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  1. Highly recommended! Not sure why more people don't use him! 😄 BTW, I have this open in a tab, but haven't had time to read it through yet. Sorry - but will get to it sometime!
  2. Yeah, it's amazing what you can do with $$$. I've had Champions League quality players in League 1 (England), which is just ridiculous! 🙂 Anyway, going great! Looking like you'll make it to 1K but might need to be a long career - but you can do it! Glad you sorted out the consistency issue with the team. And interesting tactic - to be honest, I've only ever used 1 up front for a 1KC, so interesting to see 2 up front work. Anyway, keep it up!
  3. Zé Road To 1500 Goals. A 1.5kc

    He's both looking great and scoring great for his age! Congrats on getting the Portugal job, that should help get you to 1500 (or higher!).
  4. Only just caught up on this mate - great stuff and congrats completing it successfully!
  5. Understand that it's a little disappointing that his goals per game ratio dropped a little this year, but as others have said (and you already know), 35 from 51 is still a pretty good return for someone so young. He'll come good in a few years, just keep it up. And yeah, I'd play him up front by himself and bring de Jong off the bench to win games if need be...
  6. Haha, you got this easy! Nice way to bounce back from that bully Goliath - you're going to walk this in and get full marks! Great stuff.
  7. Thanks! Maybe halfway in terms of teams sorted, but probably not halfway in terms of years!
  8. Thanks mate, yep going smoothly right now, but still a long path in front of me! I'll keep walking it, although slowly because of real life stuff at the moment... added 0 minutes later Thanks mate. Appreciate your comment!
  9. Thanks mate! Yeah, I was pretty happy at getting 3 up. Stealing their competitors' goalkeepers really helped. It's not always a silver bullet, but Norwich was second at the end of January and they slowly dropped down and just missed out on the playoffs in the end, allowing another second chance team to scrape in. Anyway, I'll be happy with 1 going up next year. As for Armstrong, he's only been with me for 5 and a half seasons, so his average is pretty good! If I can get him back down to L1 again, he's going to crack 100 eventually. Not sure about 1500 though!
  10. Update - Season 7 - Bolton Bolton cruised through League 1 last season and now take on the Championship in a bid to be crossed off the list and ultimately be dismantled. Sorry Bolton fans... Targets Here are the targets I set out at the end of last season: Win the league with Bolton and see them safely back in the Premier League Try to keep the League 2 relegation zone clear of second chance teams 100 goals for Armstrong! In hindsight the third one may have been wishful thinking. If he couldn't hit 100 goals in League 1, how could he do it in the Championship? Anyway, read on to see how things went. Colombia I'll start with the news that I quit the Colombia job. I'll always have fond memories of that World Cup win, but it's time to say goodbye and focus on the challenge at hand. Transfers I bought and sold a lot of players, but not quite as many as in previous seasons. Here are our transfers out: And our transfers in: Nothing too noteworthy, but you'll probably notice there's not as many exchanges going on - more on that in the Charity section. No big money signings this year, although we did get in a bunch of top class free agents, including Nastasic, Dendoncker, Amiri, van Beek, Samper - and Maximiliano Romero, who I once gave to QPR (they've been back to the PL so are fair game now). Charity Once again, I was busy doing the (now) usual things: Exchanging players with second chance teams: There weren't as many takers this time around - not sure why they don't want my players... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Finding clubs standing between second chance teams and promotion/safety and buying all their goalkeepers: Once again, this worked fairly well, with teams like Norwich dropping out of contention of promotion. Throwing games (we don't call it that in most company, but we know we can trust you). There's probably no point focusing on this any further, it's the same old same old by now. I will leave you with this screenshot of our Reserves though: Job Opportunities When the Leicester manager was sacked, the media thought I was a good bet to take over there: And so did Leicester, who came knocking on my door (without me asking): Bolton were already promoted by that point and I did consider it. I'd need to find a new job shortly and none of the second chance managers were insecure, so why not win win the Premier League with Leicester and claim those bonus points? In the end I decided I wanted to head down rather than up, so I said no. Hope I don't regret that! The same thing happened with Newcastle, but as much as I love them (and despite the poetry there'd be in taking Armstrong home), I couldn't accept that job. For one, it wouldn't contribute directly to the challenge, and secondly... if I took it I'd have to dismantle the club on my exit and I couldn't do that. Results It was a decent season, but not as good as last year when we won everything. Details: Accidental Armstrong 1KC Armstrong got off to a slow start to the season, which is strange as he normally explodes out of the box. He recovered to have 41 goals by New Year's Eve: The second half of the season was pretty decent too: For some reason, he had a lot of goals disallowed this year. Here's a couple of egs (he could have had 5 goals in one of them!): He also had some disciplinary problems this year: He got injured, but fortunately it was a phantom injury (no lasting damage or time out, just a Condition hit). He hit 4 goals only once this year, but it could have been 5 on that occasion (another disallowed goal): So, hoping he'd get 100 goals this year was clearly wishful thinking! Still, 75 goals in 60 games isn't too bad. He now has 439 goals total under my management. He's 26 now and should cross the halfway mark next season if things go well, so I think he's tracking alright for the 1KC. League Tables Here's the top and bottom of all the English leagues: Man Utd won the Premier League again, so no bonus points. Man City, what are you doing there? Come on, earn me some bonus points! In the Championship, 3 second chance teams were promoted, with Leeds and Reading joining us on the way up. Of the top seven, only Norwich and Bristol City were not second chance teams and they were both keeperless, so it wasn't a surprise we got 3 ticked off. At the other end, we lost Sheffield Utd and MK Dons to League 1. In League 1, Portsmouth were the only second chance team to go up, with Sheffield Wednesday enduring playoff heartbreak... We managed to make sure that no second chance teams were relegated. There was a surprise in League 2, with AFC Wimbledon going up. I'd given up on them, as they were two levels behind MK Dons, but next season they're both in League 1. Game on! That leaves us with 12 teams left to go. Only 5 are in the Championship, meaning it'll be more difficult to tick some off next year. As long as there is upwards momentum I guess that's okay, but it feels like the challenge is shifting and will be harder from here on out. Past Winners (3) Completed (15) Remaining (12) Looking Ahead All in all, a good season. 3 more ticked off the list and a decent bag of goals for Armstrong. Turning towards next season, the big question is where am I going to be? Not at Bolton, that's for sure, unless I'm stranded there. Come on second chance clubs - sack your managers!
  11. I would have gone with an even leakier formation (I use an upside down U) and try to concede in the first few minutes, so I had the whole game to come back! But looking forward to seeing how you go. And that 4 1 4 1 formation looks very interesting!
  12. Hoping he kicks on next season and get up to 70 or even more. He should be coming into his prime now and reaching those sorts of numbers, if things are going well. Fingers crossed!!
  13. What BG said. There's been quite a few people lost saves this year. And enjoy the summer while it lasts!
  14. Great to see you having a go at this one! And Buitink looks pretty damn good for a 16 year old. And almost a goal a game? That's awesome! If he's doing that at 16 he's going to go a long way. 1.5K for sure! 🙂
  15. Zé Road To 1500 Goals. A 1.5kc

    Still going so strong. He's definitely going to make it to 1.5K. Absolutely fantastic effort! 🙂