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  1. Yeah, mine was pretty average when I got him. Mind you at 18, yours could develop alright. I don't put much stock in the Potential Ability rating from the staff. I've seen so many players have 2 stars when I first saw them, but end up being superstars. Yep, even Messi's regen only had 2 star PA according to my staff. Your son's negatives are all things that can be grown out of, while he has some good positives like Thrives in big matches. You won't know until you've played for a few more seasons, hope he works out alright.
  2. As a team, are you getting lots of shots? Or not many? He he getting lots of shots and missing? Or not getting any at all? I'd switch the roles around so that you have an AP and a DLP in the midfield row. Apparently in this version BWMs spend a lot of time chasing the ball and getting out of position, whereas a DLP is more likely to both provide defensive cover AND try for a killer pass. Same with an AP obviously, although you need to pay attention to who is in these positions... Check out the Positions screen for all your players. Any players with Shoots from distance or tries first time shots - get rid of them! Well, I keep a few but use them as subs mostly. If you have players who are going to try killer passes etc in a certain position (like DLP or AP) make sure they are playing in that position - as long as their attributes suit that. Check out the attributes for all your players. For DLPs and APs I try to get players with high Creativity, Passing and Decisions. Tackling and Teamwork is nice too, but make sure they have the skill to get the killer passes in to your striker. Any players with low teamwork, especially as you get into the midfield and attackers - look for replacements with high teamwork values. There's probably more, but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.
  3. Career 1KC: Kaiser Kai Scores 1000+

    I never train anyone who hasn't got at least 'reasonable' aptitude to a new position, it would simply take too long otherwise, if at all. Kai was 'reasonable' for ST spot and if memory serves me right it took him over a season to become a natural striker. I think approx 18 months. I've found that as long as they don't complain about being frustrated, even someone with very poor aptitude will probably get to full green eventually. Might take years! Also I *think* that FMM 2017 was the first version where you could retrain someone until they were full green / natural in a position. It was super hard to get anyone to retrain at all when it first came out, so they reworked it in one of the patches and I believe they added that in.
  4. It's working! Though maybe it won't be quite enough... I might need to put up some fake comments from @BatiGoal on the wall to fire him up more! It's interesting to compare Colidio to Armstrong, bearing in mind: I really didn't have any idea of what I was doing in the early Armstrong seasons, so Colidio is off to a much better start. Colidio is 3 years younger than Armstrong - by the age of 26, Armstrong was only on Season 7, whereas Colidio has had 10 seasons. The England call up was still 5 years away for Armstrong at the equivalent point. Colidio already has 39 ITN goals that count. Also, there's no way to know for sure, but all the indicators are that Colidio is better quality than Armstrong (and his attributes are better). So... At this point, Colidio has 571 goals. Armstrong only had 350. If you did want to compare season 10 to season 10, then Armstrong had 560, which is much closer obviously, but Colidio got off to a slow start because I couldn't make him score as a 16 year old and Armstrong is going to slow down significantly sooner... At this point, I'll be disappointed if I don't get to 1200 goals (Armstrong got to 1064).
  5. Posted to the dressing room wall! "Batigoal thinks you can't score 100 this season"
  6. Yeah, not a bad player all things considered. 87 goals (club & ITN) this year. Hoping he'll get close to 100 before too long, but we'll have to see about that.
  7. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Not playing 2018 yet, but the board getting upset about youth players being signed happened in 2017 too. Strange that your overall rating is less than every single individual one though.
  8. Update - Season 10 We're approaching halfway, so only another 5 or 6 weeks to go. If I'm lucky, I'll be playing FMM 2018 by Christmas. Come on Facundo, get a move on! Transfers, etc If you remember the last update, a lot of space was given to our troubles with Kingsley (Big Shot) Coman. As soon as an offer materialised, from Chelsea, we bit their hand off. Sure, we made a loss of £151.5M on him (including the original player exchange), but I've got more money than I can spend at this point... We also sold our reserve striker Florenzi and attacking midfielder Lemar. Neither were getting game time. The saddest transfer was Callum Paterson. I didn't intend for him to leave, but I hesitated on signing him to a new contract due to his age, and Sunderland jumped in and got him on a Bosman. He was 31 and starting to visibly age, but he still had a great season and has been a great servant of the club. We'll miss you mate! In the Transfers In column, we had Pulisic joining on a free and a bunch of exciting young players for the future, all of which were loaned straight out. Featured Player This time around, I want to highlight an impressive achievement by one of our promising youngsters who we've loaned out: Yes, Sanchez is playing well, but has also managed to get 4 red cards in the first 30 games... He gets sent off more than 10% of the time!! He's going to be the BOSS. Double Trouble No, not the DT challenge - real double trouble, but luckily not for us: Falkirk have implemented a buddy system, where young players will have an experienced player with them at ALL times. Competitions Normal service returned this year, with us taking out all the domestic competitions. We went 37-1-0 in the League, with 118 goals for and only 5 against. We wrapped the title up on 8th Feb and I'm still hopeful of one day doing it in January, if the stars align. Elsewhere, we won the European Super Cup and The Club World Championship, but lost the Champions League Final. Real Madrid got off to a great start and were winning 3-0 by half time. We clawed a goal back, before having a player sent off, then piled the pressure on towards the end. We managed to get it back to 3-2, but too little, too late... Development & Awards This is what Colidio looks like now: He was World Player of the Year again: Injuries Colidio got a ghost injury while on ITN duty (again, those ITN games are dangerous!): Even though it wasn't a proper injury, it did knock him down to 42% and he ended up missing 3 games - but that was the only injury this year, so I have to be happy with that! Goals No quadruples this year. Slow and steady, lots of braces, nothing flashy. At the club level, he scored 77 goals in 50 appearances: Nice ratio, doing well, pretty happy with his form at club level. He misses about half of his penalties though, which is a bit of a worry! ITN Goals Colidio started the season with 38 ITN goals: By the end of the season, he'd scored another 10 goals (in 17 games) at ITN level. We won the Confederations Cup quite easily. We lost the World Cup Final to Italy. We dominated every game, including the Final, but had trouble scoring - mainly because Colidio ran out of puff after a long season (67 games) and just could not score. He got only 2 goals in 7 games at the WorldCup. 🙁 Progress 26 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 77 532 ITN Goals (-9) 10 39 Totals 87 571 The Future With ITN tournaments before and after the season, Colidio just played too many games (67) this year. He limped across the line with almost nothing left in the tank. He just couldn't hit the net no matter how many shots he had. With only a 2 week break heading into the new season, I need to monitor this closely and make sure I get him enough down time to find his spark again.
  9. Great article and fascinating to follow what happened to all of them. Have to admit I hadn't heard of most of them. Great work fellas!
  10. I had a player score from 95 yards out, but never ever seen 100 yards before. That's amazing!
  11. Career Maximiliano Romero : A 1KC Journey

    Absolutely awesome start! Nice choice of club (my first choice for a 1KC too). As for Romero, I've had him as a backup striker in 2017 and was thinking about using him in a 1KC, but guess I'll look for a different striker now! 😄 Anyway. keep it up, you're going to set a high bar for sure.
  12. Haha thanks mate, but you have to deal with these prima donnas ruthlessly. No one is bigger than the team! Well except me and Fucundo... The rest all have to get in line and bow down and scrape etc... Cross me and you're toast, no matter how much you cost. Not sure why my rating for discipline is only 9... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  13. Thanks mate! I'm watching the forum threads over there a bit and not tempted right now! 🙂 Mind you, could be a good idea to start a 1KC now, while it seems like it's easy to score a bunch of goals (maybe they wlil make it harder later)... Nah, spent 6 weeks on this, not giving up anytime soon.
  14. Haha, that's right, luckily a quick look at the bug thread for 2018 puts me straight. No way I'm diving in on that now! Even if it was bug-free, I've come too far now... Gotta see this one through.
  15. Thanks mate, the rest of the SPL are terrified of him alright! But lots of little signs that he's genuine quality too. Value now at £106M in the following season (Armstrong never topped about £40M), one of the 3 starred players for Argentina, his ranking in the scout generator, already got as many WPotY awards as Armstrong did, etc. All that stuff is probably influence by average rating, but he just seems to be a different class compared to Armstrong (still love him though).