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  1. Well, I somehow missed 11 seasons of this! Just caught up on it all and it's been some ride. Sad to see the decline of the Everton two and I guess the other two will starting down that hill shortly too, but that's a massive total so far and it's not over yet! Maybe 2K is out of reach? What do you think?
  2. Yeah, that's what people were asking for, so Marc was like "you know, it's not even used, we'll just hide it, problem solved". I guess that makes sense - if they add the ability to select your DOB but it's not actually used, then what was the point? To make it more realistic? It probably makes it less realistic (in many cases) to actually highlight the age, probably better to leave it unsaid than highlight it. More immersion? Probably fine for that to just be in your head.
  3. Probably worth noting that Marc Vaughan has said that DOB will be hidden in a future version sometime (because people complaining they can't change it and it doesn't really do anything) - so we might need to work out a new way to find the manager when that happens
  4. @Jjeffriz - Sorry to hear that mate. You can add players using the My Club option when starting a game (ie Career, Challenge, or My Club). That lets you ovreride a club and add extra players. There are a couple of things to keep in mind though: You can keep the existing squad and colours and everything (if you want), but you have to change the club name, it can't be the same as the one you are overriding (so maybe pick an abbreviated name or their nickname or something). The club has to have space in the squad to create a new player - if it's full you can't add them. You can't set the hidden attributes unfortunately, the only way to do that would be using a HEX editor to edit the save file directly (very complicated). Hope this helps - Though I guess it doesn't add anything really over the Editor... 🙁 Here are some screenshots: Note it wouldn't allow Morecambe FC so had to change it to Morecambe F.C.
  5. Just catching up. Is it too late say Mbappe? 😄 Nah Gouiri is a good player who will develop well and score a lot of goals. Nice strategy with the game time - I'd normally go the other way, but that makes total sense. Good luck mate.
  6. LoL, I could find the first part as a gif and the second part as a gif, but not both parts in one! Well done!
  7. Yeah Rolan is too young - I see he's in Egypt, but still why remove him from the DB? Hopefully he'll be back. Honda is still a free agent according to Wikipedia, so not sure they should have removed him either. Hmm, I see he is Cambodia's manager - maybe he is still in the game, just as staff only now - the tool I use only looks at players. I'll double check later when I'm next to my old phone. Either way, he's not a player in the game anymore. 🙁
  8. Yeah, please, give me some pressure! This is such a cake walk that I'm getting very bored... I need some pressure to keep me interested.
  9. Funny you should mention that! 😄 I was just trying to find a gif version of Dr Evil (no luck finding one with both parts). If I hadn't bothered trying to be funny I would have posted that before you asked...
  10. To follow up my post above lisitng players added to the game, let's take a moment to pour one out for some of the dearly departed who have now left the FMM building: They are lead by gaffer Wayne Rooney - so if you want to get Badge 07 - Rooney’s Derby Days (by @Rob) then you'll need to choose the November 2020 database on starting the save. There are a bunch of other older players who have retired, most notably Yaya Toure and Keisuki Honda (member of the greatest ever FMM squad as picked by @Ashez and @samhardy). Then there are a bunch of youngsters removed for some reason (maybe to make way for others joinging squad?), including Ben Knight, Mohamed Camara, Antonio Marin, Denys Popov and heartbreakingly for me, one of the best young RW in the game, Tibo Persyn, who currently looks like this for me (with a lot of potential message still showing): No doubt you will recognise some others on that list too. They aren't quite gone yet, you can still access them in the November 2020 database, so feel to take a drink before we have to pour one out for good next year, Note: This is only the better players - there are a whole heap more who have also been removed.
  11. Thanks mate. Wanted to do something slightly more interesting this time arounf (not just Pellegri or Esposito). We'll see how well we go, but it is a good start.
  12. It could be those hidden attributes too. Maybe he has high values for Consistency or Determination etc. Either way, he's doing amazing things..
  13. Sorry to hear that, glad you're better and good luck with this! 😄
  14. Did you turn off the "link ability and attributes" checkbox on that screen? Does that change anything? Don't really know about this, just an idea that might be worth trying.