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  1. I'm going to be giving my FMM19 tactic a go shortly. I've spent a couple of hours playing but still haven't made it to the first game yet! 😄
  2. Good luck! An early 1KC sometimes pays off (when they make it harder to score later), and sometimes not so much (when the game is too broke!)... They say fortune favours the brave and I think you're probably going to be okay this year... 🙂
  3. Haha, there will probably be a beta test program and probably people from Vibe will get first preference, but we're getting ahead of ourselves... A lot to do before then. 🙂 Yeah, I've got a few ideas for other apps, but probably missed the boat by about 5 years! 😄 Anyway, we better stop talk about that in here, don't want to hijack the challenge thread...
  4. Did anyone else have no friendlies before the start of the first season? I though I saw some, but then when I looked closer later there were none. Not too upset, I don't like friendlies much even if I delegate them...
  5. Not in terms of money. I'll likely sell it (for a couple of pounds), but the amount of effort I've put into it is far beyond how much I'll get back, even if it does well. But it's worth because a) I love digging into it and working things out (almost as much fun as playing for me); and b) I've been looking for an excuse to create a mobile app for about 5 years now (sort of related to my career). Also, I want to add some other stuff if I can, like tracking 1KC totals, tracking player development, sorting your team and making notes against players etc. Just how much of that I'll ever work out is a mystery, but I'd like to have access to that sort of stuff myself.
  6. Have started this, although not sure how far I will get through it. Will depend on how solid FMM20 is, whether I go back to FMM19 to finish off my current career there and whether I get into developing my scouting app again (can't use it in a challenge, which makes it hard to develop, means I need side careers for that, which is doable, but a pain). Starting with Forest. Wish me luck!! 🙂
  7. Thanks mate. But sorry, no idea how to do that! Worth pointing out that there are some changes to the structure in FMM20. The value field I mentioned above is still in the main record, but is a couple of characters further down - they added U21 caps and U21 goals after ITN caps and ITN goals, pushing the rest down.
  8. Yeah, I hate this, I keep pressing the wrong one! Luckily I'm in the habit of Saving first, then Exiting, so I don't lose anything as it just goes back to the Save screen and I know I stuffed up.
  9. Yeah, that's what I get, although it works fine for me if I resume the game in a reasonable time (before Android 'cleans' it up). But if I leave it for a while, I get that. I don't know what the threshold is though... Under 15 mins fine, over 2 hrs not fine, not sure what impact using other apps has.
  10. Hi @Dan Dawson, was thinking about this and there is no point sending you a save for what's happening to me. The issue comes up when trying to open FMM, before you even try to load a save. It really looks like if you exit FMM or just minimize it and never come back, then Android is keeping it half open and when you open it again it has problems. If you close it properly at that point, you can just open it up again and it's all fine... Or if you close it by swiping it away in recent programs in the first place (instead of exit Yes) then the problem doesn't happen. At least that's what I'm seeing..
  11. Just thought of a potential problem with the scoring system: if you finish the challenge quickly, you might earn less points than someone finishing it slowly. For example, if it takes you 5 years to win the CL with Villa, you might win the EPL 5 times and get 250 points for that. If you win it in 2 years, you can only get a maximum of 100 points for the EPL.
  12. Mine was with England, not Denmark. Android 8.0.0 on a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Will make a post over there if it happens again (although I'm not really playing at the moment unfortunately)...
  13. I'm getting this quite often on Android. It seems to happen when I've left the game for a while and then try to open it again. If I close it properly (look at recent apps and swipe it away), then I can reopen it successfully without needing to clear the cache or anything etc. cc @Alari EDIT: I guess the real solution is to not stop playing! 😄
  14. It's 00:05 on 19 Nov here and FMM20 still not available on the Google Play Store! 😂😂😂
  15. I used to think GKs never improved at all and then I noticed mine actually were improving, but not getting the little green upwards indicators for many of the attribute increases. I've even managed to get them to improve things like Communication and Handling, which I thought impossible to improve. I do use keepers with a lot of potential (ie the gap between CA and PA), which may have some effect on this. In earlier saves I knew for a fact that they had a lot of potential thanks to the scouting app I'm developing. In my current career I can't use that, so don't know for sure, but I'm using regens which almost certainly have high potential. Anyway, that does seem to help. That said, it does still feel like slow work and I often loan keepers out to get them developed up quicker.