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About scratch99

  1. Oh, is that how it's supposed to work? I just buy and buy... 😄 What's in them cabbages you feeding those boys!? I can't get past 120... 🙁 (though my striker still scores plenty) Dunno... Mine is having an off the charts stormer this year... Best I've ever had. I'd have to say he (Pinamonti) is the best striker in the game! Keep it up David. We're waiting for you! Anyway mate, superb going as always! 🏆
  2. Update - Season 11/12 - Calendar Year Pinamonti's calendar year record (so far) is 101 goals in Season 10/11. Can he beat it this time around? Club Goals Pinamonti starts the year with 47 club goals: Then gets another 35 in the first half of the year (82-47), followed by 52 in the second half of the year: Making it a total of 87 club goals. ITN Goals He starts with 134 goals: And finishes the year with 162 goals: Making it a total of 28 ITN goals this year. Total For The Year Club Goals 87 ITN Goals 28 TOTAL: 115 That's Pinamonti's best calendar year yet. It would put him on top of the leaderboard right now, but I happen know that @Nucleus is sitting on a higher score (117). So Pinamonti is going to have to up his game next year!
  3. scratch99

    1000 Goal Challenge

    Glad you gave it a go. Shame you didn't persist though as the vast majority of strikers are pretty inconsistent until they hit 20. Some take even longer than that. Anyway, will head over to your new attempt when I get the chance! Good luck!
  4. scratch99

    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    Hope he manages to score a bunch of new times this season. I think Tottenham will come straight back up, but Sunderland will stay down where they belong! ?
  5. Great going mate, hope you get one of those bad boys over the line! I guess you could play another season to get them there if you really want to! ? As for Hernandez, that was an awesome season. Great work and good luck with the lucky last one!
  6. Just caught up with this and he really is a machine! Wonder what he was like when he was younger. Anyway, great work! Can't wait to see where he gets to in the end.
  7. 1KC mate, 1KC. Tough. but worth shooting for.
  8. I missed a few updates, sorry! ? Going nicely, especially teamwise (not sure how you can keep them happy if they want more than that!). Also appreciate your commitment to the 'ISF' roles, gives it that extra dimension, but any second thoughts on sticking to that? Either way, can't wait to see how this unfolds. ?
  9. Hmm, I found that too, although Pinamonti's not strong enough in the air to consistently make it work (gets some goals though). I can only imagine what it would be like with a slab head on the receiving end! Thanks for the info on Pavon. I think he'd go pretty well with a tall striker, so was wondering about how he went with these lads. I guess you can't expect them to convert too many! ?
  10. scratch99

    Nucleus brings out the Slab-Heads

    I once got a hat-trick of missed penalties, can't remember who though. Might have been Colidio. Terrible. At least Laurence isn't actually a striker, so sort of understandable. ? Anyway, great work mate, reckon you're building to a big big score...?
  11. scratch99

    Titjes: A 5 in 1 career

    Great work mate, congrats on the TT!! Super work. And great work on all the challenges - you might need to put a rocket up Arthur for the GAM though. I assume he'll keep penalties and free kicks even though you're on to the 1KC? Though I have to say, I'm not sure why you're surprised that Sunderland went down. That where they belong! ?
  12. scratch99

    New to Vibe

    Welcome to Vibe! I'm sure you'll pick everything up quickly and will enjoy this fantastic community here. ?
  13. Wow, that's amazing mate. You really got them working. Interesting you made them Poachers, wouldn't have been my first choice. How many assists did Pavon get? And maybe I'm gonna have to check out @Nucleus's training as everyone seems to be raving about it (yeah, I know, I'm super late to the party on that one).
  14. Update - Season 11 As always, we're shooting for a) 100+ goals (club and country) for Pinamonti and b) the Champions League. Did we get them both this year? Transfers Less transfers than normal, perhaps I'm learning my lesson? Leaving us were: Coman: Last season he got 6 assists from 28 games. Not a youngster anymore and no reason to persist with him. Joe Gomez: A top class centre back and quite versatile too, but not young any more and it struck me that with so much money in the bank, I could probably get an upgrade on him. Coming in were: Schurrle: A defender that looks top class. Not as good at passing and dribbling as Gomez, whom he replaces, but better defensively and younger with hopefully some development left in him. Gisinti: Another young centre back. He'll just be a backup, but I can develop him for the Italian team and he'll likely be good enough to start there. But WTF is this, Mike Ashley? The first time he's butted in in 11 years, so I guess I should thank my lucky stars, but still... He better not sell Pinamonti out from under me. That would be such a Mike Ashley thing to do... Competitions Here's how we did in the various competitions this seasons: Won the Community Shield, beating Man Utd 2-0, both goals from Pinamonti. Won the European Super League, 2-1 over Dortmund. Won the Club World Championship 3-0, beating SEP 3-0 in the final, with one goal from Pinamonti. Won the League Cup, beating Liverpool 3-1 in the final. Won the FA Cup, beating Tottenham 2-0 in the final, with one goal from Pinamonti. We had a scare against Man Utd in the 6th round though, needing a 92nd minute equalizer to get us into extra time, where we grabbed the winner. Won the Premier League again, but still only 107 goals. @Nucleus is scoring 162 league goals in his save! Won the Champions League for the fourth time (and first time retaining it), beating Barcelona 4-3 in a thriller! We were 3-0 down after 60 minutes, but came back, with two goals in extra time (of normal time) to send us into overtime where we grabbed the winner... Excitement, what!? And Italy won Euro 2028, beating Wales 1-0 in the Final (sorry @Nucleus @Taff). We should have won comfortably, but we made hard work of it. We didn't score the winner until the 88th minute and we finished the game with only 9 players, with Bonucci and Pinamonti being sent off. That's not what I meant when I said I wanted to see your name on the scoreboard Andrea! Yep, we won everything again (about time we did this consistently): Bad Times Ahead Ten years of service were up, so I was offered a place on the board: Great! Now I can slowly take us down through the leagues, so Pinamonti can score 300 goals per season in the Conference! Actually that will probably suit Mike Ashley just fine... Better not do it, can't give him the satisfaction. Assists Who is providing all the club goals? Goebel, a nice young Brazilian left winger, is looking like he might take the lead from here on in. Apart from him, we have a bunch of others chipping in. Pulisic and Jacomo once looked like they'd be the leaders, but not so prolific this year. Injuries Pinamonti picked up a month long injury in January, which will probably affect next year's Calendar Year Scoring Challenge (he missed 10 games): He also had a phantom injury (he had to miss a couple of games while he restored his condition): Development This is what Pinamonti looks like now (no change): Goals - Highlights Pinamonti had two 5 goal efforts and one 4 goal effort: Goals - Club He scored 82 goals in 50 games: That seems to be about the ratio he's settled into since I got the ITN job. Not bad, especially considering the injury. Goals - ITN Pinamonti had 127 international goals at the start of the year: And he finished with 146, meaning he'd scored 19 goals in 14 games. Once again, not quite as good as a few seasons ago, but still they all count. Progress 29 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 82 765 ITN Goals 19 113 Totals 101 878 Whew! He's back to 100+ goals, despite a month off. We'll take that. The Future Pinamonti is now only 122 goals short of the 1K. He should get within sniffing difference next year. He has just turned 29 and I'm hoping to get another 8 or 9 years out of him. Will it be enough to get to 1.5K? I think so, as long as we get another 3 seasons or so of 100+ goals. That'll give us 6 years or so to mop up the last 300 goals. Anyway, we'll keep pushing and see where we get to. Thanks for reading!
  15. scratch99

    Changes.txt help

    @Craig Duncan I explained how I got this working on another thread (which you are also on, so you may have seen it, but just in case):