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  1. Great season! Though you need to sit that lad down and tell him scoring 8 goals is counter productive - I mean if he scores most of the goals, how will he get any assists!
  2. Just catching up with this and it's massive mate, you are smashing it. Like the others said, you could make 2K here, although I know you're planning to leave it. Anyway, awesome job.
  3. Great season mate. You must have put a rocket under Scarlett though, that was a massive season. Also, gotta say, I just love Pavon, glad to see him doing so well for you!
  4. That's a fantastic effort especially for the first season. You need to get tougher on your players though! I'm really liking the two up front with a T playing behind them in the middle - I use that a lot, though with TMs rather than DLFs, but I hear DLFs are the bomb this year...
  5. It's not that simple. Every single player in the game comes back as a regen (well occasionally they get majorly changed or disappear entirely) - but I assume you're talking about regens of really good players. It can be hard to tell them these days. Their feet colours are always the same. They normally come back with the same nationality, but that can change. If their Nationality changes, then sometimes (but not always) their original nationality becomes their second nationality. They also have at least one bright green position stay the same (but their other positions can change a lot) If they come back with a nationality of one of the leagues that is loaded, they will come back as 16 year olds when the new season event happens. They don't always come back the next season - I once had a case where it took several seasons for that player to come back. Which club they come back to is random, but you have a better chance of getting good ones if your club has a good reputation and has the best youth facilities. If they come back with a nationality for a league that's not loaded, they can come back at any age from 16 to 24. I often load less leagues so I get the regens that can be useful straight away instead of 16 year olds that won't be that useful for a couple of years (with the development has plateaued thing). So if I'm playing in England and I want Spanish regens, I don't load Spain as a league. Often the good ones come back at clubs in other nations (but not your club). So for eg, Messi's regen may (or may not) come back at a top European club.
  6. Yeah, like @hhooo said, it's pretty straightforward... The ^3% shows that the player has had 3% added to bar to the right. When the bar to the right gets to 100% (ie all the way across) then you get the white background icon with 3^ on the left - that shows the player has just leveled up. If you look at their attributes you should find some have improved...
  7. Yeah, I think the training facilities issue was fixed up this year, based on discussions on the SI Games forum. I don't think it's very different from Reserves anymore. I know most people used to feel players in a B-team didn't progress as well as those in the Reserves, but I'm not seeing that anymore. Although, and this is a key point here, the game doesn't actually show the improvement (with the green arrow things) in players in a B-team. They are still getting it though. For eg. one of my players in the B-Team, looks like he has no improvement happening: Promote him to the first team and you can see he has actually been improving in the B-Team, you just couldn't see it: I normally let real young players spend some time in the B-Team, then loan them out when they are 18 or so. But I don't have a hard rule with that or anything, just can't be bothered loaning everyone out, so I focus on the older ones whose 'time is running out' before I give up on them...
  8. Yeah, I'm definitely going to handpick some people to be first team from now on in...
  9. So maybe I'm a little slow, but I just realised how important squad status is to a player's impact on the squad. For example, Ajer with a status of Rotation: Then Ajer with a new contract that gives him a status of First Team: And as a result our Professionalism and Determination both moved from B to A. I normally keep the squad status as low as possible to avoid players getting upset over playing time, but this is a good reason to make it higher for certain players. The thing is, he only asked for Rotation, I had to bump it up...
  10. Arzani is smaller than the other hunters. Normally he has to wait until they tire before he can feed. But he has heart and all the lads love him like a brother.
  11. The Scorned 6 - Season 3 Another season. And we are stronger than ever. Transfers Some left, but need not be spoken of. They were not the core of the pack. Some arrived, three young pups and a seasoned hunter who had been cast out by his pack. Results The League was easy again, as was the PT Cup, but Benfica knocked us out of the League Cup for the second year in a row. We were knocked out of the UCL at the group stage, but went on to win the Euro Cup, beating AC Milan 2-1 in the final. The Hunters The hunters are growing strong: As last year, Arzani and Koita are fully grown, but the others keep growing! They will be truly powerful warriors by the time they are fully grown. Injuries Cangiano missed 10 days, Koita missed 10 days and Scamacca missed 1 month: Progress The hunters did well: Hernandez Pedro Arzani Koita Scamacca Cangiano Season G A G A G A G A G A G A 01 40 9 30 18 9 14 28 15 34 18 6 21 02 46 14 40 13 16 6 35 10 32 22 4 30 03 53 19 30 18 13 14 32 17 42 18 6 48 Totals 139 42 100 49 38 34 95 42 108 58 16 99 The Chase The Celtic 5 The Scorned 6 Season Goals Assists Goals Assists 01 152 88 147 95 02 172 108 173 95 03 164 98 176 134 Totals 488 294 496 324 We had a strong season and are now in front of Scratch's golden boys. I am most proud of the teamwork the pack showed to get so many assists. Final Thoughts We will only get stronger from here. Scratch's crew has our respect, but we do not fear them and we should be able to build a bigger lead next season. But for now we rest. Thanks for reading...
  12. I think FMM is out of balance with this and players get way too tired. Anyway, I just have two match day teams of about equal strength and rotate them every game (use the load selection feature). Players don't seem to get too upset about playing time if they play every second game.
  13. I think I've got the record for "Player who gets sent off every f'n time I play him":
  14. Yeah, since the "needs to mature" thing came in, I try not to use anyone under 19 for a challenge. And for my supplementary players I see 21-22 as the sweet spot for players who will improve really quickly.
  15. Oh, this will be good! Only used him one (recently) and only for a season, but I want to come back to him as he seems a great player. Hope this kick starts your passion for FMM and football again.