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  1. I think you better get yourself to the doctor quick smart! Something's not right here... 🤣 Massive season mate, and man isn't Haaland good? I've only ever used in once, in my current TT as a back up and he looked just like that and was scoring regularly off the bench (until he got fed up and I had to sell him). It's great to see him in full blown action here. Just lethal...
  2. Great stuff mate. Congrats on the Club DT and so so close to a 1.5K DT now. They are looking just a little rusty though! 😄 But no problem for hitting that target. This has been a good one to follow.
  3. Sorry, had this open in a tab since last week and only got to it now. You're really getting through the seasons! The lads look great and are doing well. Haaland is just pure class but Esposito not too far off him and a couple of years younger. I wonder who will score more in the end. I find it funny that your front 3 tactic works better for you than the front 2 one because I'm totally the other way! 😄 Just goes to show how great this game is - so many ways to play it and no two people will get exactly the same results. Anyway great stuff, keep it up and lastly, congrats on getting the transfers down to only two screenshots! 😄
  4. I wonder if we're going to see the number of penalties double (due to the handball rule)... 🤣
  5. Great work @Cockers2505! You surely are the Freebie king. And that was a massive season, unbeaten and what a goal difference especially for a first season. Top work. I read this at the wrong time as I'm starting to get sick of my Barca career and now I have the taste for a lower league slog, but I can't allow myself to be distracted by that! 😄
  6. So I don't have time to do much testing right now, but I did a quick test and couldn't find any real patterns. I used a top club (Newcastle in 5 years time after they've won the CL): I used 3 different assistant managers: At first I thought Bergkamp's intake were better than Dias' - for eg Dias had this (ie the players aged 16) which is quite poor: Compared to Bergkamp's which was much better: But then I did another one with Dias, and it was much closer to Bergkamp's (ie had a couple of 150+ players in there) and another one with Bergkamp and it wasn't as good as his first (still had one 150+ player). I don't have screenshots for these two as Google Photos helpfully deleted them as duplicates for some reason. But then I did one for Kongsri and it turned out like this (for some reason these went into the first team as far as my app is concerned, it's a bit buggy like that): Maybe the coach's quality does have some impact (eg Bergkamp had slightly more top end players and slightly less bottom end players across the test), but a) I don't know what CA/PA any of these AM's have, I'm just assuming Bergkamp's will be high and Kongsri's will be low; and b) this isn't enough testing to really know for sure (ie it could just be random luck how it turned out). But, at this stage I'm guessing any effect the coach has on the quality of player is minimal. Oh, I only checked one pass each and I don't have screenshots, but I did notice that Dias seemed to produce more players with more green physical attributes than Bergkamp did, so was starting to think there could be something in that, but then I noticed that Kongsri produced just as many as Dias did, despite him not being a Fitness coach and being a Bronze badged coach with Poor aptitude. So once again, I think any effect here is minimal. Both of those could use more testing and more scientific methods than this super quick test though. There may indeed be trends there or proof that I didn't see because this was so quick. On my initial points, this was supposed to show that the top clubs are more likely to get the best regens, and it sort of supports that, although it also shows there is definitely some randomness with Doncaster getting a decent player and Man City, Man Utd etc lucking out this year: And this one shows that even poor players get pretty good hidden attributes when they are spawned at a club with top youth facilities: So what does it all mean? Who knows! Definitely would be worth further testing though...
  7. I don't think the assistant manager has any effect on the sorts of players that come through in FMM (it's much simpler than the full game) - but then I've never done any testing on that so I could be wrong. What I have noticed in my testing is that: Bigger clubs have a better chance of getting the best regens in that country (might be affected by youth facilities too) Having the top youth facilities means that all your players have good hidden attributes (regardless of their PA). Would be interesting to do more testing in this space at some point...
  8. Yeah, I have an app, Android only to start with, almost finished and ready for a beta release (though been like that for a while, really need to spend some more time on it). Got a few bugs to fix first, but hopefully will get to beta soon.
  9. LoL about an hour after my previous message Todibo reached the update he's been working towards all season and he got +1 for .... Passing. That's it. Target attribute of Shooting, but that didn't move. Training as a TM, but Aerial didn't move. Just Passing...
  10. Thanks mate. Yeah, the downward spiral will start soon, so I need a good couple seasons before that starts to bite too hard! I've been focusing on their Shooting for some time now. They're all top class so they've had a bunch of updates and most of the time Shooting hasn't moved at all, but every so often it will increase. Pretty happy with them to be honest. My biggest disappointment was that Aerial has hardly moved at all. I can get the backup strikers to improve, but not this lot. But it's all gravy at this point, I'd have been happy if they'd stopped developing a bit before now (though obviously happier that they've kept going). Did Vini get many updates? I have a feeling that even though he's younger than this lot, he is already a bit more developed at the start of the game. Maybe that makes it harder to improve attributes that aren't high. Though that doesn't really make sense as this lot all had poor shooting, so even if they had more development, they had further to improve. I guess it's a bit of a mystery why some players don't develop certain attributes. 🙁
  11. Thanks mate. Todibo must be top class in this save. He's still getting a few percent after each good game and he's 27 now and this is at Barca where it it should be easier for players to reach their max - so only someone really good would still be developing. Still have him focused on Shooting too, so maybe there will be another bump (though he's had a few where it never moved).
  12. Update - Season 7 At this point of the save, one season seems like another. The lads had settled into a fairly consistent routine and I went into the season expecting more of the same. But as mentioned above, by the end of March the lads were on track for their biggest season yet. Could they bring the season home with a big score? Or were injury and despair just around the corner? Let's see. Transfers I mentioned most of the outgoing transfers last update (as they happened at the end of last season). As I said then: We sold a number of players: Haaland who was sick of warming the bench, Sterling and Bernardo Silva who both hit 30 and had their ratings drop, and Bailey who'd gone down the 'get injured and never recover my attributes' path. And apart from that we sold a couple of fringe players and bought a young striker who will hopefully grow into the backup role that Haaland left empty. Results Here are our results for this year (not perfect for a change): We won the Euro Super Cup, but I missed the screenshot. We won the Spanish Super Cup, beating Real Madrid 3-1 in the final. We won the Spanish Cup, beating Levante 4-1 in the final. We won the league, scoring 163 goals (beating our record by 1). We LOST the Champions League final, going down to 3-1 to Tottenham (and they had the better of the game). Injuries Our luck held up! After having a lot of injuries last year, we were injury free this season. The only 'injury' was an in-game one (ie has to come off, but no follow up injury) to Martinez, which knocked his condition down to 43% and meant he missed 2 games. Development They ended the season looking like this: Todibo keeps getting better - his Shooting is up to 17 now and what a defender too! Martinez and Godfrey are finished development, but Martinez bounced back nicely from his injury last year (took all season to get back to the upgrade point). Goals Here are there totals from this season: Todibo scored 47 goals from 54 games Martinez scored 43 goals from 51 games Godfrey scored 48 goals from 51 games More even distribution this season, with Martinez taking a turn in the middle position (but he doesn't score as much as the other even when he has the best position). Also, I rested them slightly more often than in other years and I think keeping them fresh helped. Totals Season Todibo Martinez Godfrey TT Total 01 39 17 27 83 02 50 16 43 109 03 38 36 35 109 04 54 39 22 115 05 33 42 47 122 06 34 37 56 127 07 47 43 48 138 Total 295 230 278 803/1500 Our biggest season yet by some way and without the Club World Championship to boost the goals. They faded slightly at the end - I was targeting 140 and we fell short of that, but still it was a great season. Looking Forward We are past halfway now. If we average 120 to 130 per season, we'll need another 6 seasons to complete this. But with Martinez and Godfrey already 28, we'll have to see if we can maintain that sort of total once we get closer to the end. It could end up dragging out. Anyway, all we can do is come back next year and hope for another one like this season.
  13. I'd be a bit worried about the "Disruptive Influence" and "Tends to struggle in big matches" part...
  14. Thanks mate. I just added up and the lads are at 114 goals with 10 to 13 games to go. So hopefully we're looking at 130 to 140, which is a step up in a non CWC year. I don't think we've had any injuries this year though, so that could be part of the explanation but I feel like there' more to it. Actually the main change this year is that I've rested them a little more (ie not playing them unless 100%, whereas last year I pushed through some of that and just subbed them early). In the past I've thought keeping the player fresh helped - maybe it does. But who knows...
  15. This has been a weird season - pretty much the same as last season (flakey at the back so lose the odd game, the lads on about the right pace for 120 goals), but then we've had 3 or 4 massive games like this: The lads generally only share 3 to 4 goals a game tops, so getting a few where it breaks past that has been fantastic. That hasn't happened except in very rare cases in the past. Fingers crossed for 130 to 140 this season (but we'll have to wait and see).