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  1. Welcome fellow Liverpool fan Excited about the new version... lets see how it goes good luck YNWA
  2. a very likely liverpool XI against LCFC Adrian neco williams matip phillips robertson henderson wijnaldum curtis jones sadio jota minamino thoughts, views?
  3. you can but then there will be just one forward in the opposition's box and it can limit the number of shots thus, limiting the number of goal scoring chances... i can be wrong here... its just a hypotheses which i understood while observing the gameplay and players' movement - you may try and can let us know
  4. hey, Do you make any tweaks before/during a match? If yes, which ones and depending on what? : yes, i did but very rarely... lets say in one match against Inter I conceded an early goal so after half time I changed mentality from control to attacking. Only this much... rest remained same. Do you have 2 squads or you rarely make line up changes? : Yes, I had to have solid backups as i pretty much played all comps till the end... so to catch up with players' condition and fatigue or injuries that happened to Ronaldo quite a lot had me buy backups or i re trained a couple of players to accommodate in certain positions like Dybala was used sometimes as a CF or AP or IF Can I see overall player ratings in the season end? Sorry about this, as I forgot to save this game and continued with my other save so the game data got lost. Generally, I like Juve - a team I keep an eye, after Liverpool. This season, I'm having high expectations from them and Pirlo, especially in Europe. As far as FMM, didn't really enjoy playing with Juve a lot - Ageing squad, slow players, less impactful players barring a few. So one needs to bring in young players like chiesa, or zaniolo or pellegrini to make it more interesting. But that eats up your transfer budget and one can't make high profile signings (you know, someone like Bernardo silva maybe) but excited about FMM21, lets see how it will be with their new team - life after higuain, matuidi, pjanic etc. yesterday, against Lazio they played a quite similar formation 3ATB and Ronaldo up top. Unfortunately they conceded a very late goal and ended up with a point in hand. But it was a great game... lets see how the season unfolds for them...
  5. Hey, yes.. its been added. Sorry, it got missed. added 0 minutes later Thanks... Yes, attacking instructions are added. Sorry, it got missed.
  6. This is inspired by Biesla's Leeds mid game tactic where he switched to 3-3-3-1 When someone say 3ATB, the team that comes to my mind is either Juve or Inter. Thought to try it out with Juve Turns out to be quite well - went unbeaten for a entire season Just one L in the CL semis leg 2, which as we say was a game of fine margins... Anyway, take a look at it for yourself... i'll be testing this in other leagues and teams Suggestions/ feedback is appreciated Edit: attacking instructions are added. Sorry, it got missed.
  7. What are the instructions? and other aspects of the setup
  8. once happened to me as well... if you are aware of the player 'Calvin Stengs' from Eredivise team AZ... he literally retired at the age of 23 if i remember correctly.. poor fellow - he told the reason, coz he is too old to play pro football.. wow
  9. the question is from where did Frankfurt got this money damn
  10. haha good humor - you might want to name your manager 'Tiger woods' 😛 bad joke, ik 'Wood' over here essentially means 'sub standard' players - 1 or 2 star rated types from lower leagues and, and youth/academy players are there is to fill in the positions. So, if you choose, Let's say - Neymar as your star man - there will have to be no known players around him and just random players to fill in the positions. Hope im able to clarify.
  11. thanks it is mad, got to agree... dont think there will be any takers for this Just to clear your doubt So basically, one can go for players who are, for a lack of better word, 'sub standard' players. 1 or 2 star rated types from lower leagues and, of course you can get in youth/ academy players in the mix. So, De bruyne in Man city, for example will play along with, lets say, sean whitebread or or maybe piotr flumeneski. (just examples - dont know whether such players exists) Hope this clarifies.
  12. ahaha yea, its way too hard... i tried with PSG - reached QFs and got thrashed by Bayern! big time
  13. Yes, used the below in my save where i started at liverpool and then went on to manage Juventus and England as my international career. My custom tactic is: Striker - Poacher role (Timo Werner, Pacy hitman type) Two Inside forwards (Someone like Salah, Mbappe) 3 man mid (1 CM, 1 Advance playmaker, 1 Deep lying playmaker) For each position, i prefer players like Wijnaldum, Havertz in advance role and Thiago in DLP role) Defense is 2 Wing backs - Davies, Robertson, TAA, Chilwell 2 strong CB - De ligt, Demiral types Goalie, of course! - Alisson, Donnarumma are my preference Mentality: Attacking Width: Narrow, Tempo: normal, Creative freedom: balanced Defensive line: balanced Final third: 'run at defense' Passing: short, focus: mixed, GK distribution: Short You might want to change some basis your team and choice of players and boom, it can be better than the above... so good luck!
  14. sugar daddy... buy a yacht man, invest in facebook, uber etc...