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  1. thebugel

    [EME] Battering Ram Strat by GLVTRN

    was your unbeaten season with the AP pushed forward or in central along side BBM?
  2. thebugel

    3 5 2 Attacking Tactic

    What’s your attack settings?
  3. thebugel

    3-2-2-3 EME

    No just league one, starting the championship campaign shortly...we’ll see how it goes...
  4. thebugel

    3-2-2-3 EME

    no tweaks, not even time wasting that I used to use a lot
  5. thebugel

    3-2-2-3 EME

    That’s it for me today...storming the league and knocked three championship sides out of FA Cup. One thing I would say is don’t expect possession..expect goals!!
  6. This is proving a popular tactic for me, after smashing the premier league with Man City iv started testing it in league one...so far so good...will keep updated..
  7. EME...edited OP now
  8. Loving this tactic at the minute, got me promoted with an average side, finished 5th in prem with a average side. Only tested with Barnsley...see if it works for you....
  9. thebugel

    BFC 22312

    It’s for EME
  10. thebugel

    BFC 22312

    Gave it a go starting unemployed & took Tranmere job (was either that or Guisley). Recruited so that players attributes scored at least 10 in the OP search filter criteria’s . I started from GK and worked my way up the pitch however ran out of money when I got to the two strikers. i ended up 1k per week over budget and transfer listed all the dead wood (couldn’t sell though before window shut) 20 games gone and sat top of the league, with 10 clean sheets, often applying the contain rule when leading 1-0 away at h/t. I figure this is not a plug and play tactic as such, you just need to follow rules as much as poss to create a winning mentality.
  11. thebugel

    BFC 22312

    Focus on the midfield three and apply above filters. If your BBM’s can’t either attack/defend or stay fit then there will be cracks. my wingbacks always suffer worst avr too. Be interesting to see flat back four or another option could be invert them
  12. thebugel

    BFC 22312

    The BBM’s for me are the driving force of the tactic and balance the attack and defence. For my BBM’s as rule I use below filters (no matter what role he prefers or midfield position he is) Will add all filters to each roll to OP.
  13. thebugel

    BFC 22312

    Turned out fantastic in the end with a just above average set of players...the key is when leading by two goals is to switching to the defensive settings as described in op. I had a 100% win rate doing just this. the trequartista (below) was the star of the show finishing the leagues top scorer/assister & average rating.
  14. thebugel

    Tactics BFC 22312

    Just something I’m sharing that’s working pretty well...for me...don’t shoot me if it doesn’t work for you!!, after myself searching for a consistent tactic since the update (without luck) I opted to use a tactic I created on the pc version and is working better on fm mobile... to to protect a lead place one striker at CD and substitute for a defender (don’t put the remaining striker in middle of attack). flick time wasting to YES and team mentality to contain..works a treat Filters
  15. thebugel

    EME 4-3-3 Benfica

    so far so good, best tried so far....