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  1. Season 4 I was going to pause this for a while and focus on my Oxford DT cheat career (with two players with less than 100 PA), but this is just flowing so smoothly that it's hard to walk away from this one. Transfers Some of the youngsters who've been out on loan in have really stepped up, so I sold some of the initial team to make way. Coming in where a couple of young goalies for the future and a couple of free transfers (Nketiah and Zirkzee as backup strikers). Zirkzee seems to have been a mistake - he had one update before maxing out and he is nowhere near the level he is on any other save (screenshot of him at his best attached). 🙁 Also worth noting that I'd agreed a Bosman for Wan-bissaka (who I've never used, but always wanted to), but he didn't get a work permit. Results We're now settling into the "wins everything, every year" part of the save. Not much to say except our 'goals for' number continues to improve. Full screenshots in the spoiler. The Lads Scamacca has now maxed out, his final update being pretty freaking tame (I really wanted 20 Aerial and Movement) - but he's good enough to cut it in this league alright... Cangiano is still improving, very slowly now, hoping he can get 20 Crossing. Injuries Scamacca got through the season okay, but Cangiano had two injuries, once for a month and once for two weeks (missing the last two games of the season): Progress Here's how they did: Scamacca scored 104 goals from 52 games, smashing through the 100 barrier with an improvement of 29 goals on last year Cangiano provided 75 assists from 46 games, a massive improvement over last year Which gives us: Season Scamacca Cangiano 01 34 17 02 77 42 03 75 56 04 104 75 Total 290 190 A great season, although both players had massive drop offs in the final third of the season. Comparison To FMM20 Career At the same point in my career from last year, remembering they were in an easier league (Scotland) and that Unuvar was a lot younger than Scamacca (and he had ITN goals from season 4 onwards): Unuvar had 267 goals Vignato had 264 assists Final Thoughts This was a break through season for both players, and for the team as a whole. We'll be cruising from here on in. If they can avoid the massive drop off in the final third of the season, this will get insane... Thanks for reading.
  2. Haha, you've got a high rating for Tweaking, but a low one for Knowing When To Stop. I need to find that image someone put together of your 'player screen' and edit it to add those! 🤣 Yeah, challenges really change things. I was used to constantly trading in players for a better version etc, rather than sticking with someone all the way through - but when you start on challenges you get much more affinity for the chosen ones. Adam Armstrong was my first and I used him a few times after that and I'll always have a soft spot for him. There are a few others, but I mostly used them once - until I got to Esposito and Pellegri who I've used a lot over the last couple of year and now just love them both..
  3. Congrats on getting your first home mate! I can just see it now though, you'll have the best living room anyone's ever seen, but after a little while you'll be like "nah, time to change it all around, or at least tweak it a little bit"... 🤣 Absolutely killing it on the pitch. And I for one am not surprised about Esposito's exploits at all. He's gonna be on those "best FMM players of all time" lists soon, if he's not already...
  4. There you go... 158... I was saying they'll average 150 (or 140 to be really conservative), but yeah not surprised it's higher than 150. Won't be surprised if you get to 170 or 180 even! You'll have finished this save before you realise! 😄 Great job mate.
  5. Yeah, exactly like my current 1KC attempt. I see Scamacca score and I know there's a 80% chance there's an assist from Cangiani. And I don't need to think much at all, just rinse and repeat. I was going to pause it and do the DT save, but I've been busy and prefer the rinse and repeat saves at the moment..
  6. How it started: How it's going: Earlier in the season, everything was golden. 12 successful crosses = 6 assists. 14 shots = 7 goals. Now, they've ground down to the point where 13 successful crosses = 0 assists and 11 shots = 0 goals. They still get a 1 or 2 each in many games, but nowhere near like their early season form. That said, they were so good early on (everything clicked) that they will both blow away their previous best - so I shouldn't complain too much...
  7. The lads are looking great now and they've really stepped it up in the last couple of years. And their output is only going to improve in the coming seasons as they mature a bit. I think they'll be averaging 150 per year before too long, but let's go with 140. 7 years of 140 would take you past the 1500 line, with all three lads on the right side of 30. So I don't think you've got any problems here!
  8. Is it a compliment buried in an insult or an insult buried in a compliment. I can never tell with Rich! 😄 Anyway great work on making the 1KC - I can't imagine doing it with so many assists, I get upset if my striker gets 10 assists in a season! Anyway, full steam ahead to 1K assists! Though, he is looking slightly worse for wear...
  9. I've got it set to show Trained Role, not this preferred/natural role. The * seems to appear for anyone who is being trained in a role that's not their preferred one. So Badji is being trained as an AM, but the * shows that's not what he does best as.
  10. I'd like to join the 7 other people who have equal most individual goals in a game (7) please: Fell just short of equalling the record individual assists (7), but I'll be back for that one later sometime! 😄
  11. Thanks mate! Quite fun to be back to a single striker plus winger save, Yeah, I'd totally given up and thought he's be stuck there forever. Crazy given he he started with 16! Was a great surprise when he increased. 😄 Thanks mate. It's just going to get better from here... 🙂
  12. Season 3 A quick update this time. Transfers Coming in were some youngsters. Lots of loans out to help them level up. Not sure what the Menino to Arsenal for £49M is about - he's only on loan there (I think they had a buyout fee I removed from the deal). I sold the others because they were on the fringes. Tactics I stuck with the same tactic as last season, but I switched Scamacca from AF to TM midway through the season. I think it helped, but it's really hard to tell. I did find that using him as either T or CF lead to more shots from the AM and using him as a P lead to less shots overall. Results A good year domestically, winning everything on offer. Our GPG rate continues to increase. We also won the UCL for the first time, beating Liverpool in the final, though we had to rely on penalties. Full screenshots: The Lads Update after update, Scamacca's Aerial never budged from the original 16. I'd given up on it ever moving, but he got one of those miraculous +3 updates near the end of the season. Progress is glacial now, so he's almost done. Good enough, though I'd like a little more pace. Cangiano improved nicely in the key areas and his progress, though slow, is still ticking over, so he's not done yet. Injuries No real injuries this year, though you may have noticed Cangiano was injured in the Italian Cup final (screenshot above, repeated below). However, there was no permanent injury (he missed a couple of games getting back to 100%). Progress Here's how they did: Scamacca scored 75 goals from 50 games, about the same as last season Cangiano provided 56 assists from 51 games, passing the 1 assist per game ratio for the first time Which gives us: Season Scamacca Cangiano 01 34 17 02 77 42 03 75 56 Total 186 115 Comparison To FMM20 Career At the same point in my career from last year, remembering they were in an easier league (Scotland) and that Unuvar was a lot younger than Scamacca: Unuvar had 182 goals Vignato had 183 assists Final Thoughts Another very good season from both lads. Scamacca on track for a lot of goals, while Cangiano is improving nicely, but has a long way to go to 1K assists. I kind of want to push on with this save, but I might put it on hold had start my Oxford United cheat save. Dilemma! Thanks for reading.
  13. @JamesVilla @FuddledFox @Woody @broodje kip @Rich @Ashez @shosky and everyone else who voted - thanks for the feedback! Looks like in general people are happy for me to post, so I'll go ahead. Anything showing behind scenes info will go in spoilers, so people can skip it if they want to and of course this career is not going on the leaderboard or anything, it's straight up not following the challenge rules. Thanks again.
  14. Hi All, I need your advice. I'm working on my scouting app again (finally), trying to finish it so I can release a beta version. To do that though, I need to play a cheat career where I can actually use it and test it out, etc. In the past I've never posted these careers as I figured they'd be boring to some people and upset others who don't want to see too much of the behind the scenes stuff. This time however, I have a conversation with @Rob fresh in my mind, where I thought it might actually be interesting to some of you. So I thought I'd ask. I'll explain what the career is below and I've attached a poll where you can say: "go ahead with no hidden details"; "go ahead with hidden details"; "no, not interested"; "no, this doesn't belong on Vibe"; and "don't care". If you have any further thoughts on the matter, please post below. No hard feelings, feel free to say "don't post it you git!". 😄 Would also be interested in what @samhardy and @FuddledFox have to say, because as the mods they may straight up say it's not the right fit and if so, I'll respect that. Anyway, my plan is to do a DT using two strikers who are under 100 PA. For the rest of the team I'll go buck wild and build the best team I can with full access to their CA/PA info (the point of this career is for me to use the app!). The club would be Oxford United and I'd obviously build the team up to EPL level. The two lucky lads are: So... If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, please share them. Thanks!
  15. Yeah, hope they level up! I'm less worried by coming for crosses as that's the Aerial attribute. You can see it and can sometimes improve it via training. But the erratic one is the hidden attributes like Consistency and Pressure (not exactly sure which) and they are hard to change (use a player high in these to mentor them and hope for the best that they pick that up). Anyway, good luck, maybe report back here later with their progress?