. Thanks for the comment mate, but I'm guessing that was for the last season? I just posted Season 3 ten minutes ago! πŸ˜„ I'm up to National reputation now (although it took me back to Regional after a few weeks). And I only conceded 42 goals this time around, so less Keegan ball than earlier seasons. πŸ˜‚ And thanks for linking me to that challenge - looks great. Thanks for adding me to the leaderboard, though I'm up to 3 now. Probably my last one though. No higher to go and I'll probably do a 1KC after this one....
  13. Season 3 - Macclesfield Two seasons down. Two promotions achieved. It's the Championship this year - can I make it three in a row? Without telling you the actual outcome (yet), I'm exceptionally confident by this stage. I think I've worked out how to take a massive leap forward every year, without fail. The Formula It's pretty simple really: Step 1 At the start of each season, buy the best young players you can. You're looking for young players with a good attribute base, who have a large difference between CA and PA as identified by your staff. Staff often get the PA wrong, but I find they are relatively accurate with the gap. A player with a good base and a large CA/PA gap is likely to develop a lot. Step 2 Play the youngsters. As much as you can. I suspect this was always the case, but now we can actually see that it improves the players. I still buy way too many youngsters (can't help myself), but you need to focus on the ones doing well and grow them. At the start of the year they will be weaker than your established players, but by the end, they will be equal or better. Step 3 Repeat the process. I find that my players get close to max development after two seasons and that's the time to say goodbye to most of them. The previous season's youngsters then step up to become the established players. They'll keep improving throughout the season, but you need make sure you are playing this years youngsters a LOT - because next year, they are going to replace this year's established players... And the cycle continues. Summary Like I said pretty simple... The key of course is that each year you are getting better and better youngsters. The youngsters I got in L2 developed into reasonable Championship players before maxing out. The ones I got in L1 developed into decent Premiership players before maxing out. etc. Supercharging It As I mention in a separate update above, I've worked out how to pretty easily make some money (by buying and selling players at a profit) to finance the club. This won't help you buy established players for the next level, as they won't want to play for you. Your club's reputation climbs as slowly as yours does. However, having some extra money on hand opens up a better class of youngster to you. You can pay more to buy them and you can offer them a higher wage, etc. You still need to play them a lot to develop them, so the model doesn't change. And it's not that easy to find the real gems, but they are there if you spend the time looking for them. Transfers There are a LOT of transfers this season and it generated us some much needed cash. Believe it or not, I didn't set out to do that on purpose. I suffer from the 'just one more' syndrome... I find a good player who will improve the team, so I grab them. Then I see someone even better... Before you know it, I've reached the 40 player limit... So then you start to try to offload some you just brought in. FMM18 punished you for this ("haha, go on, try to sell them, they're gonna hate you, let's have a mutiny!"). FMM19 rewards you ("sure, go on, sell them, and why not make a bundle on them while you're at it!"). Anyway, here's our extensive transfer dealings this year: We followed the strategy above and sold many of our season 1 signings. Reece Mitchell, Jordan Roberts, Anton Rodgers, Koby Arthur, Scott Wilson, Tyrone Marsh, Nathan Cameron, Jake Alley... They were all first choice players last season, but they need to make way for: a) last season's youngsters who are now better or equal to them and will continue to improve this year, and b) this seasons youngsters who'll be even better yet. Coming in are a bunch of pretty promising players. Sander Doesberg is Huntelaar's regen and was available for only Β£1.5M. Dean Campbell is Peter Crouch's regen. I think Mols is Soldado and Barovero is D'Alessandro. They aren't all regens though. Some are real youngsters. And there are a couple of more established players: Bernado was the one established higher class player I could convince to join. He was great for 6 months, then outcasted himself in January and forced a move away... Carson is an older and solid goalkeeper (young goalkeepers seem to make too many mistakes). But this was not easy. I literally spent hours finding these players. For every good player I signed, there were ten others who didn't want to leave their country yet, or didn't think my team was big enough. The Interested flag in the search really needs to hide those players... Like I said above: "it's not that easy to find the real gems, but they are there if you spend the time looking for them." An Interesting Regen You have to love picking up good regens via your youth team - especially when you are a tiny club punching above their weight in the Championship... First, lets go back to my Pinamonti career in FMM18, where I posted a picture of this regen: Now, let's look at this youth team player (after almost a year's development): I've retrained him on both flanks, as that's where I'm using him. I'm 99% sure both these regens are based on the same player: Joe Cole. Now I don't have a screenshot of Joe Cole, because a) I neglected to take one in the Pinamonti career and b) Joe Cole is not in the game. I guess he's remembered from last year's version? EDIT: It turns out I was wrong on this: I looked for Joe Cole by loading the England default (L2 and above). He's not in that, but he IS in game with all levels of England loaded (which is what this career used) or with the US loaded. Anyway, this was a nice touch: Joe Cole's former teammate Frank Lampard is calling for Joe Cole's regen to get an England cap... Transfer Window Shakeup Oh yeah, not only did my approach get me the wheeler dealer award (so fitting), it also triggered the Transfer Window Shakeup unlockable: God help me now... Cups We travelled to Newcastle in the second round of the League Cup and outclassed them, but couldn't score and went out on penalties. We did get a bit of a run going in the FA Cup... We beat Villa 4-1 in the third round: followed by a 5-1 victory over Huddersfield in the 4th round: then beating Middlesbrough 1-0 in the 5th round, before beating Tottenham 3-0 in the 6th round: Surely this is going to be our year! Nope. Arsenal bring us back to ground with a 3-1 defeat in the Semi Final... The League As always, we started off slowly as the new youngsters found their feet, then gathered momentum as the season wore on (which also explains why we do better in the FA Cup than the League Cup). With 10 games to go, we were second: The top 4 teams were only separated by a single point. We drew against promotion rival Preston North End (and lost our star forward Doesburg for 4 weeks), but then got into a good groove (ignoring the cup loss): A few too many draws though. Where did it leave us with 2 games to go? First on goal difference, with a game in hand... If we could win the next game, it'd be automatic promotion! And goal difference would mean the title was virtually ours. We really really wanted a win. And... We got it! A 93rd minute goal was needed. Lucky we have good strikers, hey? Or should that be "good we have lucky strikers"? That gave us promotion to the EPL, but we'd have to wait a week to wrap up the Championship. The only way we could lose it would be if we lost, Southampton won and the goal difference swung 7 points the other way. As it happened, we could only grind out a draw, but that was enough.. Club Development I asked for better training facilities immediately after winning promotion and the board finally caved in: I also got an improvement to the academy. I asked again in the off season and they gave me another boost (training facilities only this time), so they are finally loosing the purse strings... We're still short of most Premier League clubs, but I was fully expecting them to continue rejecting me. My Stats Here's my history for this year: Manager of the Year for the third year in a row: And here is my profile: National reputation! Well, they say everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame and that was mine... My reputation was still Regional after promotion and winning the title. It looks like the Manager of the Year award pushed me just over into National, but it was back to Regional by early August. Fame is certainly fleeting round here... Other Jobs I applied for all the ITN jobs that came along, but none were interested, not even Nigeria (who used to be easy to get). The only club job I applied for was Newcastle (Lopetegui have no more success than Benetiz), but I was never going to get that. I didn't bother with any others because the reputations of the rumoured applicants (in the news message) are all higher than mine. The Future It's been really hard to improve my reputation, but bigger and better things await us in the Premier League next season. I have full confidence that our strategy will have us knocking down the doors for Europe after a season or so. Sooner or later we're going to win something and then I can really start to build a reputation.
  14. LOL, that's why I used 'most of you'. πŸ˜„
  15. Not that I've found. I'm spending a lot of time on finding players. Luckily when you go to the Make Offer screen it tells you if they have a release clause, but you do have to open it. I often bid well below the release clause to start with - sometimes they tell me to get lost, sometimes you get a bargain...