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  1. Haha yeah. I thought about it a while back, but discarded it at the time, but then when the career was over and I couldn't work out what to do, it came back in my mind and there was no way I could do anything else... I should have called it "Unfinished Business". πŸ™‚
  2. Oh yeah, the jadedness of young players is a real thing. Have to rest them quite a bit until their early 20s and it sticks around longer than that. And they score better as they get older, even if their attributes have finished increasing. I'd never use a player under 24 or so for a 100 in a season challenge (I tried that a few years back, one season only challenge, too easy to do that 5 years into a save). But yeah, if you have a strong team in a weaker league, they can still score a fair bit. added 0 minutes later Thanks mate. Definitely more to come. Sorry we didn't win anything this season. Will try to win something next year!
  3. Thanks mate. I'm actually the other way around - I'm more likely to quit after 4 or 5 seasons because it got too easy! πŸ™‚ But yeah, you are totally right. Of course depends somewhat on the club and the league. That's why I'm always banging on about Celtic being perfect for a 1KC. It will take longer to compete in the CL, but you can dominate the league right away. Even then though, it takes a while to level up, it doesn't just happen magically! added 0 minutes later Thanks mate! Been a lot of fun... Decisions actually make a lot of difference at this stage.
  4. Actually I do use the scouts to see if they report a difference between the player's current ability and their potential ability. I feel like they do a better job at judging the difference than the actually ability levels. For example, if they report a player has 4 stars for both current and potential ability, I'll assume the player won't get any better. Take them as they are, but don't expect much more. But if there is a difference, even if the values are lower (eg 1 star current, 3 stars potential), I know they will develop a reasonable amount - so if they have a good base, I'll buy them.
  5. I used to put a fair bit of thought into 3 or 4 versions ago, but these days I follow the lazy route as well: Best leadership value, but not too young. That said, I do occasionally appoint youngsters when they seem to typify the team - so in my Celtic saves, someone who is Scottish and has Celtic as their favourite club and wants the club to succeed. But I like your thinking on this. I'll start watching out for it a little more.
  6. Thanks mate! The other lads are levelling up all over the place! We're like a Tsunami! The Premier League better watch out... πŸ˜„
  7. Thanks mate - I'm sure it will come. I remember winning 10 CLs in a row with Newcastle or something like that in the Pinamonti 1.5KC a couple of years ago. Once you level up your squad, FMM is too easy... I have mixed feelings about that! πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks! For me, I just keep building and building the team until they are unstoppable in any league, then the goals start flowing. But takes a bit longer to get there in the Premier League.
  9. No point sacking your scout, they are all pretty inaccurate. His replacement wouldn't be any better. You sort of have to read what they say and then make your own judgement based on that and other signals you can see and on your own experience. I guess that's a bit like real life... As for Odegaard, I almost never sign him. I've seen him develop quite nicely in some saves, but be pretty mediocre in others. At 24 in the screenshot, maybe he's not going to get much better than that? We obviously can't see the rest of your squad, but maybe he's not going to be a lot better than what you already have? Hard to tell. Might be worth the risk, but his salary is going to be pretty high and there could be better options out there. The 6.66 rating isn't very high, but maybe that's from a handful of games off the bench. At the end of the day however, you need to make your own mind up and the scout is just one input (and one that's often inaccurate)
  10. Update - Season 1 I traded winning everything, every year (yawn), in my last save, for struggling with Newcastle in the EPL. And a struggle it was - I spent the first half of the season under the threat of being sacked. We eventually got some form going but it was far harder than I thought it would be. The cause: As per normal, I shredded the team and got a bunch of young hopefuls that will be great in a year or two - but while they'd be good enough to cruise the SPL with Celtic, they weren't ready for the EPL. Many did develop into good EPL players over the course of the season and we were much better in the second half, but in hindsight, I should have bought/kept some more experienced players. I should also mention that I got a new phone midway through and the screenshots are a bit weird, with the rounded edges showing on the left hand end, but not the right hand end (they are rounded in real life). It also had some black space where the selfie camera is, but I trimmed that off. They aren't quite as clear as the old camera so I'll have to look into that. Transfers Newcastle's squad is truly mediocre, so I sold as many of them as I could. I wanted to keep Saint-Maximin to see what he could do, but I had several promising youngsters for that position. Likewise, I was planning on keeping Shelvey, but we ended up with too many good young midfielders, so he went too. I even sold Andy Carroll when he mucked about at training. I really only kept Lascelles, the Longstaffs, Dubravka, Yedlin, Matt Ritchie (although he's declining so I should have cashed in) and Almiron (a mistake, didn't fit the left winger role, didn't perform). Coming in were a whole bunch of good youngsters, many of whom you will know: Fati, Tonali, Palacios, Moro, Ajer, McKenna, Nubel, Marin, Henry, Miranda, etc. Most of these will be top top class in a couple of seasons. I had a run at Havertz and was eyeing off Sancho and Bailey and others, but ultimately these players just cost a little too much and the youngsters I have will be just as good as them in a year or two. The fans seem nervous about this approach but Mike Ashley loves me. What he doesn't know though is I'm not buying these players to cash in on later, I'm buying them so we can establish a truly world class team. What he doesn't know won't hurt him hey? The fans will have the last laugh in the end... Results As I mentioned above, it was a tough season, with a horrible start, but we got a run on at the end. For some reason the board's minimum target was European qualification and we were nowhere near it for most of the season. However we got closer towards the end of the season. With 3 games to go, we were 4 points behind Wolves in 7th: We beat Chelsea 3-1 away against all the odds, then Norwich 3-0 at home, while Wolves lost 2-0 to Burnley, then drew 1-1 with Man City. That left us a point ahead with with a game to play: If we could win away to Man Utd, we'd finish 7th. They were away to Leicester, which wouldn't be an easy game but it was in our hands! At half time we were 1-0 up (so were Wolves): But they smashed us in the second half to win 3-1. πŸ™ Wolves let a goal in to Leicester however, meaning that at the end of the game (and the season), things stood like this: Yes! 7th on goal difference! FMM hasn't been this exciting for me for quite a while! Wait a minute... Do you notice something in the final table: We've got the "7th" highlighted in blue, but we don't have one of those qualified for Europe badges... What the <beep> FMM? So all that for nothing? Or is it just because we have to play qualifiers over the summer or something? Hoping it's that! With all this focus on the league, I forgot to mention we made the semi final of the League Cup where Chelsea beat us 2-1 over the two legs: and we made the final of the FA Cup, where Liverpool beat us 1-0: So near, yet so far... But we'll soon be winning these regularly without much thought, so I really enjoyed it. Took a lot more care with games and played much more slowly than I will be in a few seasons. Settling In Things didn't get off to a good start - Koita wanted to leave as soon as he got here! I bought in Marega as a back up striker, hoping another Malian would help him settle, but I guess that's a full game only thing. Then he got disruptive in training: Basically, things weren't great: However, he started to level up a little and gradually settled into the team. Mentoring We got in an experienced player, Pavoletti, to become his mentor and help improve his 'heading of the ball'. I thought about using Andy Carroll, but a) Koita was already relaxed and Carroll would have just made that worse and b) Carroll was only going to help him with Aggression, not Aerial. I've gotten better at picking Aerial mentors - someone with very good Aerial, but not Aggression or Teamwork (or they will want to train people in that) - so I looked around and Pavoletti fit the bill. Sure enough, he was happy to help out. And sure enough Koita's Aerial value did improve a lot. That's something that actually confused me a lot. I was expecting Aerial to be super hard to train, but he went up 7 points in 3 updates (then had 2 updates where it didn't improve). In case you missed it, we discussed it in General Discussion (you'll need to read down that page) and it seems the Aerial bug still exists in some form in the latest version. Pavoletti also helped him with Decisions and Teamwork, but eventually started to decline as a player. Initially Koita was happy to keep going, but by May Koita had realised he was better than Pavoletti and they were no longer working well together: You know the drill: you abandon the mentoring, the young guy hates the old guy, the old guy is oblivious to it but has to go for team harmony (want a bargain on an aging striker? Anyone? Call me!). Pavoletti did give Koita a nice parting gift: One of my big worries with Koita was the Relaxed personality, but the break up with Pavoletti taught him how to be more Professional and now he is just Normal. So although it ended badly, I got everything I could possible hope for out of it. Development Koita started off fairly as a a decent prospect, but someone far from ready to start in the EPL: He had around 5 updates throughout the season, ending up looking like this: Nice improvement! But I'm hoping there's a lot more to come - there should be to judge from the % increases after each game. Injuries He had a 3 week injury early in the season and that was it: Bids Around the end of the season, there were several bids for Koita, always lead by Arsenal: I offered him a new contract on the first one and then rejected the rest. He's happy enough to stay here for now, but I need to improve this team quickly before he is tempted away. Goals This graph sums up his season: The first half was a struggle, with goals hard to come by (he only had 4 goals from his first 13 games for eg): Then in February, something clicked (probably just he levelled up enough to cut it at EPL level) and the goals started to flow a bit more regularly. He certainly had goalless games after that, but always looked more likely to score. He ended up scoring 27 goals in 39 games: A slow start, but there's more to come. Progress Season Goals 01 27 Total 27 / 1000 A Note To Those Seeking Success I get asked a lot for my tactic. Hopefully after seeing this people will realise that either a) my tactic is not so good after all; or b) there's a lot more involved than a tactic. This is a very slow start - or is it? If I'd been playing in Scotland, he probably would have scored 50 or 60. Unuvar scored 44 by comparison, but he was only 16. In FMM19, Hornby was 19 years old (like Koita) and scored 60. If I look at my Newcastle careers, last year I had a player who was intimidated by the EPL and only scored 2 in his first season! Yes, 2. Then a couple of years ago, Pinamonti scored 25 from 38 games which is very similar to Koita. So, this is just par for the course for me. My tactic is not that special, a lot of it comes down to the relevant strength of my player and my team to the league. In season one, my player and team are not strong enough for the EPL, but in a few seasons they will both be truly world class and the goals will flow. So persist. Keep going, build your team, don't give up. There may be some people out there with super tactics, but you can still hit big numbers with an average tactic if you pick the right players and the right league and keep building. End rant (sorry)! Looking Forward Nothing else to do but to keep levelling up the team and watch Koita grow into a goal scoring legend!
  11. Wow, that is terrible luck! I had my prediction right (2 out of 3), but not my reasoning (I said they'd just be crap, didn't pick the horrendous injuries). If he'd stayed fit he would have made it with ease. Great job mate, would be interesting to see you play on...
  12. You can dance if you want to. As a standard precaution, we've deployed a counter dance Though you might be too young to get that! 🀣 It's the safety dance
  13. Haha, thanks mate. Too late for this one, but I'm thinking about a twist on the 1KC where you have a limited number of seasons, eg: 10 seasons to complete a 1KC... A one day cricket (or 20-20) version if you like... Or maybe 500 goals in 6 seasons. I don't know, haven't thought about it enough, but will probably do something like that sooner or later. The open ended careers kill me at the moment. I love them at the beginning, but by season 15 I've had more than enough... added 0 minutes later Yeah mate, 10 Champions League wins in a row coming up! πŸ‘
  14. Great work (apart from winning the League Cup against Newcastle, you could have let us have that! πŸ™‚). The players are developing nicely and performing well. Gonna reach those targets without much worry! I've never used Dembele before, even though I play at Celtic at lot - I always sell him - so I'll be interested in how he turns out. On the other hand, I have used Bellingham (and Eze) several times and they've always been class for me. Hope they do as well for you. Pity about the ITN job, but I've noticed you don't have any chance if it comes too early in the save, even if you are ranked number 1 in the world (ie started the save as a World Class manager). Seems you need to win some things in the save before it will let you succeed. Anyway, great start, keep it up!
  15. Tough start, but great run of form in the second update and shouldn't be too hard to break out of the bottom three now, especially with those two extra games in hand. I have you finishing on 39 points which should be enough...