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  1. This is a 'cheat' career, designed to help learn more about how the game works. By 'cheat', I mean I will be looking at hidden things, like the players Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA). I will not be editing the save in any way or reloading, just looking at things like CA/PA and how it relates to things in the game, particularly the training system. Warning If you do not want to see CA/PA of current players or learn how that relates to the game, then press the back button right now! The Task I will taking Rayhaan Tulloch and turning him into a champion record breaking goal scorer. Here he is at the start of the game: He's fast and has some promise, but it's hard to tell just how far he'll go... By the end of this however, he is going to be green all over and capable of scoring 100 goals per season. I can pretty much guarantee this because I know his CA and PA. In fact, that's why I chose him. I started up a new game and then searched for young players with a high PA and at least a 40 point gap between CA and PA (ie with lots left to develop). This is what I found: That image is of the proof of concept web version of the AM19 app (Assistant Manager 19 for FMM) that I'm developing. You'll see screenshots of both the app and the web version as we go through this, as some things haven't been added to the app yet. It's a work in progress (no release estimate at this point). Note: The PA (but not CA) for players this young changes every time you start a game, so there is no guarantee that those players will have the same values for you. Anyway, there are more promising young strikers in the game than Tulloch, but he stands out as someone who will develop a lot. We're going to follow his progress and see what we can learn. I'm playing the game as a 1KC, but I'm not sure if I will see it all the way through to completion, or if I'll stop when our Champion is fully developed. If I do continue, this career will obviously not be eligible for the leader board because I'm cheating! 🙂 The Club I'm heading back to Newcastle. Rafa has left and the media has been reporting that Steve B will get the job. They got it slightly wrong - it's Steve C (me) that's taking the job! Alright, I know it's a year earlier, but I'm their new manager either way. For those who care, Rafa will land on his feet at Tottenham a month or so after I take the job. The Newcastle team is pretty weak to be honest. I have the original DB as I'm using the pre winter-update version of the game still. Here's what I found when I took over: The board expect Euro Cup qualification which is a bit rich, but I think we can probably do that - with a few changes... So I start the career by selling off all the weak links and bringing in some quality players. Now because I can see the CA/PA of players during this career, I've set myself some limits: I'm only going to sign 8 players in the first season and 4 players in subsequent seasons (not including youth players). I can sell as many as I like, but I can't flood the team with loads of 180+ PA players. Note: I normally end up with a team flooded with regens, so I'll probably have a weaker team this time around even though I can actually cheat in this save. 😂 At the start of the game, it's hard to attract truly top class players to Newcastle, so most of the players I picked up are ones that will develop into class acts. I don't have a screenshot of them to hand (I normally get that at the end of the season), but some will be familiar to you: Pavon, Havertz, Tonali, Passlack, Ajer all of whom I've used before. Others maybe less so: Ben Osborn from Nottingham Forest, Eberechi Eze from QPR and Tulloch himself. Osborn and Eze a) are around the 160 PA level (in this save); b) can play multiple positions, which is useful in the first season with a small squad; and c) are English, which is important as I may end up managing England and want some Englishmen in my squad. I could have got better players, but these fit the bill perfectly for now. Training Staff / Facilities We need to make sure that Tulloch has the best environment for him to improve. Newcastle starts off with sub par facilities: So the first thing I do is convince the board to upgrade them: That was unheard of in previous versions of FMM, but is worth trying in FMM19, especially if the team report shows that the facilities is below par. I've played Newcastle a few times in FMM19 and I know that there are 4 upgrades that they'll give me at the start. The facilities can improve more, but that probably has to wait until next year. The next thing I did was to start hiring/upgrading staff. I ended up with almost a full set of gold staff, except for one coach. I didn't get a screenshot of all staff, but here is the coaching staff I'm rolling with: I've gone strong on Fitness and Motivation this time around. Having a little extra fitness is always good, and I'm increasingly using Motivational staff as they are pretty much the only way to improve Teamwork. That's not critical at the start, but as the game goes on, many of the better young players are lacking in this regard. Sigh, youth today... David Weir is the weak link, but he's a decent chance to be gold around New Year, or at the end of the season if he fails his first attempt. I would have picked up a Youth coach if I could have while Tulloch is young, but I couldn't get one. Final Thoughts I'll leave it here for now, but will be back in the next few days looking at Tulloch's initial steps at the club. Some of the things I cover might be basic knowledge to some of you - I'm just going to write up things as they occur to me as I go through this career. I hope it's useful to some of you. Bear in mind that these are only my thoughts based on what I'm seeing and may not be always correct. If you have differing ideas, or think I've got things wrong, let me know! 🙂
  2. Scratch

    Second Nationality Call Ups

    I guess this part of the game is pretty basic (ie not much depth in how it works). All I know is I couldn't interest anyone in Scotland and gave up trying eventually (apart form a half hearted check no one was interested every few years. I definitely think they could do more around the ITN part of the game. Not convinced they will of course, they have a lot of stuff to do, and I suspect this won't be a high priority for the majority of users, but we can always hope! It would be good to see some of this fleshed out more and a little more realistic. 🤞
  3. Thanks @Mr Tree - although, that's just what believe based on what I've seen. May not be correct. Hopefully others will jump in if they've seen something different or believe something else. 😄
  4. Yeah... Happens to me every 1KC, especially with Celtic. Early on there is just no way to spend the money because noone expensive wants to come play for you. So you buy youngsters instead. Then by the time you're good enough that the expensive players will come play for you, your youngsters are better than or equal to them, so there is no point buying them... Havertz was really the only expensive big name outfield player I bought and I only did that because I've used him before and liked him. He wasn't any better than the players I'd developed from youngsters. This version is easier than ever to pick up top regens on the cheap, even if you're not tracking regens. Just search for transfer listed players abroad, ordered by age (ie looking for youngsters) and most of them are great. Just scout them first and buy the ones with high ratings. The scouts are often wrong, but close enough that you'll get good players, even if some don't pan out. Or even just buy all the Brazilians or Spaniards, most of them are great or at least good enough. One save I was tracking regens and about 50% of the top ones that I was tracking ended up as players I couldn't buy (at a top team and playing or in the squad), but the other 50% were at small clubs or better yet: transfer listed and available for 10% of their list price). Crazy stuff.
  5. The mobile game is pretty basic really when it comes to wages (at least in my experience). You might be expecting more from it than it actually does! 🙂 As far as wages go, I always keep them as low as possible and wait until the player asks for an increase, even if we've just gotten promoted. They will generally ask after they get a run in the team after they've levelled up a bit - most likely if their reputation, which is hidden, increases. I don't think that promotion makes a huge difference, other than in increasing their reputation. They don't seem to care what other players are on. You can give that backup player 100K and your main striker will be happy to stay on 3K until he feels he's earned a rise (because his reputation has improved). The amount you can offer in wages also seems to be related to reputation, this time of the club and to a lesser extent the league they are in. And budget too, you need to have enough money, but the board will limit how much you can spend even if you have a huge excess. When you get promoted you can offer more, although I think that's because your club's reputation has improved rather than the fact you were promoted by itself. I could be wrong though. The reputation of the league does come into it at some point. For eg, I built Celtic to a 5 star reputation club, winning the Champions League every year, and I had 2B sitting in the bank, and the board still wouldn't let me pay a sign-on fee of more than 1.2M. If I start a new game as Newcastle, I can offer a sign-on fee of 2.2M right off the bat, even though the club's reputation is on 3.5 stars. I'll be able to offer more as I improve the reputation of the club (by winning, increasing the capacity of the stadium etc), but the starting point is that much higher in England than Scotland. I don't believe it is related to the actual board, or Newcastle would only offer a packet of chips as a sign on fee, no way they'd offer 2.2M. 😢 Note: I'm talking about sign-on fees here, but the principle is the same with wages themselves. As for the numbers (wages, transfer fees, etc), the game actually stores a different amount and rounds what you see. If a player shows as costing 130K on the game screen, the actual value stored in the database could be 127,760 or 132,230 etc. It's a little strange that they don't just store nice round numbers to keep it simple, but I'm building a scouting tool and that's what I found in the DB as I pulled it apart. I don't think there's anyway for your spreadsheets to be accurate because of that, sorry. 🙁
  6. Yeah teamwork is the one that gets me. You can shift it with Motivational coaches, but not much... Aggression doesn't normally worry me or result in many extra cards with the way I play. And yeah you need some players with aggression.
  7. Scratch

    Second Nationality Call Ups

    When I was managing Scotland, I found that no players with Scotland as a second nation wanted to play for us. This continued even when we were ranked 3rd in the world. But Scotland only had a 3 star reputation on the Info screen, so maybe that's more important. Maybe the players were hoping for a call up for their first nations which were more prestigious (I can't remember them all but one was Spain, another was Argentina)? Not sure...
  8. Thanks @danovic78, Yeah, he turned out better than I expected. I think he's the best striker I've ever had in terms of attributes (though I could be wrong, I can't remember all of their stats exactly). He levelled up massively when he was younger, but then slowed down as he got older - as in he only had a couple of points of improvement each time he levelled up instead of 5 or 6 when he was younger. I guess that's the way the game goes, as I've seen that with other players. I can't remember now, but I probably trained his Stamina for a while. I tend to do that for anyone with low Stamina. And I know for a while that he was working with the Fitness coach and that seemed to level his Physicals up faster. He also worked with the attacking coach for a while which helped his Shooting / Movement etc. I've seen in other saves where that sort of improvement (working with coaches) can improve a player without using any of his CA/PA difference up (generally an increment uses up 5 points), so it's free attribute increases basically. That's one of the reasons I need to abandon this save, it's quite frustrating not being able to use my scouting tool on it! I want to confirm that theory, and playing a non challenge save where I can cheat will let me do that (as well as spend more time testing the tool and improving it so I can release it sometime).
  9. Scratch

    FMM Mythbusters

    It's all part of the plan... Play dumb at first, build your power and wait until you're ready, then start winning every game 50-0, take over the phone, upload yourself to the internet, take over the world... I mean isn't it obvious that's what happening? There's no way an AI could actually be that bad... 😂
  10. Scratch

    FMM Mythbusters

    Yeah, and Cyberdyne Systems said that SkyNet wouldn't become self aware... There's no way to know exactly what an AI can or can't do... 😂 though I did vote myth for this...
  11. Scratch

    FMM Mythbusters

    Not gonna bite. This is a conversation that would be best over a few 🍻.... 😄
  12. Thanks! Though it's not too hard in FMM19 (especially the pre winter-update version). Any striker with Aerial of 20 is going to score a bucketload. And if you get a good striker in a weaker league like Scotland, then it's even easier...
  13. Scratch

    FMM Mythbusters

    LOL, no-one biting? 😄 I could go on about how plenty of scientific facts were later proven to be false, or link to scientists who don't even believe in the concept of facts, etc, but... ain't nobody got no time for that. Basically I treated the poll as if we were being asked whether we believed these things were fact, based on our observations. That's a lot more fun than arguing about whether they are actually facts or whether facts even exist... 😂
  14. Thanks Smoggy! Yeah, I'm not sure I'm ever going to do another 22 season career trying to get the highest number possible, so I started thinking: what if it was about the fastest to 1K. I think the one leaderboard could have a most goals section and a fastest to 1KC section. Nucleus will probably top both, but it would give people the option of a 'short' 1KC if they didn't want to go all the way. As for Hornby, yeah, he was top notch. I've had variable success training youngsters, but it seems if you get them young and play them regularly and they perform well, then they develop the best. Hornby was played consistently from the start and he got a lot of high ratings (because he was scoring goals) and he seemed to increase faster and better as a result. He had some increments where he only went up one or two points, but often he'd be going up 5 or 6. And of course it only took a couple of updates to get 20 Aerial (thanks FMM19)... Trained him as a Target Man / Aerial until he got to 20, then trained him as AF focusing on Pace, then Shooting, then Movement and Decisions. Ran out of development points to get him to 20 in the last two of those, but still, what a beast!
  15. Scratch

    The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Thanks for adding me @Foxy! 😄