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  1. Haha, yeah, must be. Left backs last forever and love the colour yellow!! No chance of taking my eye of the ball though. Only 88 to go to get to 1.5K. What are the chances he scores 87 this year and does a sudden retirement?
  2. Done. Now I have to force 36 year Tierney to keep playing as he is on 176 yellow cards. 🙂
  3. Oh right... Gotta love bugs. I just ran into the 255 INT goals bug in my latest update... 🙁 All good - I'll go ahead and add him...
  4. Scratch

    The Vibe Awards 2018

    Great write up! And congrats to all the winners, they were all well deserved! What a cracking years it's been here! (and I say that after missing the first half of it!!).
  5. Update - Season 16 180 goals to go! Pinamonti is 33 coming into this season, but still capable of scoring a bucket load of goals. He's locked into a long term contract (4 years), so things are looking good. The only thing that can stop him at this point is... injury. And if you saw the post above, you know Santa brought Pinamonti a late Christmas present: some festive time off due to injury. But how long did he have off? Was it his only injury? What did it do to his attributes? How many goals did he score? So many questions! All will be revealed below... Transfers Major departures this year: D'Amico: Our top assist provider in recent seasons. He was only 31, but his attributes dropped away last season and we had way too many cooks. Genuinely sad about this one. Rosa: A world class Brazilian right back who was stuck behind Passlack for 13 seasons. With Passlack gone and Rosa over 30, it was time to rebuild. Djordjevic: Zivkovic's regen, signed only last season. He went 'outcast' and his stamina, which was always bad, dropped to 1 when he got injured and didn't seem to be coming back (It's still there, months after we sold him). Incoming, we just had a few young defenders as part of our rebuilding process (no known regens, just promising looking youngsters). Competitions - Club Here's how we did this year: Won the Community Shield, beating Liverpool 3-1 (hat-trick from Pinamonti). Won the Euro Super Cup, beating Leverkusen 3-0 (one goal from Pinamonti). Won the Club World Championship, beating Racing Club 2-0 in the final (both goals from Pinamonti). Won the League Cup, beating Birmingham 4-1 in the final (two goals from Pinamonti). Won the FA Cup, beating Chelsea 4-1 in the final. Won the Premier League comfortably again, but only 103 goals this year. 😦 Won the Champions League, beating Barcelona 2-0 in the final (36 shots to 2!). Competitions - ITN Time again for the Confederations Cup. I'll include three games for you: A group game against Australia - unremarkable except for my son scoring against us. So proud! The Semi Final against the USA, who almost sent us packing. Pinamonti had two goals disallowed, including one which would have been the winner in the 87th minute. Instead, it went to penalties, where we prevailed in a tight shootout. The Final against Belgium, where we were 1-0 up and cruising until midway through the second half, when they banged in 3 goals in 6 minutes. We went at them hammer and tongs, pulling one back before Pinamonti scored the equalizer with 10 minutes to go, sending us to extra time. The winner was scored in the 121st minute - but which team scored it? You'll have to see in the spoiler! Assists Who is providing all the club assists? Havertz was our top provider, even though he spent a total of 3 months out due to injury. After him there is a mix of players, all with very good ratios. Matthias Jordan is Amiri's regen, so I'm interested to see how he goes. It's probably fitting that we shine the spotlight a little on Havertz, who is refusing to age: Injuries Last year I said: "No injuries this year, which was lucky - but I guess that means he's due next year..." We know from above that he got a Boxing Day injury, but how bad was it? Answer: 1 month (actually 5 weeks, plus reconditioning time). Was it his only injury? No. He picked up another 1 month injury late in the season and this time the press started wondering if this was the end (spoiler alert guys: No, no it's not). Decline This is what Pinamonti looked like at the end of the season (after the internationals): He's lost a couple of points of Pace, Shooting, Movement, Decisions, and even more from Dribbling and Strength. He actually looked better than that at the very end of the season after a training hard event, but that didn't stick. Here's how the injuries affected him: His Physicals bounced back after the first injury, but his Attacking and Mental attributes didn't fully recover. He recovered from the second injury, but that was short-lived. Here's what his decline looks like over the course of a year: Goals - Highlights Pinamonti had two 4 goal efforts this year: Although these have slowed down, he's still a remarkably consistent scorer. Here is his run between the two injuries: Goals - Club The injuries and his decline haven't slowed him much. He scored 73 goals in 41 games: That ratio is amazing and I can only wonder how many he would have scored if not for those injuries. Goals - ITN Pinamonti had 237 international goals at the start of the year: And he finished with... 0!!! Yep, we hit the 255 ITN goals bug... It went to 0 immediately after he scored 1 goal in the Confederations Cup final (see screenshot above), Luckily I have a screenshot from immediately before that game: So he finished on 256 goals (255 + 1 goal in the final), meaning he'd scored 19 goals in 13 games. That takes him to 223 ITN goals under my management. I guess it's going to be more difficult to count them from now (unless that number starts incrementing again from 0). Progress 34 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 73 1189 ITN Goals 19 223 Totals 92 1412 The Future A great season, despite the injuries, leaves Pinamonti needing only 88 goals to make the 1.5K. The rate he scored at this year has me thinking he might just do it next season... But surely his scoring rate has to slow down sooner or later? And the threat of injuries is ever present...So we'll wait and see!
  6. Congrats mate, what an EPIC career!! Although I'm impressed by all of it, I have to single out Havertz's 820 assists as the highlight. That is just .... got no words for that actually! Rest was all epic too and major props for the 1.5KC. Coming at you! 🙂 As for you splashing the cash on players, that made me check and I still have £2.44B in my bank account. Tempted to splash out myself! Probably too committed to the existing youngsters to do so though... As for the Bad Boys challenge, will be happy to put you into the lead there. You say above 192 yellow cards, but the screenshot shows 167? I'll assume Alaba had no other yellow cards before he joined you as I know he joined in season 1 (no need for screenshots there).
  7. Happy Christmas Andrea! A slightly late present for you - some time off to relax and enjoy the festive season!
  8. Thanks mate! His attributes are down a little but he's still scoring. A bit like the terminator, just keeps going... Just put 3 past Juve, no sweat! Mind you...
  9. Thanks mate! Seems I'm getting alright at this..
  10. Thanks Cockers, yeah, he blows me away. Just a step up in quality than Colidio was (or maybe it's just easier this year). I'd normally push on until he retires, and then there is always the temptation to go for a 1KC with my son, but... not this year. I've done the whole "stuck on the old version while everyone else is on the new version" thing and not going to choose that again. Trying to wrap this up as soon as I can.
  11. Scratch

    FMM with a notch

    Thanks for the info! 🙂
  12. Thanks mate! Pinamonti has certainly turned out better than I was expecting, so I'm pretty happy. Wonder how he'll turn out IRL? And what he'll be like in 2019? Time will tell I guess, but for a glorious moment in 2018 he was good enough to be the best in the world!
  13. Shhh... I'll pretend to stop and then wait until he starts a fancy new 2019 career, then I will sneak back in and quitely get in front and get the leaderboard updated etc on the quiet. But no need to tell him that, okay? Just between us, right?
  14. LOL, classic. Well then, I think I will just stop when I get to 1500 and move on, as I don't think I'll be able to beat you this time around.
  15. Well, you know, he's done well at club level, but frankly has been a bit of a disappointment at ITN level... So he's not quite at Pinamonti level. But keep your head up, he's still a good player! 😜 Nah mate, he is doing awesome. 91 goals at this age is fantastic and he's still looking in great shape. I do sort of wonder how much further ahead he'd have been if you'd managed to get the ITN job and if you'd had the focus on him all the the way through - he'd have already cracked the 1.5K by now I reckon.