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  1. Same last year too... I can win the CL every year with Celtic, which should be enough to make me manager of the century, but that's not enough to win this award or even make the top 3. Instead it goes to some loser who got thrashed by Celtic... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I should probably say: this career is over, I'm not coming back from FMM20, you can see me try something even crazier here:
  3. LOL, he's doing okay, just a little off the pace. I'm still optimistic. 🙂
  4. I saw some other people ask this too and the answer was that there didn't seem to be one this year. Sorry - don't know anything more than that, If I ever finish my scouting app, it will probably have a CSV export function, but no firm timeframe on that and I think Rseven's spreadsheet had some sort of prediction function(?) which the export wouldn't have.
  5. Thanks @Cockers2505 - sorry for the slow response, I've been away for a week with limited online time... Yeah, I'm fast coming to the conclusion that I must actually be mad! 😄 To be honest, I haven't paid a lot of attention to the shots to goal ratio. It doesn't seem significantly worse for me this year. But then the majority of my goals come from 6 yards out, with my 20 Crossing winger landing the ball on my 20 Aerial striker's head - so maybe it wouldn't affect me as much? I'll keep a closer eye on it from now on though...
  6. The retraining problem is a known issue that was introduced in the last update. SI Games are looking into it and will hopefully solve it in a future update sometime. In the meantime, we're out of luck trying to retrain people in a role they are already green for. I wouldn't put too much trust in the stars. They are just your staff's opinion, not the real CA/PA and it jumps about all over the place depending on who else is in the team (maybe in that player's position), form, club reputation, player reputation and a fair bit of voodoo. It's better just to decide if a player is worth playing/keeping by looking at their performance and by how much they improve after each game etc. And as for Autopicking the team - that's never been great. I wouldn't trust that unfortunately...
  7. @Louie Silvani - Isn't that the same issue as many many people have reported here, and has been raised at least 3 times on the SI Games forums (each with a response that the devs are investigating)? It could be something else, but sure sounds like the same thing. If it helps, this is the logic I found happening for me on Android (posted on page 16) : ------- I *think* I've worked out the logic (not 100% sure yet): it's be something to do with the player's original position. If you start as a left winger and train up as a striker, then later you can either: - Stay training as a striker forever if you want to; - Go back to training as left winger; or - Go retrain another position BUT if you leave training as a striker (ie choose 2 or 3) then you can *never* go back to training as a striker (it's not your natural position and you've mastered it, job done, move on). The way they've done it is a little clunky: a) you think you've changed positions but you actually haven't; b) if you are on a retrained position and try to go to another one it won't leave you there when it fails, it will take you back to the original; - but basically now you can only retrain them in a non bright green position once. ------ Other people have said that once a player is injured it will automatically set them back to their natural position when they are fit again (so my first point is wrong - it's not forever!). And I didn't cover it above, but if you try to retrain a position and it doesn't let you (ie retraining screen goes back to the original), the player still has the focus role choice for the position you wanted to set them to - ie using my eg above, if you try to retrain a left winger as a striker, then try to retrain them as a striker again, it will put them to be training as a left winger, but you still have the choice of target man, poacher etc for focus role. That happens at least some of the time, maybe not all the time, not 100% sure. Anyway, that's what's happening for me in case it helps. I hope you get to the bottom of it! 🙂
  8. Update - Season 6 We enter season 6 behind the pace, but with 5 seasons of steady improvement behind us. We're not that far behind where we want to be and if we continue to improve, sooner or later we'll reach the numbers we need - the only question is whether that will come in time. Transfers Here are the transfers: The main exit was Beccacece, a magnificent player who just couldn't get motivated for the SPL. I loaned him out several times, before realising there was no point. I'm also loaning out a lot of other players that I'm not quite willing to write off, but I think there may be a culling next year. Not much coming in, mostly Dutch youngsters. Gomez though was Argentinian, highly rated, very good base stats, high price and lots of potential to improve, so I brought him in, even though I don't really have room for him. Club Results We won everything ag... Wait a minute! What's that? We got knocked out of the Champions League in the Semi Final by Barca? Damn... ITN Results We made it to the International League final, despite really having a fairly average side at this point. We couldn't win it though, going down to England. We had way more shots, but couldn't finish them off and they got the winner in extra time. Injuries They all had injuries this year: Koita had a month long injury, along with two short ones back to back. Vignato had a month long injury (missing 9 games) Univar a 10 day injury (missing 4 games) Didn't enjoy those long ones... 🙁 Could be worse though. Development Unuvar developed well over the year - I've focused on Stamina and finally got it to 20 - but he now gets only 1 or two points per game: Koita is still developing but so slowly that the only difference from last year is a single point of Stamina: Vignato is still developing, but is exactly the same as last year: Both Koita and Vignato got an update during the year, but then lost most of what they gained via injury. At their rate of development (only 1 or 2 points per game), it's really hard to earn those attribute points back. I also find it very interesting that after 6 full seasons, none of the three are fully developed. In FMM19, they would have been done by season 3. There is more going on than just the "needs to mature" block, because that wasn't a significant factor for Koita or Vignato. I think this is more realistic, so I like it! Unuvar 2KC Unuvar scored 89 goals from 52 games. Still some way off 100 goals at club level, which is what he needs to do, but still improving. At the ITN level, he started the season with 27 goals and scored a further 11 goals: Koita 1KC Koita scored 49 goals from 51 games: Once again, sticking to that 50 goals per year pace Vignato Assists 1KC Vignato provided 76 assists from 50 games: A good return given the month out with injury. Progress Season Club (U) INT (U) Total (Unuvar) Goals (Koita) Assists (Vignato) 01 44 N/A 44 24 29 02 65 N/A 65 56 76 03 73 N/A 73 62 78 04 78 7 85 50 81 05 82 20 102 46 72 06 89 11 100 49 76 Total 431 38 469/2000 287/1000 412/1000 The Future Vignato is cruising and will complete the 1KC after 13 or 14 seasons. As for the other two lads, we're in the same place as before: decent return, not far behind the yearly totals I want (160 goals combined), but need to step it up before we get too far behind the curve. If we go 20 seasons, then they need to average 160 between them for the next 14 seasons to scrape over the line. Of course they will slow down near the end, so need to be scoring at even more than 160 now to have any hope. I'm starting to get worried...
  9. Nice players you brought in this year (they got a lot of assists between them) and nice result too - going great mate!
  10. Really? Only 3? I could have sworn it was more than that! I've the overkill one open in a tab and I saw the TT, but I thought there was as least one more... Oh well, less for me to read! (I am so so behind on reading at the moment)...
  11. So dizzy, I can't keep up with all your careers! 😄 Seriously, I have at least two other ones open in a tab that I'm trying to find time to read, now there is a new one! Anyway, this looks interesting and you're off to a great start. I'm sure you'll romp this in and be finished in no time. Go get them!
  12. If you go to Settings -> User Interface, what is Stretch Display set to? If it's not on, then try turning it on.
  13. Thanks for the explanation - I always wondered and that makes total sense to me. That said, in this year and last years version, I pretty much ignore Technique for my striker. I make sure I get them to Aerial 20 and play them as AF and the goals rain. So I'm guessing FMM isn't quite as clever in this case as it should be. What a surprise! 😄 added 0 minutes later Yeah, that is pretty amazing, look forward to an update on his development later!
  14. Yeah, I use the scout old players and scrapbook them method like @Jack, although this year it's really hard to match them up because the secondary positions always seem to change. If I ever get around to releasing my app, that would allow you search for players by age and PA, then later you could use it to help work out which player is the regen (because even though the positions change, the real PA doesn't, so the Argentinian with a PA of 199 will be Messi's regen). But there's no ETA on when the app will be finished. Personally I'm quite liking not knowing which players are regens, though some are still fairly obvious (eg not many Swedes in my save so Zlatan easy to spot). I'm using a very small pool of players (I only have Scotland Championship+ loaded so that's only 4000 or so players), which means if I sign a young Brazilian, they are likely to be pretty good regardless as the bad ones don't make it into the database. I'm also a little wary about the best regens as in my test saves when working on the app, I've noticed a lot of them have Work Rate of 1... It seems like it may be a problem. I'm planning to do some more testing of this when I get a chance...
  15. Nah, I got what you meant, just clarifying my position. I don't want it too closely tied to real CA/PA either, but I've seen Messi's regen come back with 1.5 star PA (according to staff) and not just occasionally, it's quite often wildly wrong. I like it being wrong like that sometimes, just as often as it is. And I think better staff should have a better chance of recognising talent. So yeah, I like the plan of making different level of staff different percentage of wrong. Maybe Bronze are often very wrong, while Gold are often very right. I don't know exactly what percentages would be right, but what you've got makes sense. And yeah don't want it to be too accurate, that would be boring, just less wildly inaccurate (and maybe it's the fluctuation that is the worst part of it).