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  1. Off to a slow slow start my friend! Could take a while! 😁
  2. Thanks for the link! I see you have a couple of other completed 1KCs (fell out of my chair when I say the name 'Ajer' against one of them). I'm going to try to do some reading and catch up but I'm so, soooo behind.... Maybe I better just focus on the current careers! As for me, I've just started on FMM18. Just been squad building, now ready for my first game. We'll see how it goes! Not sure if I'll write the career up, nothing special, just a 'lets get Oxford United to win the Champions League' one. Something I've wanted to do for a long time and gives me a chance to come to grips with 18. Actually I tried to get Ajer on loan in this current career, but someone else got him instead.
  3. @NucleusNT Catching up on what I've missed over the last few months and this was sensational - great job mate! I used Celtic in three 1KC attempts in 2017 and each time Ajer turned out pretty much the same as here attribute-wise. Here's my version in case you'e interested: Each time, I retrained him to full greens in all five 'down the middle' positions (except sweeper). But then I stuck him on the bench as cover because of his versatility - you went got a 1KC out of him!!! 😲 Stunned mate, great work!
  4. Only a few months late to comment, but anyways... This is the guy I recommended you use for your 2017 Viking career, as he turned out just as good for me in several Celtic careers. Had him full green on every position down the spine (except sweeper). 🙂
  5. scratch99

    The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Thanks @danovic78 - much appreciated!!
  6. Thanks mate! It's one of those things that FMM does from time to time. I've had my share of scraping across the line, I guess I need to cop a few cases of falling short! Yeah, I'm sure to get over and start an FMM18 career soon, got that itchy feeling, but right now I'm really enjoying the freedom and I'm playing Motorsport Manager 2 (which I bought 3 or 4 months ago and never played because of this career!).
  7. Well I did for a little while. I mean he skipped town and wouldn't answer my damn calls! But then I had a few drinks and looked back on what we achieved together, then a few more drinks and well, maybe a few more and I realised I love the guy...
  8. Thanks mate! Really appreciate the support you've shown through this long career - even when I haven't had time to comment much on your careers. Much much appreciated. And yeah, 7 goals short... 7. I mean really... 7! But you're right Colidio has been awesome for me and I can't get too angry at the bloke...
  9. Yeah, that was my initial reaction. Like I said in the previous comment, I went from thinking it was a no chance thing, to it being nailed on (I thought), so it was a gut punch... At one point I thought he might even make it last season, then he lost 7 games near the end due to injury. 7 goals in 7 games? Maybe not at this point, but it would have been close... Anyway, done is done... I actually fired up FMM18 before and just for fun started a career unemployed. Got a job with Bognor Regis who I had in the second chances career last year and hired Teddy Sheringham as my coach... Half tempted to go with it rather than the U's idea (although I still like that). Was really happy the lagging that was there (Android) in previous versions is now gone. Realistically, though I'll probably have a little break. I have other games that I bought and never played that I might check out. Might have a short detour into Motorsport Manager 2 for a start. But we'll see. I have that heady feeling now of not having anything before me and being able to choose my own direction. Thanks for all your support throughout this long journey, it's been much appreciated! Kept me going when most everyone else had moved over to the FMM18 forum.
  10. Thanks! Yeah, I'm slowly getting over the shock ending. I went from thinking I had no chance of getting to 1.5K, to believing I was there already, so it was a bit gutting. Now, I'm slowly realising I'm free, free at last!!!
  11. scratch99

    The 1000 Goal Challenge

    @danovic78 Finally finished Facundo Colidio's 1KC and he got 1493 goals: Would be great to get onto the leaderboard if that's possible. Thanks!
  12. Update - Season 24 It all seemed so simple at the end of last season: Literally days later: So... It's over... 7 measly goals to go.... If ever there was a time I was tempted to reload, it was right then. Final Total Here's the final total. I won't repeat the screenshots from above. It's all right there in the previous post. 39 years old Total Club Goals 1309 ITN Goals 184 Totals 1493 The Future Colidio has already boarded his plane and headed back home to Argentina. He'll always be welcome in Glasgow (one side of it anyway), but he's not the sentimental type. He's made his decision and moved on. As for me... I'm not sure. I've been playing this career for 6 months and it's going to leave a hole... That said, I've very busy right now and I'm a bit burnt out. Don't expect another long career from me for a while. I may finally jump into FMM 2018 and start a general team building career with Oxford United (that's been my plan for a while), but I probably won't write about that. Or I may have a break for a while... Either way, I'll be back eventually, but I'll see you round on the forums in the meantime! Thanks for reading!
  13. Update - Season 23 Only 54 goals to go to reach 1.5K. In his prime, Colidio would have blown past that in January, but at 38, it'll probably take him a couple of years. Let's see how close he gets this season. Transfers, etc Only one big name departure this year: 31 year old Robert Lang, a central midfielder who was on on the edge for many years, but settled into the team in the last few years. He was our biggest assist provider last year, but his attributes started to decline over the off-season, so time to say goodbye. Retirement Just as the season was kicking off, Colidio announced that this would be his last season! Damn, 54 goals in one season is gonna be too hard. Fortunately, I talked him into continuing for another year. Phew... But now that he's started thinking about life after football, this is likely to become a regular conversation. Competitions We won everything domestically again this year (never a doubt). A brace for Colidio in the Betfred Cup Final for the second year running - he likes the big occasions. We wrapped the league up on the 6th Feb, which around the best I've ever done. I thought this team was supposed to be in decline! Elsewhere: No European Super Cup or Club World Championship this year. We won the Champions League, though, so we'll return to those competitions next year. At the ITN level, we won the Copa America again, but the final was tight. We dominated, but it was 2-2 near the end. Messi (not the real one, but very good) had a 90th minute winner disallowed, but went on to score the winner in extra time. Injuries I thought Colidio was in line for another injury free year, but he picked up a 3 week injury in May. This meant he missed the last 3 club games and the first 4 Copa America games (he made it back for the later rounds). Development This is what Colidio looked like at the end of last season, followed by what he looks like at the end of this season: Once again, he's held up pretty well - but that isn't showing the full picture. For most of the season he was even better than he was last year. Not much (+1 in Movement, Decisions, Pace, Stamina), but it all counts. He went up and down a few times, but mostly stayed at the higher level, before dipping at the end. Awards Just when I'd packed away the awards section, Colidio goes and gets runner up in the World Player of the year award! Not bad for a 38 year old. He also won the Premiership Player of the year too (see screenshot in the injury section above). I've never reported those before (there were many!), but this one is worth mentioning at 38 years of age. Goals He managed a hat-trick this year, albeit one with a penalty: At club level, Colidio scored 40 goals in 48 appearances: That's the best ratio in years!! It should be getting worse... But, well, I'm not going to complain about it am I? ITN Goals Colidio started the season with 186 ITN goals (9 scored before I took over): By the end of the season, he'd scored another 7 goals (in 9 games) at ITN level: Progress 39 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 40 1309 ITN Goals 7 184 Totals 47 1493 The Future Colidio only has 7 goals to go to make it to 1.5K. He's 39, but it's nailed on now!!
  14. This is shaping up very nicely. You did a great job last season and I'm really liking the players you've added to the squad in the off-season. I reckon you'll go close to promotion this season too.