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  1. Yeah, you need the chances first, to even have the possibility of converting them. Looks like you have that part nailed... I don't think I've ever got anywhere near 44 crosses attempted, so once more of those connect, you'll be drowning in goals.
  2. Another great season, wonder what formation you will bring next season! 😄 Anyway, he's doing really well for a player that's not quite top level attribute wise. You're getting the best out of him!
  3. Great season mate. Season 3 was decent, but you really stepped it up this season. One more to go, make it a strong one mate.
  4. A solid season, nothing to sniff at. Did you make any other changes that affected goalscoring? Ie one of the new lads scoring too much? Seems you got less goals overall in the PL, so maybe that's it? Anyway, still a good result. The wants a new challenge thing is a pain especially if he won't sign a new contract. Hope it goes away! Predictions: 122 Assists and 155 goals.
  5. Thanks mate. Last season off to a decent start, but a bit worried about Villa's recurring injury - it came back over the offseason and again I didn't send him to rehabilitation as it would have cost the start of the season...
  6. Thanks mate. Yeah, I'll be happy with their totals. Not sure what's up with Chuba and England though. He got his first cap in season 1 and scored 4 goals in his second game, 2 games / 4 goals in the first season screenshot. So in the last 3 seasons he's only played 5 games and only scored 1 goal. From memory that happened with Armstrong in my first 1KC - made the England team but couldn't cement the place... EDIT: Forgot to mention but in the 2022 World Cup, England finished bottom of the group with 0 points... Something really wrong with England in this save and they couldn't have been worse off if they'd played Chuba.
  7. 44 crosses attempted, 17 completed, 1 assist. That must be a record! What's that Smog player doing if he's not heading more of those home?
  8. I'd turn Work Into Box on - in theory players should pass it into the box more, rather than shoot from outside, so it might stop some of Wilson's shots. Probably won't stop them all as he's probably getting into the box. Personally, with my goal scoring careers, I never use the AMC position for just this reason - they pinch too many goals. That said I know some do use them in goal scoring careers with great success. I'm not sure how they do it (hopefully some will comment here), but my guess is they pick the player carefully. I find some players are more likely to assist than score and some are the other way around. There are lots of things that probably go into that (the hidden Selfishness attribute, the likes to take long shots trait, the hidden Long Shots attribute etc, etc). If I find a player is scoring too much, I swap him for someone else and repeat until I find someone who doesn't. Also, it might be worth you reading through this thread for ideas (lots of gold in there): https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/43966-building-a-tactic-for-a-lone-striker/
  9. Yeah, we discussed it over here: I used to think it was due to shortlist length (leading to so many messages that some didn't appear in the inbox). I haven't totally ruled that out, but I've had it happen where I didn't seem to have a full inbox at all. Either way, it's definitely a thing...
  10. Update - Season 4 Two seasons to go. The lads are doing well, but last season we fell just short in Europe. This season we want more of the same individually, but we want what CL trophy! Transfers Very quiet this time around. Our youngsters are maturing like fine wine and are all we really need. Only one of the outgoing players was a regular starter - Niangbo. He was very good (I think he is the Yaya Toure regen) and staff thought he could still develop a lot further. However, his goal to assist ratio was 2:1. Ideally I want it the other way around. I can handle 1:1 in the right player, but 2:1 is too much. Results We had no trouble in the league, but we needed to reclaim the Greek Cup after our quarter final elimination last season. I'd like to say it was easy - and it was, right up until the final. The final though... We were playing Panionios, who should have presented no problem for us. Indeed, we were 3-0 up at half time and cruising. But our defence fell apart in the second half and they scored 3, equalising in the 90th minute. We only conceded 6 goals in 36 games in the league, but gave up 3 in a half! It ended up going to penalties and it switched back and forth a few times before we prevailed. On to the Champions League. We were spanked by Liverpool (6-2) in the final last season, so we approached it with fire in our belly this time around. We had no trouble making the final, where we faced Juve. It was a tight match, but eventually Chuba scored (in the 82nd minute), to give us our first Champions League win! I also need to highlight this game, a 6-0 victory over AEK Athens, with 5 goals from Chuba and 5 assists from Villa: Not bad, lads, not bad... Injuries and Availability After having a lot of injuries last season, we only had the one this season - Villa out for 3 weeks: However, it's a recurring injury. I had the option to send him to physio, but that could have wiped out the rest of the season. I'd normally bite the bullet and send him, but given there's only one more season after this, I chose not to. I really wish the game had a 'Send to physio in the off-season' option, but it doesn't, so we're on notice that the problem might come back next season. Development No change from Chuba. Villa is the same as at the end of last season, but he had an 'injury recovery' update during the season and his Movement increased to 20. Unfortunately, this was lost when he was injured again! He has one more 'injury recovery' update to come, but it'll take a while to come at this age. Goals (Chuba) Chuba had a good season, scoring 78 goals in 50 games: Still short of what I've gotten with other strikers, but good enough. Assists (Villa) Villa had another great season, providing 50 assists from 46 games: A long way short of my best (99 assists with Vignato), but once again, good enough. Progress Season Goals (Chuba) Assists (Villa) 01 43 29 02 84 47 03 74 47 04 78 50 Total 279 (300 min) 173 (150 min) Looking Forward One season to go! Chuba only needs 21 goals to qualify for the Goals section of the 5 Season Heroes leaderboard and Villa has already qualified for the Assists section. The last season will be all about maximising those scores, before I pack my bags and move on from Greece.
  11. Thanks mate, a bit of a rough season with all the injuries, but still fantastic numbers. 🙂
  12. Thanks mate - the comeback was the best game I've had in a long game. The downs, then ups, then downs, then ups... just incredible...
  13. Thanks mate. They're both doing great. Their attributes and results are both a bit under what I've had in other careers and they've both maxed out a little earlier, so I think they are both lower quality (than say Unuvar and Vignato), but they are plenty good enough to become legends in Greece!
  14. Damn, I missed the predictions! No worries... Maybe next time. Doing well mate, big lift in assists. He's going to get higher and higher scores, but I'm trying to work out the total number of seasons you need for this. Maybe 6 (ie 4 more)?
  15. Update - Season 3 Season 2 saw good numbers for the lads, but we were bundled out early in Europe again, making it harder to keep and attract the best players. We want to address that this season by going deep in the Champions League (while still getting good numbers for the lads obviously). Let's see how it went. Transfers I started the season thinking it would be another overhaul, but after a couple of early purchases, things dried up. We're at the point where we're not good enough to attract the best players, but our youngsters have reached the level where they are as good anyone who's willing to sign with us. The players who left were mostly fringe players, apart from Rrahmani (starting CD), whom I wanted to upgrade. His departure triggered some unhappiness in the team, but it didn't last long. The main two coming in were central defenders Onguene and Benkovic, both of whom were around Rrahmani's level but who looked like they'd go a lot further. Onguene has been good, but Benkovic has frankly been disappointing. We'll see how they go next season. Apart from that all the new players were youngsters adding some depth in weaker positions. Results Once again, we were untroubled domestically... Hang on... What's that? We were knocked out of the Greek Cup by Olympiakos at the Quarter Final stage? How is that even possible? Especially over two legs? Well our fact checker tells us it's true. Shameful... Right let's forget that and move on to European glory! Should be a doddle. A 5-0 win over Schalke in the first knockout stage, no worries, we got this. Wait... A 4-1 loss to Man City in the first leg of the Quarter Final? That's not right! We had more shots than them, how could it end up a 4-1 loss? Okay, second leg and we go 3-0 up, putting us in front on away goals! Let's hang on for dear life! Damn, you can't hang on against City... We go behind... But BAM, late goal to take us to extra time! And phew, 2 late goals! We win the day 6-1 and 7-5 over the two legs... How's that for a comeback @smoggy90? I need to go lie down for a while... Right, I'm back and now we've conquered that hurdle, I'm sure that this is our year! A 4-3 win over two legs against Juve in the Semi Final was tough, but nothing's going to stop us now! On to the Final against Liverpool in Munich. 49% vs 51% possession. 13 shots each. Who can guess the score? Injuries and Availability Injuries? Do we have injuries for you! Chuba: A few days in July 2 weeks in August 1 week in December 10 days in May Villa: 10 days in September 3 weeks in November 10 days in January They both had ghost injuries too, thank goodness they weren't real ones... Villa's injuries knocked him about, losing 2 points for both Crossing and Dribbling as well as 1 for Movement. Still, although there were a lot of injuries, they were all fairly short and didn't hold the lads back too much. Keeping Our Stars A couple of offers came in for both players, but I offered them new contracts and they were accepted. There was a tense moment when there was a follow up bid for Chuba, the same circumstance that lead to him being unhappy almost all of last season, but he was fine when I rejected that. Happy times! Development No change from Chuba. Villa lost 2 steps due to injury and so far has only got one back. Interestingly that left him 1+ for Crossing, but -1 for Dribbling and he still has one update to come (but they come very slowly at his age). Goals (Chuba) Chuba did well considering all the disruptions due to injury, scoring 74 goals in 49 games: A drop in GPG ratio, but not unexpected given the stop start nature of his season. Assists (Villa) Villa did well too, providing 47 assists from 44 games: His ratio was much higher at one point, but tailed off near the end of the season. Progress Season Goals (Chuba) Assists (Villa) 01 43 29 02 84 47 03 74 47 Total 201 (300 min) 123 (150 min) Looking Forward Only 2 seasons to go! If the lads can maintain these numbers then there will be no problems passing the minimums required for the leaderboard. And at this point, the team is pretty set and doesn't need too much tweaking, so it should just be more of the same (with a CL win thrown in as well hopefully!).
  16. Just caught up with this and he's going fantastically well. Looks so good with all that green! Maybe. 😜 Actually I think you'll do it no worries. If my maths is right, Silva's on 1234 goals. My player (Unuvar) was only on 1116 at the same stage and I stopped when he was only 34, so there's no way you should miss going top. Yours for the taking!
  17. Just ignore the ratings from your staff. These change a lot depending on other players at your club, the player's form, etc and are normally pretty inaccurate. They are also supposed to be inaccurate, because in real life you can't tell how a player will turn out. It's worth noting that there's no way to see the real CA/PA (which don't change) in the game. If you buy the In Game Editor it will show you star representation of the real values and someone (no names mentioned) will hopefully be releasing an app that shows the actual values at some point. But really, having access to that information is a double edged sword, as it can spoil the game. I play some 'cheat' careers while testing my app and I always lose interest in them much faster than my 'real' careers where I don't have access to that information. As for Reinier, I've only used him once but he's pretty good and my advice would be play him as much as possible (unless he hits the 'needs to mature' thing). He should level up quickly with game time. If you can't fit him into your team, then yeah, loan him out if you can, but I'd probably just stick him in the team, even if it's only every second game or something.
  18. Yeah, like the others have said, shame about the dip, but understandable, and expecting next season to be massive. Roofe is entering the danger zone soon though, where each injury can be one they don't fully recover from. I'm sure he'll keep doing well though.
  19. Nice choice of player. I think it will be fascinating to see how using better players in a tougher league goes vs using 'lesser' players in an easier lower league. That sort of thing is always fascinating to me. A good first season, although 3 quarter-finals gave me a laugh. That's not the sort of treble you are looking for! 🤣 Anyway, great start and I'm sure there is even more to come next year.
  20. Great season Smoggy. Numbers down a little, but obviously to be expected with the step up. 3rd is amazing in the first season up, can't wait to see what you do next season. And that comeback win in the semi was pretty epic! 😄
  21. Yes, this! I bought him for £1.7M and sold him for £31M in my current save. He played really well for me, then gave me enough money to buy two better replacements. 🙂
  22. I think it's up to you! It does depend somewhat on whether you are trying a particular challenge - then people might want to see more information like transfers. That said, I once did a 1KC where I just posed the history screen after I'd finished, no season by season updates because I was too busy to write them up. I wouldn't recommend that, but it's possible. Actually if you have a particular challenge in mind, then I'd ask the person who created it. But if it's just a general career, post what you want!
  23. Thanks mate, yeah he was on fire this year. Was worried because he was unhappy, but it didn't have much impact. Well, he had a blip immediately after getting unhappy the first time before recovering performance wise. And his morale was lower all season and I had to keep praising him to keep it relatively high. But really he just pushed right through it...
  24. Thanks mate, will take a look at those (except Fotis, because using March db). Although I need to stop buying players! 😄 I might end up waiting until my next Greek career (won't be long). I just have Greece loaded. I always try to keep it small and only load other leagues if I know I need a particular player that only shows up with them loaded or if I know I'm going to switch leagues. In the olden days I used to load as many as possible and the large database option (when that still existed) with the idea that having more players in the game would let me find better players. Then I realised it actually made it harder. Yes, there are more players, but the really good ones will be there anyway and a lot of the extra players aren't that good. For eg: If I load Spain as a secondary league, I'll get a lot more Spanish players, and although some of them will be good, a lot will be lower ability players. If I don't load Spain, I might miss out on a few good players, but all the rubbish ones aren't there either. As a result, I know that any Spanish player I sign is probably pretty good. The good part about this strategy is it's easier to find good players (just sign young players from the top nations and they will be good). The bad part is that it means you stop buying local players as much. Buy a young Spanish player and they are likely in the 3.5 to 5 stars PA range (real value, not scout/staff report value). Buy a young Greek player (in my case because I'm playing in Greece) and they could be anywhere from 1 to 4 star. Makes it more of a risk, so for me anyway, it means I'm less likely to buy local players (though I try to keep at least a few in the team).
  25. Cool, thanks! Been thinking about a Carroll save at some point, although not 100% sure I want to manage him (too frustrating!). But this would be a good one if I do.