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    Scratch got a reaction from Mr Tree in FMM20 New Features Announcement   
    LOL, rinse and repeat, every year. And every year I'm always saying that introducing new features means there's gonna be bugs and we need to be patient and give them time to fix them up, etc. But personally, I'd be happy with fewer new features and more bugs squashed. I like the look of the changes, but a lot will depend on how they actually work.
    Can't wait to get my hands on the game regardless. 😄
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    Scratch reacted to MikeF in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    This thread needs to be pinned. The best breakdown of stats hands down. 
    see how it goes for FMM 20.
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    Scratch got a reaction from BatiGoal in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    This response from Marc Vaughan a couple of years ago might have some relevance if we're discussing traits: 
    He has more posts as you go down that thread. It's a couple of years old, so could be out of date, but I haven't noticed any difference...
  4. Shocked
    Scratch got a reaction from BatiGoal in Oz Golden Generation Reborn: 2KC Goals / 1KC Assists [S10]   
    Yeah, that matches, I noticed the improvement not long after his birthday. Nice birthday gift... Thanks, now I'll be able to sleep tonight!
    The GpG not going to make it to 3. I reckon I will max out at about 2.8. 😄
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    Scratch got a reaction from BatiGoal in The ‘100 Club’ - Vibe’s most exclusive challenge   
    Yeah, that's about right. I hit the 2.43 in season 4 (129 goals in 53 games). Gave up the 1KC then, suffered from burnout. Shame because that could have been a massive career. But that sort of ratio is quite doable in China (at least in the pre-winter update version). 
    Anyway, can't wait to see what you get next version. But you don't want to use China or Scotland. They're terrible leagues to play. I think you better stick to Germany...😄
  6. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to cezzz16 in Last Hurrah with Zirkzee. 1k goal challenge attempt   
    Lol these comments. 😂 I usually play  1-2 games on short breaks while at work lol. I'm rushing things before fmm20 comes out. I just play and work and hope for the best when I check my phone haha. 
  7. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to Ashez in FM20 Mobile now available for pre-order and pre-registration   
    A BWM with something missing....Oh wait 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    Scratch got a reaction from BatiGoal in Oz Golden Generation Reborn: 2KC Goals / 1KC Assists [S10]   
    You mean now they are maxed out? To be honest I don't worry about it much until they start to decline and then it is Stamina. But in the meantime they aren't going to improve or decline (except sometimes via injury), so I figure it's not doing much behind the scenes, so doesn't matter what it's set to. 
    That said, I'm gonna set it to Stamina for both of them, because although their normal 'upgrades' are finished, they may still get the Fitness coach boost. Not sure if that happens for 'finished players' but worth a try! Thanks for making me think of that!
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    Scratch reacted to BatiGoal in BG's Race to 50   
    True, AF has been quite good in recent FMM years. I've tried many times to make the Treq a top striker but he becomes good at best, not great. So hopefully we'll have a supercharched T next month, hehe! 
  10. Funny
    Scratch got a reaction from Nucleus in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    Great thinking! I'll get right on it. Sometime in the next year or two. 🤣
  11. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to BatiGoal in BG's Race to 50   
    Just like in the screenshot, it usually is the TM followed by a close call between AF and P. 
    Thanks, could be well over 100 by the end of the season. I did it for a leaderboard mention btw 
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    Scratch got a reaction from PriZe in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    @PriZe I didn't notice any difference. I only played a couple of games with overlap on and the WBs stayed back like the screenshots above.
    That said, even with my current tactic, occasionally the WBs go on runs further up-field and put a cross in. This seems to happen when they get to the point where they'd normally pass but the other players aren't quite in the right position, so they keep going. It doesn't happen often, but it does happen. And what I can't tell is whether this happened more often with overlap turned on or whether it was the same. 
    But in general, they looked to pass rather than run and when they weren't carrying the ball, they stayed back.
  13. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to Ian in Ian - Moise Kean 2kc and full 30 seasons - Tactic - The End   
    Sounds doable to me 😂
    Thank you, yes I was certain he would be but thought I’d check to see who the next oldest player was at the end.

    37 is the next oldest which was a bit surprising as I thought there might be the odd 40+ year old.
  14. Favourite
  15. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to Mr Tree in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    just want to chime in and agree that it's a fascinating discussion - fundamentally a whole load of things i'm too scared to try properly. i tend to find i have big wobbles when i deviate from the few things i'm comfortable with, so i only give it 5-7 games and then i switch back... will be interesting to see how it goes with the new game...
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    Scratch got a reaction from Rob in Oz Golden Generation Reborn: 2KC Goals / 1KC Assists [S10]   
    Update - Season 6
    We should be strolling along smoothly by this point of the save. But what does that mean?
    We have targets of 70 assists from Arzani and 100 goals from Henderson. If we meet those, then we're on track to eventually meet both goals. If we fall short... then things start getting tougher.
    Loads of transfers this year:
    Notable transfers:
    Leaving not long after he joined was Moussima (Eto'o's regen). I forget why, but he did something wrong (was lazy or disrupted training or something), so it was the highway for him.
    Ajer and Eboue wanted a new challenge. Both were original team members who'd been very important players in our rise, but neither were first choice anymore, so I sadly let them go.
    We also sold any young Aussies who'd maxed out. We've made them as good as they can be, but they won't get a game here on merit, so it's time for them to forge their own careers (but see you on ITN duty fellas!).
    As I said last time, my tactics turned out to be ideal for both challenges. This particularly goes for the assist challenge - most of the assists are coming from the wingers and mostly from Arzani.
    I made a small mistake this year by playing stronger players on the opposite flank from Arzani. They started getting more assists than he did! Makes sense I guess. Once I realised it, I decided to make sure the left winger was good, but not good enough to take too many assists away from Arzani.
    For those who are interested, here are some percentages:
    The striker position scored 128 of our 190 goals, which at 67% is fairly consistent with previous seasons.
    The wingers accounted for 126 of our 170 assists, which is 74%. Of course this includes Arzani's corners, which were both numerous and not counted, but it does show the tactics prioritise wing play (despite not using the down the right instruction).
    Right wingers accounted for 102 assists, while the Left only accounted for 24. I believe this is down to dissatisfaction amongst the general populace (and the fact I consciously played left wingers who were not as good as Arzani).
    Arzani himself accounted for 56% of our assists, which down to his pure talent (making Australia great again!). Oh and the corners.
    Club Results
    We won everything this year (and it will probably be the same every year from now on):

    Here is the Champions League final (only 1-0 over Barcelona, but 19 shots to nil):
    The Ukrainian Messi
    In an interesting move, one of our players decided not to follow in his famous uncle's footsteps, choosing to play for Ukraine instead of Argentina.

    The world was shocked, but we were quietly happy as it means fewer long plane rides for Federico.
    Arzani has finished development (apart from a Leadership boost) and looks like this:

    Henderson had two updates and still has at least one more to come (inching up now, gonna take a while):

    The first update saw Movement and Decisions jump by 2 and Shooting increase by 1. With the second update, I was hoping to increase Movement and Shooting, but neither budged. Decisions did increase by 1 and Pace increased as well (gotta love those Fitness coaches).
    Arzani had another injury free season. How long can this last? He doesn't have message that he's resistant to injuries, so presumably he'll get injured soon or later.
    Henderson was not quite so lucky. He picked up an injury in late July, which meant he missed the first 4 or 5 games of the season. He then picked up a 10 day injury in December and missed the World Club Championship (and another couple of games).
    Still could have been worse.
    Arzani was a force of nature this year with 96 assists from 62 games:

    I was hoping for 70, but he smashed passed that and almost made it to the 100 mark. Just amazing stuff that is way more than I was hoping for (to be honest I thought 60 was massive).
    Club Goals
    For the third season in a row Henderson failed to play 50 games. However, he really ramped things up, with form like this:

    He ended up scoring 102 goals from 49 games:

    He broke both the 100 goal mark and the 2:1 ratio and he's still only 19. It's scary to think what he will do in future!
    ITN Goals
    Mostly friendlies and World Cup qualifying against easy teams this year, which saw Henderson scored 19 goals in 10 games. Screenshots of end of this season and last season):
    Season Assists (Arzani) Club Goals (Henderson) ITN Goals (Henderson) Total Goals (Henderson) 01 34 N/A N/A N/A 02 60 N/A N/A N/A 03 53 N/A N/A N/A 04 62 79 7 86 05 59 61 25 86 06 96 102 19 121 Total 364 / 1000 242 51 293 / 2000  
    The Future
    Can Arzani push on to 100 assists? I'm not sure that's possible, but honestly I'd be happy with 80. He's 25 years old now and if he could average 80 for the next 5 years, then he'd be close enough that he'd make it.
    This was a great season for Henderson. If he can rinse and repeat and get another 10 years of 120 goals, he will be well on his way (500 left by age 30). That said, he's capable of more as he matures and plays a full season etc, so I'm hoping he can get more than that next year.
  17. Favourite
    Scratch got a reaction from Ran7777 in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    So thought I'd try switching between Defensive mentality and Attacking mentality, with nothing else changed to see what the Wing Backs do. Here's what I found:
    Defensive, CM in possession, WB stays back:

    Attacking, CM in possession, WB pushes up:

    Defensive, ball in the box, WB stays back:

    Attacking, ball in the box, WB right up there in the box too:

    So I guess that proves that, at least for my combination of instructions, players and positions.
  18. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to Woody in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    Dude. Thats been around for a while. 
    Still have it on Amiga 😂😂
  19. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to PriZe in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    This thread😍
  20. Favourite
    Scratch got a reaction from PriZe in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    So I tracked 8 games in detail and have some further stats for my Defensive 4 3 2 1 tactic, which I described up yonder. I played that tactic all the way through every game - there were 3 games where I had to change tactic to my game chaser one, but I left those out of this as that immediately distorts the results. 
    There were 5 Home games and 3 Away games. Mostly Scottish Premier League, though a few Champions League games in there too (not hard ones though). Here are some stats:
      Shots On Target Goals Own Goal N/A N/A 1 WBs 1 1 0 CBs 6 2 2 CMs 6 1 2 AP 10 6 2 Wingers 14 4 2 Striker 59 32 21 TOTAL 96 46 30 So the striker got 61% of the shots, 69% of the shots on target and 70% of the goals. It's worth pointing out that 2 of those were from penalties and 3 were from corners.
    Of the other 9 goals, 2 were from passes from a free kick (taken by the striker), 4 were scrambled goals from rebounds, and of course there was the own goal. That leaves 1 goal from the AP (assist from CM) and 1 goal from a CB (from a corner) as the only two goals where I could possibly be angry at the player for taking the striker's goal. 🙂
    I'm sure with other tactics I'd probably score more than 30 goals in 8 games (I have a really good team in a weak league), but this tactic makes sure that the lion's share goes to the striker. I've played around with other things, but keep coming back to this as I can't get as many goals for the striker.
    Anyway, I thought that was interesting and worth sharing. I'd be fascinated to see how that compares with the tactics others use (if anyone has any info).
  21. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to danovic78 in The 1,000 Games/2,000 Goal Man   
    Sorry for the lack of acknowledgements here, lots of very kind messages.
    For anyone wondering how this was achieved it wasn't that complicated. Remember this on the OME
    The main thing is to bear in mind that this was achieved in China, I haven't test this tactic in any other league. For anyone who hasn't played in China then its very easy to create a squad capable of going through the season unbeaten. You get a big budget at the start and quickly I was getting excellent youth team players after upgrading my facilities.
    Well for the best success I have been using a simple 3-2-3-1-1 formation with varying player formation depending on the level of the players I was able to get it. Further through my career I was able to bring better players in.
                P/TM                                            P/TM
                  AP                                                 AP
            CM AP CM                              AP  DLP/BWM AP
    WBK                     WBK                 WBK                      WBK
             CD LD CD                                     CD BPD CD
                    GK                                                 GK
    Team Instructions
    Attacking - Balanced-Normal-Balanced
    Defensive - Balanced-Own Half-Normal/Committed. Offside ON and Time Wasting NO
    Final Third - Early Crosses-Work into Box-Run at Defence.
    Passing Style - Direct/Short Style
    Passing Focus - Centre/Mixed
    GK Dis - Mixed
    This all really depends on the quality of your players. The wing backs are the key here. Crossing and dribbling is a must with stats above 15 if you can, this really make it tick. Best to try and see what works best for you. 
    Hope that helps.
  22. Favourite
    Scratch got a reaction from danovic78 in The 1,000 Games/2,000 Goal Man   
    Wow great work! I've just embarked on a 2K quest and this give me hope. Mind you the playing on until 43 is sort of insane - if my striker does that I guess I can forget about FMM20 for a good while! 😄
    Anyway that's truly stunning stuff!! 
  23. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to shosky in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    I have really enjoyed this thread. I've used the points from everyone to create my own tactics(the first time I would do that actually). It's a flat 352 defensive mentality with narrow width. I'm amazed at the results I'm getting. Rotherham, Atalanta, Crystal Palace and Leicester won their respective leagues with the tactics.
    No more scouting for tactics on the vibe. This has been the best thread by far on the Vibe. Thank you guys
  24. Funny
    Scratch got a reaction from Ian in Ian - Moise Kean 2kc and full 30 seasons - Tactic - The End   
    Just a little something for the back of his mind, to stop him from getting too bored in the final years of this... 😂
  25. Favourite
    Scratch reacted to Kanegan in Building a Tactic for a Lone Striker   
    The ideas bounced in this thread and the discussions have been really stimulating. One think I miss most is BBM in DM position. That was pretty enjoyable and one where I got the most out of Goretzka on FMM 2018.