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  1. I found this: "I've rewritten all the transfer shortlisting code". Not sure exactly what that means, but I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks.
  2. I think from memory Marc was talking about maybe overhauling scouting or search or something, which could fit under tools to help you sign people.
  3. It's a tough one for me, because of our current situation. Whoever comes in has to be suited to a relegation battle, even if we make some good signings in January. Not sure I really want any of them for that, but then again not sure who I'd want. Leaving that aside, not sure Gerrard or Lampard have really proven themselves - they look promising, but I'd probably prefer someone who is more the finished article. Wouldn't be hugely upset if they were appointed though. Probably prefer Gerrard, although being successful with Rangers ain't the same as in the EPL. Lampard seemed fairly good, but Tuchel really took Chelsea to the next level and that's the sort of manager I really want. Not a Martinez fan I'm afraid. Fonseca and Favre sound good to me, though don't really know that much about apart from what I've read (not that much), but the question I come back to is how would they be with their first experience in England being a relegation battle? They might need a while to implement their vision. So... maybe Howe? But I'm feeling pretty conflicted and confused over it unlike any previous appointments where I had stronger opinions on the various candidates... Edit: I think the thing I'm having problems with is the difference between where we're going and where we actually are right now.... A few weeks ago, I probably would have been happy with any of them given where we were. But now... I can't work it out. Anyway curious what the rest of you think, as my views come mostly from listening to podcasts and watching highlights, don't have any IRL friends who are Toon supporters and don't follow it much on Twitter or fan forums or anything, just read a few news orgs (like BBC).
  4. Thanks mate! Took me long enough Hopefully I will eventually get an iOS version out (or at least a web version).
  5. Just FYI, have now worked it out thanks to Putzy's help and the big green button serves up the latest version.
  6. Excellent, great to hear! Also, I got help from the site admins and have now updated the big green download button so the latest version is provided.
  7. @leedsunited87 @CraigJ - Thanks fellas! Taken a couple of years to get it done, sorry for being so slow with it!
  8. Haha! Just a note though, I fixed a weird bug, but can't seem to update the download itself, so don't use the big green download button, go to my last post on the thread for the latest version.
  9. Looks like I can't update the post above with the latest version, so I'll put it here for now: AM21-v0.1.1.apk
  10. @R1CK No idea if this is what's happening for you, but in the other's person's save, it's falling over when trying to process the club name for a player called James Weir - the name of the club in the database being: Yeah... My app was trying to turn the special characters into more readable ones, but it choked on one of those. I've worked out a way around it and will upload new version (0.1.1) shortly. It might not be that for you, it might be something entirely different. So you can try to the new version and see if it helps, but if not, then if you can get me the save file, I can work out what's going wrong for you (it will probably be something similar). Thanks!
  11. It shouldn't take that long at all, maybe 10 to 30 seconds or something. I've had a few people who can load saves no problem, but one other person who can load some save files, but has one in particular that just says it's loading and never loads. He's shared it with me and I'm looking into it. I might be the same thing that's happening for you, or it could be something different, so if there's anyway you can share that save with my that would be great! Can you maybe share it via google drive or dropbox or a share file site? Or maybe it might even upload here (not sure about file limits here). Anyway, I'll try to work out the problem and fix it. Might not be tonight though (it's coming up to midnight here).
  12. Umm.... I know it's been "coming" for a few years, but... Android only of course. I was planning to do a beta via Google Play, but with only a few weeks until FMM22 is here (and this will only work with FMM21), I decided to just post AM21 as is... Note: I'll have to make a new app (AM22) for FMM22 and it won't be free (sorry!). EDIT: Damn I hope it actually works for people other than me! 🤞🤣
  13. Version 0.1.1


    This is a scouting app for FMM21 (Android), letting you: See the CA, PA, hidden attributes etc for any player Search for players by many parameters (CA, PA, Age, position, foot, name, club, some hidden attributes etc). Export the current view of players to a FMM shortlist so you can import them into your FMM shortlist NOTE: This will only work with FMM21, it will NOT work with FMM22 when it comes I plan to release a new app called AM22 (for FMM22). This will be released on Google Play and will not be free. The AM21 version is released for free because a) FMM22 is almost here and also b) this is the first publicly released version and a little rough around the edges! If you find any problems with the app, please post them below. That said, I may not be able to fix them in this version (AM21), because <technical reason> This also means AM22 might take some time to release. There will only be an Android version in the short term. Longer term I'd like to be able to do an iOS version, or at least a web version if that's not possible. Here's an overview of the app: The app shouldn't cause any problems, but it is an "use at your own risk" app. Have fun! Though remember using this app is against the rules of the challenges here on Vibe if you're doing one of them.
  14. I really should win biggest fail as I'm at 33% completion rate for long term careers this year. Of course, I'm such a failure, that I'll probably fail to win this award... So maybe it is yours after all @broodje kip...
  15. I'm in Jan again and he's looking like he'll get around 130ish (barring major injuries of course), so yeah at that rate, maybe third season! We'll have to see - I was expecting it to be 5th season or so before we'd get close enough to seriously go for it.
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