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  1. My one is not quite that good at the same age (mostly the same but 3 down on Pace and 1 down on a few of the others) - but still pretty damn good. I'm going to have to read back on your triple threat career now! ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Thanks mate, yeah it's going well. Newcastle will soon be the best club in the world. As for Mitrovic, he's actually doing really really well in the limited time allotted to him. Of course not POTY worthy at all, but enough to make me wonder about a 1KC with him.... But I have about 4 or 5 1KC ideas, better park them and concentrate on this one...
  3. Thanks - yeah looking good. Probably won't keep up the Sunderland Watch, just too good to pass up this year... ๐Ÿ˜„ As for Armstrong - that was a real hard one... I was thinking I'd make him my backup striker, but I realised he just wasn't good enough and the other players I was buying (like Rodrygo and Vinicius Junior) would probably be better backups, along with Mitrovic who had good teamwork etc... But it was a hard one... ๐Ÿ˜ข
  4. Yeah, I'd be quite happy to pay for that sort of content. Maybe it can be an in game purchase for each extra db you want and it downloads it from the server. Then any you'd purchased / downloaded would just need to be listed in the db selector (where you choose from the original db and the mid season update). I think I'd do a 1KC with Robbie Fowler... Or Mark Viduka!
  5. Thanks mate, yeah good point about the inconsistency. A few bare patches in the next season, followed by some hot patches. But I gotta say he's doing better than any of my 2017 strikers, so I'm feeling good.
  6. Yeah, I never use MyClub. I don't want to manually add all the players I want to my team and then pit that team against the modern world. I want SI Games to dust off the shelf, find the CD with the CM01/02 database on it and port that into FMM 2019. You could start with a real team and then sign the best players of the day. The problem is that even if there weren't the likely licensing issues, the old databases they have wouldn't match up to the current database structure and it would probably be a bucket load of work to port them across. But just imagine if they did!
  7. Actually I just realised what I really really really want and it's not more leagues - it's the same leagues, but with old databases.... ie rewind 10 years or 20 years as the starting point. It'll never happen due to licensing issues and technical issues (the historic databases they have won't be complete for all leagues in the game and they won't contain all the fields / attributes / other stuff that the current game has), but man I'd Iove that. To be able to play the Newcastle 96 team... Failing that, yeah, the more leagues the better! ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Gulp... ๐Ÿ˜ฎ There are some fantastic players in there... Not sure that Pavon in Messi's regen though. Messi has more positions and different feet in my game. It's closer to Aguero - same feet, same positions (although different colour for some). Either way his is a fantastic player who would a good bet for 2K!! Anyway, well done. Hope you get you're account back.
  9. Great article guys! And very interesting perspectives. I wouldn't mind seeing a half time team talk as long as it's done right (sometimes bollocking your team will get you the win, sometimes destroy team morale or get some players to dislike you). It would have to be something you do occasionally rather than every game - a bit like the morale thing now, where it's not in your face, but where you can go use if you want, but it doesn't always have the intended effect. For new leagues, China is the obvious one for me, but the Greek one would be fascinating too - some great clubs there. Not sure how their finances are these days, but if they are weak I guess that would make it even more fascinating... Imagine taking Panathinaikos to Champions League success! The DOF one is also fascinating, as long as it was a start save option. If it was on, I'd actually like to see it be a little random. Some clubs have them, some don't, like in real life. In some clubs the manager has more say than in others, etc. I guess that's over-complicated and unlikely though. Actually I'd quite like a challenge where you start off with very little say, but as you become more successful you can start wresting control back from the DOF. Anyway, great write up and very thought provoking.
  10. Very interesting challenge, hadn't really paid it any attention before. You're off to a great start and looking like you'll top the leaderboard if you keep this rate up! ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. @Nucleus - you might want to start counting hat-tricks - there's a bonus William Ralph "dixie" Dean Challenge leaderboard spot waiting for you... Might be too late though I guess as you only have 12 seasons and you're up to 8 already (is that right)?
  12. Thanks @Cockers2505. I don't think I've ever had a 1KC start so well. Though it's my first one in 2018 so maybe it's different from 2017. It was a super happy bonus to find out he is "very rarely injured" - although of course he got injured in the first season, but hopefully injuries shouldn't be too bad this save... ๐Ÿคž
  13. Very very difficult, but maybe a possibility. I don't think I've ever got that many league goals, but I just checked @Nucleus's current save and he got Harry Kane to 61 league goals in season 3 - and that's a 2 striker formation - so it can be done. Maybe not by me! But it's possible in theory... You may want to rest him in other games and keep him fresh for the League. And... nope that's it, I'm not sure I have any other tips for this one... But I will be cheering you on!
  14. I don't know mate, I hadn't seen this challenge before. I just saw it said "60 league goals" and I thought the "league goals" part meant no cup goals etc. But that would be... very difficult. Anyway, not meaning to make a fuss, was just wondering about it.
  15. scratch99

    FMM 19

    Oh, I think in this case we can probably agree that it's brilliant minds thinking alike!