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  1. Great work, the 2KC is definitely on and it will be a massive achievement for a strikerless save!
  2. Okay, here is a quick, very non-scientific update on some of the tactics I've tried so far in season 5. I tried 3 different tactics for six games each. Same one as last season (ignore the chart in the 2nd screenshot and just look at the 6 games listed): Goals: 6 Assists: 9 Decent number of goals, and lots of corners leading to lots of assists, but he doesn't get that many shots. Same as the previous tactic, but with Lainez playing as an IF instead of a central T: Goals: 4 Assists: 11 Started promisingly goal-wise, but dropped right off with the 3 no-score games. That said he got more than as a T, maybe they were just from worse positions? Or could just be form or unluckiness... Also had a lot of corners and a lot of assists. Trying to give him more chances by de-crowding the box: Goals: 4 Assists: 6 He had the most shots of any of these formations, but couldn't convert them and the team seemed to earn less corners, so this one is definitely consigned to the scrap heap. I'll probably try a few more formation, maybe even the original one from the first few seasons, but at the moment the first one here seems best for goals, which is the thing I need him to focus on right now...
  3. Wow, this is going to be massive mate! He's killing it... Looks like you had that really rare event where a national team is found guilty of running a performance enhancing drug program and has all their matches expunged from the official records... Or, more likely, you ran into the problem where the game devs didn't expect anyone to get that many ITN goals, so didn't allow enough 'room' in the database to store anymore than that. Been a problem for years... 😄
  4. Wow, that's pretty epic mate. I reckon you will beat the 1K no worries, which would be really something. And the lads are looking good as well as performing. Great stuff!
  5. Just caught up with this - he's going great and like the others have said, he's almost there! Great job!
  6. What a legend!! Great career, smashed it. And as someone who can't seem to get past about 5 or 6 seasons of a career at the moment, I can only bow down to the longevity of this one mate - I'm in awe! Can't wait to see what you do next.
  7. That's interesting - certainly looks to be the way to terminate bad mentoring relationships if you can. Great find!
  8. Dunno mate, it makes me want to cry rather than laugh, meme's aren't supposed to be like that surely... 🤣
  9. Yeah, there's so much I don't know about how it works! But I've always felt that if I have a player like Lainez (or any of the others I've used) as a squad player, then he'll develop alright, but not as good as if he was the main main who has all the focus and all the goals, etc... But maybe that's because I rotate the main men, but don't bother with the squad players...
  10. Damn, understand how you feel mate, if you're not feeling it, don't waste time continuing... That said, I think @broodje kip is right there! And it seems like I should post this here too:
  11. Thanks mate, relatively happy, but still feel like he should be getting a little more in Denmark, might just be me being unrealistic though! 😄
  12. Thanks mate. I suspect many of us here are like this:
  13. Haha, something tells me you've got some time opening up in your FMM schedule for a 50-50 if you want to do one! It's a unique challenge, at least for me, because I've gotten players to score big before and I've gotten them to assist a lot, but I've never gotten someone to do both at the same time. Some saves I almost never tinker with the tactics, others.... yeah, I tinker a lot. Right now I'm experimenting with him as an IF as he's still not getting enough goals...
  14. Thanks mate. I have a pet theory that maybe a player's updates are better if they are scoring more and getting higher ratings, but it's just a feeling, I've never been able to prove it. But whatever reason, he's super powered attribute-wise this time around. Just a shame the numbers don't quite match the attributes (they are very good, but I thought they'd be a little more in Denmark).
  15. Season 4 I'll try to keep this brief, but will have a tactics section at the bottom. Transfers We've reached the stage where the top players are willing to come and I can afford them, but my existing players are close enough to their level that there's not much point, so I just topped up on young players for the wonderkid factory. Results Won it all baby! Development He's looking pretty good now. The Crossing and Shooting go up to 20 and 15 when he's fully rested, but drop down again often. Seems he might have one more update to come too (slowly creeping up still). I've had some good Lainez's, but none as good as this. Contributions Progress Season Goals Assists 01 25 29 02 37 35 03 39 54 04 49 42 Totals 150 160 A good season, with more goals than before, mostly from playing around with tactics, discussed below. That said, I really want him to be topping 50 in both goals and assists every season, so there's work to be done yet. Tactics In order to get more goals, I switched up the tactics a bit, using this for the first half of the season: That definitely got him more goals, but the assists dropped off a fair bit, more than I was expecting. I could swap the tactics each season (ie have a goal scoring season, followed by an assists creating one), but I wanted more than that, so I tried going gung-ho for a few games: Worked okay. I really wanted to go to my TT Blaster to see how he did. I'm wishing he could play up front in the 3, as I can get goals and assists out of a central T. But anyway, he can't play up front (and refuses re-training) and I don't have the wingers at the club to play the TT Blaster, so I ended up moving to this after a few games: That gave him about equal goals and assists and I think will allow him to break the 50/50 barrier, but it is a bit flakey - as in he fairly constantly gets assists, but goal can be hot or cold (4 one game, then 2 games with 0). So that's what I'll try next season, but I may end up tweaking further. Thanks for reading.
  16. LoL, I just found I had this career open in 3 separate tabs waiting to read! That explains how I missed it I guess...
  17. Wow, not sure how I missed so much of this career, I've been a bit scarce around here lately, but still... Anyway, all caught up now. His heights were massive, his lows were ... not so good. As far as sweepstakes go, mathematically we can predict his score next season will be in the 40s... Not 100% sure what's up with his development, but my money would be that he maxed out a couple of years ago, but that the game doesn't want to actually tell you that (I wrote about that in my cheat save career). Is he getting any increase after games at all? Or is it 0 every time? As far as the league reputation goes, if it's too low it can stop his development in league games (he'll still improve after UCL games), but there will be a message on his Training screen that he needs to play at a higher level to improve. If it's not too low to actually stop his development, it can still slow it down. If his CA is already pretty high and the league standard is low, then he might be only getting 1% or 2% after games, but if he was in a better league that might be higher. Anyway, wait until he has a 9 or 10 rated game in the UCL and check the post match screen to see how much he improves. If it is 0, then he's done and fully developed. If it's a small number, then he probably has a high CA already, but has a little more improvement, but it will come slowly - and if there are too many injuries, he might not ever make it to the next step (even if he doesn't go backwards attributes wise, it wipes out some of his progress). Leaving all that aside, he should be good enough to be scoring a lot more than last season! So it's back to tweaking the tactic and maybe his teammates (maybe they are too good now and don't share with him enough?). Or I guess maybe he's not happy or something? That might explain why his attributes dropped without injury that time and could also explain why his numbers dropped off. Not much you can do except offer him a new contract... Anyway, hope you get him back in line.
  18. Great work again, keeping him going at that age. From memory his father did quite well when he was old, but I don't think even he went that long. I've been meaning to check out Turkey for a long time, sounds like a little known 1KC resort! Did look at it for my current save but went with Denmark of course. Hate that bug with the game details messed up... 🙁 Anyway, great work, looking forward to seeing how far you can take him, though honestly I'm expecting to have packed mine in well before then. Not sure how you can keep going.
  19. Damn, I was too slow. Instead of the 2KC you should have pivoted, changed tactics and got him to 500 assists to claim that split 1KC... But yeah, a 2KC wouldn't be bad either... 🤣 Anyway, smashing work, doing fantastically well...
  20. What would Scratch do? Sell everyone! Buy wonderkids! Wonder why he almost got sacked in season 1... 🤣
  21. Haha, I'll put you down for season 4 and I'll take season 5, then we'll see if anyone else has a prediction...
  22. Thanks mate. I'm not convinced I have the tactic right, so I'm trying small tweaks, but not sure any of them are working. But I think he's going to step up the output over the next season or two.
  23. In 4 more seasons? Or after season 4? Just want to know which you're tipping so we can see if you're right or not. Personally I've got season 5 as the give up point! 🤣
  24. Thanks mate, yeah Danish league looking easyish, but so far haven't quite cracked it wide open like I've done with Scotland in the past. Thanks. I end up using him a lot as I struggle to buy LWs and he's often a reasonable option and has a lot of improvement, but he's always been the supplementary player, never the main one, so it's good to give him his chance! I get what you're saying about balance. In my head, I really wanted someone who I knew could assist, as I assumed goals would be easy enough to pick up - but now I'm wishing I picked someone who could play up front if I wanted him to, as I could switch him without messing up the balance. It'd be great if I could play him in the 'assists' position for 60% of games and switch him to a striker role the other 40%. But anyway, it's early days, no cause for alarm yet. Thanks mate! Though now I'm thinking that if I was going to use a Mexican player, I should have gone with Santiago Munoz at Newcastle! Thanks mate. I think Mr Bite would be pretty unimpressed with the state of things. Must not forget to take my tablets...
  25. Haha, I'm glad to hear that as I've never been sure if it actually works or it's just my imagination!