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  1. Update - Season 18 Colidio was still going reasonably strong last season at the age of 33, but decline has started. What will it be this season? Still banging in the goals? Attributes falling away? Both? Let's see! Transfers, etc Time to sell some true stars this year: Larossa (Cavani), Diaz, Ricci (Pirlo). They were all still very good and only Ricci was the wrong side of 30 (the other two were 29), but we'd just become bloated with young stars and it was time to give them a chance. On Regens Some of you may have heard me say something along the lines of "I don't hunt for regens, I just hunt for the best young players in the world regardless of their origin". In this career I've been talking about regens, so some of you may be wondering what gives! Basically the aim of this career is to get Colidio to score as much as possible within the rules, so I decided it was time to try out regens. Maybe about 30% of my players are ones that I've targeted as regens. It's hard to know how much this has helped. Regens of top players sure do get up to speed very quickly and are guaranteed performers, but unless they are the right players, they probably just distract from things. I've had loads of top players who I can't play because they just keep scoring instead of passing. So my lesson has been to use this wisely and pick the regens I want (passers and assist makers) and not fall into the trap of collecting the top players in the world. That said, it's useful to be aware of regens, even if you don't want them. Most top players in the game are regens of someone... I got bitten by this: I signed a young player (Bernard) for £25.5M because he looked good, only to find that he scored too many goals. Turns out he's Pogba's regen. Sold him for £9M. Would have passed on him if I'd known. Also, I've noticed that many regens come back with terrible Teamwork stats. Maybe being trapped in an afterlife loop has made them grumpy... So Proud My youngster making the most of his opportunities off the bench (shame about the injury though): Competitions We won everything domestically again this year, but we dropped off in the league near the end of the season (when Colidio wasn't scoring as much). We'd been on track to win every game, but a couple of draws blew that. And the amount of goals we scored tailored off, with only 93 (our lowest since my 3rd season in charge). Elsewhere: We won the European Super Cup, the Club World Championship and the Champions League. At the ITN Level: Argentina stuck with me, but ended up disappointed again after we finished third in the World Cup. Some guy called Donnarumma saved Italy from humiliation in the semi-final and they took their chances, winning 2-1 despite having far less shots than us. He better watch his mouth in the Celtic dressing room or he'll be in the Reserves. Development & Awards This is what Colidio looked like at the end of last season, followed by what he looks like at the end of this season: A big drop off: down 3 points across many attributes, including Shooting, Movement, Decisions, Dribbling, Stamina, Strength and down 2 on Pace. If he keeps declining at this rate he won't have many seasons left. He was World Player of the Year again (12th time): Injuries & Suspensions Colido picked up a three week injury in October: I forgot to check how this affected his attributes, but it wasn't long after he came back that I noticed they'd had a big drop off... Goals No quadruples this year, although a bucketful of hat tricks in the first half of the season: At the club level, he scored 61 goals in 51 appearances: That's a decent haul and about the same as last year, but he did much better in the first half of the season before his attributes started declining. ITN Goals Colidio started the season with 149 ITN goals (9 scored before I took over): By the end of the season, he'd scored another 8 goals (in 11 games) at ITN level. Progress 34 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 61 1123 ITN Goals 8 148 Totals 69 1271 The Future The goal now is 1.5K, so he only has 229 goals to go. If he could get in another 3-4 seasons averaging 50 goals per season, then I'd be confident that he'd make it. But if his attributes keep disappearing at this rate, he'll be down to 20 goals per seasons in no time and the dream will be over. Going to be interesting see how this plays out, but right now I'm thinking he will fall short...
  2. Thanks mate. Yeah if I can get 4 or 5 years averaging about 50, that'll get him close enough to limp over the line. I think!
  3. LOL, you're optimistic. At this rate in Nov 2022, Colidio will only be in his 40's and not quite at the 2K mark. This is getting slower and slower....
  4. Thanks! But it's 50/50 now whether he will get to 1.5K or not. Or maybe not that good.... added 0 minutes later Thanks mate! I think you might be right about that, but so hard not to focus on that number... We'll see, but I think he'll probably fall short.
  5. Thanks! Sorry it took a week to say so... 🙁 added 0 minutes later Just finishing the next season now, got decent numbers again, but showing sign of approaching the cliff!
  6. Update - Season 17 The long summer is over and we're squarely into autumn, with Colidio 32 years old at the start of the season. Winter is coming... How long can he stave it off? Transfers, etc Not much happening this year, just some further turnover of the young hopefuls. The Search For A Son @BatiGoal asked whether I'd found a son... My hope were mainly focused on D'Acol Joaquim, our record assist master. But just kept on going, playing his one match per year, then sitting in the reserves. Then out of the blue, my CR7 regen retired (at the end of this season): The following day, Matthew arrived at the club: This screenshot is after a couple of months development. He doesn't look too bad, but I was hoping he may be a CR7 re-regen, but he doesn't seem to be (wrong positions and feet). Anyway, we'll see how he goes. Competitions We won everything domestically again this year, but the shine is slightly tarnished. In the League, we went 34-3-1 with 103 goals for (getting lower each year) and 19 against. Hearts genuinely challenged us in the Scottish Cup, with an 87th minute penalty needed to get us through to extra time and then penalties (which we won). Elsewhere: We won the European Super Cup, the Club World Championship and the Champions League. At the ITN Level, Argentina had it's first disaster under my management, losing the semi final of the Confederations Cup on penalties to Uruguay. We went on to come third, but my job is now under threat. Development & Awards This is what Colidio looks at the end of the season (still great, but the physicals down a notch): He was World Player of the Year again (11th time): Injuries & Suspensions No injuries this year, but there was a two match suspension for a red card: Goals Only two quadruples this year: At the club level, he scored 62 goals in 52 appearances: Not only is that the lowest in many many years, the ratio has dropped from 1.6 to 1.2. While he still looks good, his performance is starting to drop. ITN Goals Colidio started the season with 135 ITN goals (9 scored before I took over): By the end of the season, he'd scored another 14 goals (in 12 games) at ITN level. Progress 33 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 62 1062 ITN Goals 14 140 Totals 76 1202 The Future So, only 300 or so goals to make the 1.5K club! But he's 33 and he's started on the downhill slope... I think it's going to get real ugly before this finishes and it's likely to go right down to the wire..
  7. Thanks mate! Sorry I missed this - not much time on site, playing very slow too... 🙁
  8. Great stuff BG! Hard to see anyone beating that. Glad you didn't choke on your hole and also pretty happy you patched things up with your son somewhat.
  9. Congrats mate - you made it look easy! And either Reese is special or your tactic made him a star!
  10. Thanks mate! Not sure about the 1.5K - I'd talked myself into believing, but there are more goalless games this year. Still banging them in, but I think the big slowdown is just around the corner! As for 18... I've passed that stage of intense longing, so it's not hard to resist anymore (was a few weeks where I almost packed it in). It's a bit laggy for me (just navigating around the menu), so not in a huge rush to get over there TBH.
  11. Thanks mate, pretty happy that Colidio is doing so much better than Armstrong. Still can't get anywhere near your levels though!
  12. Thanks mate and sorry for the slow response! Typical of my life right now. Expect me to finish this 1KC just in time for FMM 2019!
  13. Yeah it would have gone viral, but we want to protect her reputation! I've got DÁcol Joaquim (270 assists, 35yo), Guzman (Messi regen?, 34yo), Gameiro (CR regen, 33yo) sitting in the Reserves with their mad skillz all but gone, but none of them want to retire... One of these days... Mind you my last son didn't amount to much, so not too bothered...
  14. Oh man, that's rough. You were doing superbly there and I reckon it would have been in the bag... Still a birdie is not to be sneezed at. And now you're on to the BatiGoal hole...
  15. Update - Season 16 With the 1K total mark passed last season, Colidio set his sights on reaching the 1K club goals milestone. In fact, that became the focus of everyone involved with Celtic, from the fans to the tea-lady. We were all willing him to reach that. Let's see if he did... Transfers, etc Leaving were three top youngsters (Piatti, Roberto and D'Agostino) who'd tried hard, but hadn't quite convinced us they were Celtic material. Piatti and D'Agostino are still starters in my Argentina team, but were just not quite performing at club level, so they needed to make room for the next lot. The next lot were Bernard, Sosa and Lemar, who came in and now have a chance to audition for a place in the best team in the world. We also said goodbye to long time backup keeper Zander Burt, who has great attributes and is Scottish to boot, but who fell to 4th in the order, and also to Paulo Herrera, who's played 80 odd games for my Argentina team, but who has fallen to backup at club level. Southgate Watch Yep, he's still there 16 seasons in, but to be fair England aren't doing too badly: He'd taken them down to 63rd in season 12, that was the time to get rid of him. I guess the FA know what they are doing. Go figure... Competitions We won everything again this year. In the League, we went 37-1-0 with 105 goals for (a little low) and 8 against. We almost came unstuck in the Scottish Cup though: Elsewhere: We won the European Super Cup, the Club World Championship and the Champions League. Development & Awards This is what Colidio looks like now (lost a couple of points for Physicals due to the injury): He was World Player of the Year again (10th time, not bad!): Injuries & Suspensions Colidio missed 2 weeks (and 6 games) in January: Then came the big one, out for 4 months: On the plus side, he'll only miss 2 months of game time as it's over the off-season, but still... I'm especially nervous as he turns 32 at the end of May and injuries at this age can hasten the decline of his attributes. That said, he's been pretty lucky over the course of his career (I think this is his longest injury), so I can't complain (too much)... 1000 Club Goals On Saturday the 10th April 2032, Facundo Colidio scored his 1000th goal for Celtic. I won't post the video or image again, you can see that above. I've decided not to publish the video of the tea-lady's reaction to the goal, but let me assure you she was ecstatic, just as the rest of us were!!! Great job Facundo! He bought the fans at the local 1000 drinks out of appreciation for their support over the years, but I reckon that's the last time he'll need to buy a drink in this town... Goals Three quadruples this year: At the club level, he scored 67 goals in 39 appearances and was on track for another monster season before injury hit: ITN Goals Colidio started the season with 126 ITN goals (9 scored before I took over): By the end of the season, he'd scored another 9 goals (in 5 games) at ITN level. Progress 32 years old (EOY) Season Total Club Goals 67 1000 ITN Goals 9 126 Totals 76 1126 The Future An injury racked season limited Colidio's game time and meant he only scored 76 goals - but to put that into perspective, Adam Armstrong only passed that once in my 1KC with him. So, it's still an awesome season, especially considering he's 32 now. There's no doubt he's a special player, much better than Adam was (though he's still my favourite). I'm thinking that once this is done and dusted, I'll use the pregame editor to compare them. It won't be exact as it randomises young players a little when starting a career, but I'm dying to know how good they are (true PA wise)... Anyway, we're approaching the long decline, here's to hoping Colidio can hold up for a lot longer yet... We ain't finished by a long shot!