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  1. I got sacked in the Challenge Cup the year before last - it was the one where you had to have old players but couldn't train them (from memory anyway). Pretty much impossible to survive. Before that... it was a while. I used to get sacked, but either it was harder then, or more likely I'm just way better at it these days. I find it super easy to succeed now, I just know what to do - like many people around here.
  2. Nah, they turned me away. said I have to prove myself all over again... I think I'll gain entry soon enough, but I won't be top this year unless I go back to China (the only way I got the ratio I got last year). I wasn't planning to return to there, but I guess if you're top, I just might have to
  3. Congrats on getting into the 100 Club. Enjoy the 🥃 and save a seat for me! 😄 Bad luck on the Gundogan challenge though. That's a killer... So... Am I a BGliever or a BGleaver? I'll stay the first for now... 🤣
  4. Good to see you back on here! Great start and interesting challenge, definitely different from what many do here (myself included). Will be watching on keenly.
  5. Have you seen the Matrix? It's a bit like that... When I look at the FMM screens, I can see the HEX floating behind each value... 😄 Nah, I wish! Basically I spent a LOT of time tracking it all down. There's a lot of information here on the site - just search for HEX, although this post is probably the best place to start: Then apart from that you get the Editors, make a change, then compare save games to see what changed... Some stuff is easy to track down, some very very difficult...
  6. I'm using the same tactic I used in FMM19 (Defensive 4 3 2 1) and it's working just as well. I didn't make it to 2K in 19, but twice I got to 1K at about 26 years old, so I think 2K is possible. I'm near the end of the first season and so far my main players are developing well. I have some players who've hit the 'needs to mature' barrier but not my main ones. Anyway, I reckon you'll go a fair way past 1K here! 😄
  7. Wow, that's a fabulous start! What's he going to do when he gets older! 😄
  8. Interesting! My understanding is that the true PA (what you can see in the editor there) should not change, unlike the ratings the scouts and staff give you. The only scenario I know of where the true PA may actually drop is if the player has a serious injury - but we're talking more than just the usual injury and it's pretty rare...
  9. Good luck mate! I'm doing a 2KC at Celtic right now and one of the first things I did was sell Edouard! 😄 But then I generally sell pretty much everyone and bring in my own players. You can't buy the top players at Celtic so you need to find the next generation of top players and get them. Takes hours of scouting and some you sign will be better than others, but you can build a team that is A1 in a few years (ie going all the way in the CL). As for holding on to him, if you can improve the reputation of the club (especially if you can win the CL in the first few years), then you should be okay. Anyway, best of luck - I'm sure you'll make easy work of this!
  10. Yeah, you're off to a nice start. Can't believe he cost 150M, but you're obviously flush with cash! And those other transfers! 😲 Anyway, he looks like a nice player, considered him for my 2KC attempt, but I guess I wouldn't have been able to afford him at Celtic... Go get those goals!
  11. Nice start, but now you're down the hard scores... I'd really like to doubt you, but I think you'll do it alright... 😄
  12. Sure, that'd be great, although it will take a while before we get there! 😄
  13. For those interested in what I've been doing: I just started with PHP in the browser as a proof of concept and to work out the base logic of where stuff was in the save file: Easiest for me to do, but not easily scalable beyond 1 person (me) uploading a 22MB file to the server each time they wanted an update. I might still revisit this and build out a web app around it, because I sort of like the big screen when there is lots of data. That said, if I do, I will probably make a way for you to view the data from the mobile app on the website, rather than you having to upload the full save to the website. But that's all 'for later'... Anyway, once I had enough there that I was comfortable that I could do this, I moved to developing a mobile app. I decided to use Flutter to develop it, largely because I could publish to both Android and Apple with that. But I need to get my head around the Apple side of things, which is a little hard because I don't have an iPhone! Maybe I will 'borrow' the kids iPads. 🙂 I'm suspecting that some of the stuff I can do on Android with finding the file and opening it won't just work on iOS. Anyway, here is a very quick look at the app as it is now: I need to build out the individual player view and the search form etc. I have all the data and search logic itself sorted out, but need to build the interface for it etc. The only problem is that I'm playing too much and not working on this enough! 😄 At this point I have no plans to allow editing, although I'm sure people will want it. I don't really want to step on SIGames toes too much (if people stop buying the Editor because of this app, they may not be so happy). That said, I haven't entirely ruled out adding a few small things that their Editor doesn't do. Also, I'm not focusing on staff at the moment because it just doesn't interest me much and I'm not sure what value it would provide. I know the game stores CA and PA for coaches but I don't think the game uses it, so there's not much I can add that the built in search doesn't already do... Anyway, that's what I'm working on (when I'm not working, parenting or playing FMM20!!).
  14. That's weird... But, you got the Superstar achievement, so that's a success rather than failure in my eyes... From memory though, I think the in-game announcement generally comes on 1 Jan (in FMM19 at least), presumably because that's when the 'star studded gala' is held. So maybe you got the achievement now behind the scenes, but just need to play another 6 weeks to get the announcement. Or maybe FMM20 is different.
  15. Sorry! I'm using a programming language that can compile to IOS pretty easily, so it is in my plans, but there's a lot of stuff I need to work out with loading files etc. From first glance, I'm a bit worried about what's actually possible with accessing the save etc. Likely still possible, but probably not as nice for the user, and definitely harder for me to sort out.
  16. I am working on an app, though phase 1 will just focus on scouting (and a view of your team). I'm hoping to add more to it later, such as the ability to track a player's development over time (you will have to open the save in the app at the points you want tracked), track a player over a challenge (such as a 1KC), have some sort of squad sorting (I want a way to categorize players or add notes against them), maybe a team report for the year, etc. It will probably have some sort of export to csv at some point so you can add stuff to a spreadsheet or other app that supports csv if you want, but it won't get into to much statistical analysis itself. The first part (scouting) is not far off being ready - I just need to stop playing and spend another week or two on it. Realistically though that will be a month or two by the time it will be ready. Android only, at least at the start. The rest... Well I'd like to do it all, but some of it may not even be possible, so it's more wait and see...
  17. Thanks mate. Yeah, it could be inspired genius, but more likely he'll end up with 500 goals or something. Still 2KC and 0.5K doesn't have quite the same ring to it, so may as well roll my sleeves up and give it a shot!
  18. He actually looks pretty good for a 36 year old! Good luck mate.
  19. Have you tried loading the US? I haven't done that myself, but I heard that will include more South Americans. It is noticeable that a lot less are loaded than there used to be a couple of years ago if you only load England.
  20. Yeah, just get him into some of that TCM, maybe some of those stewed medicine soups, etc and he'll play into his 50s...
  21. Ummm... Fabio Quagliarella? Though he is 36 in the game, so you must be a glutton for punishment if that's right! 😄
  22. @Kun Aguero Congrats on completing this! 🏆 I'd say the 1KC was a little ambitious, with him already being 31, but as discussed above, should be possible in China! Go get it! 😄 Also hoping you do well in the World Cup!
  23. Nice! Haven't been there myself, but have eaten West Lake Fish in several places. Wouldn't mind visiting there some day.
  24. That's our @BatiGoal ... Actually, he's just given me more confidence, as it means he thinks I actually have a chance of pulling this off. As for my players, well I've pinned his comments on the wall and they're pretty fired up. Not the first time I've used this hack journalist's comments to motivate my players... Probably not the last... 🤣