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  1. Great work mate. Good to see them promoted. There's something Sol doesn't have in common with us... 😄
  2. Great job mate, especially with that short transfer window to build the squad. Can't wait to see where you turn up next...
  3. Scratch

    1kc Piece Bon(e) China - S2

    Great start mate, but go steady on the transfers! 😂 I think I'm a wheeler dealer but I've never done that... 😄 I reckon you'll have no trouble with this. I see you've got Pavon, you just need to train up Bonfiglio's heading and Pavon will land the ball on his head all day every day. Gonna crush it in China...
  4. Scratch

    Do Managers matter

    I think it's unlikely the manager has much affect on how the team performs and if they do it's likely to only be at a very basic level (ie what's the ability of the manager, let's boost the team a little based on that). I'm just guessing, but they need to keep things lite on the mobile version and that's the sort of thing that probably makes sense to cut out.
  5. Obviously... And we've all been turned down for the Us job... Shocking! 😂
  6. Scratch

    Player rejection 😥

    If you go to the General Info page (or whatever it is called) for your club, what is the reputation? It will have increased from winning the league, but might not be high enough yet for the players you are targeting. Increase that and more will want to sign for you...
  7. Umm... Should I be expecting this as a future trivia question: "What do Foxy, Scratch and Sol Campbell have in common"? 😄
  8. Sounds like a fun one. I tend to end up doing 1KCs all the time, but my first FMM19 career was the Long Way To The Top one with Macclesfield and that was really enjoyable. Good luck mate!
  9. Scratch

    Coaching Style and Team Staff

    I used to go with one Attacking, one Defending, one Fitness and one Youth, with myself as Motivational because that just seemed logical to me. However now that I understand things a little better, I tend to go with 1 Attacking, 2 Fitness and 1 Motivational. All coaches can give some sort of benefit, but I found that Fitness coaches actually give special increases to the Physical attribute, which I covered here: The more Fitness coaches, the more special Physical boosts!! Yay! Then I can concentrate a player's training on the other attributes. I'm not 100% sure the exact effect of the other coaches, except for Motivational, who occasionally improve a player's Teamwork (but only once every couple of years, it's not fast) as well as occasionally improving other attributes. When I am using regens, they often come back with terrible Teamwork, so I like to have one coach and myself on Motivational to hopefully slowly improve this. That said, in the last couple of saves, I've included a GK coach instead of the Motivational one, because I have a lot of trouble training goalies... Not sure if I will stick with that, or ditch them for Motivational later...
  10. Cries..... 😢 I guess that's football though... 🙂
  11. I just read through this entire career and just amazeballs. Foden's assist were the highlight, never seen that many before. Was really sad when the old crew hung up their boots. Come on little smog, keep banging them in!
  12. Just read this through and this was an epic end to the Mitro save. Fantastic stuff - you can never get too much fox I always say... Mind you, you probably should have let the Us have their day in the sun, instead of mercilessly crushing them. That stung a bit... Still, epic save and most enjoyable!
  13. I may or may not have just reinstalled the pre winter version and packed away my app (I'll still develop it, but won't use it on this career) and started a 2K goal / 1K assist career... 😄 Not really expecting to make either, but I've seen a few people go for both those targets (not always together) and I need to try. I am taking a risk however, that could kill the career before it really kicks off, so we'll have to see whether it pans out... As for your latest season, good work on the assists front, but sad that Silva is not quite delivering what you need. Hope he pulls the finger out this season!
  14. I missed this career (and most others) so got a real shock when I saw a @samhardy career! Great write up mate, sad it's ended. I especially enjoyed the part where you knocked Sunderland out of the cup, thanks I needed that!
  15. Scratch

    Playing with hidden attributes

    Yeah, I used to always do this, I really liked the reality of not knowing the attributes for every player in the world... But then when I started doing 1KCs etc, it just became too much of a restriction, especially when I noticed no-one else was doing it!