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  1. PSG is having quite an extraordinary transfer window! Looks like they might get some more deals done before the window shuts. Tried replicating their squad so far in FMM21 - it looks crazy! Quite possibly one of the exciting squads to play in the upcoming FMM!
  2. Here is a tactic which worked out pretty well with Liverpool. I am yet to test it out in other leagues and with lower teams. Pretty simple roles for players - Firmino / Jota as treq to connect with advance playmaker and create opportunities for inside forwards. Surprisingly the defense throughout the season remained solid - conceding only 8 goals in the league. Attached screenshots for you to see and check it out for yourself. Peace out. ✌ Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Hey! That's an amazing score Could you please tell me what formation did you use for this challenge?
  4. who scored more goals? Inside forwards or striker?
  5. I got my eyes on this.. Good luck
  6. Hey guys, Tried the badge 10 which involves two of the lethal young forwards. Erling and Kylian. So I got both of them to Bernabeu and began the quest to bring glory back to Madrid. We lost the league to Barca by mere 3 points but the boys did got their hands on Europe's prestigious trophy. "yea, why not?" Here are the results. Ucl final was one of the nerve wrecking finals I had so far in all my saves Fmm careers. Courtois literally stopped an ET last min penalty to save us and then winning it for us in penalty shootout. Results below: Haaland: 56 g + 15 a Mbappe: 26 g + 27 a Total: 124 pts
  7. thanks! planning to try this with Barca
  8. Can we see the set piece instructions in English pls
  9. How do u do this - asking the assistant to pick the team... just out of curiosity
  10. I am gonna give this a try in La liga... lets see
  11. Man made millions on tube while selling the Greek lad to Barnsley! amazing
  12. All hail Michael Edwards. Pure genius! Good business done by LFC on deadline by signing 2 CBs especially, now, when Matip is going to remain injured for rest of the season! Which is just heart breaking. Also, the Japanese Ninja - Minamino, is headed to St. Mary's on loan deal. Good for him coz he'll get to play.
  13. Some are saying, if not Car, it can be Botman. We'll have to wait till it gets announced officially. As far as Davies - he is a decent player - good with ball passing and keeping possession. Not sure, how he will use his abilities to perform in the PL. But since it's Klopp, pretty sure, it must be a good utility signing. At least till the time, Gomez and Fabinho is back.
  14. Very likely - he might be having his medicals as we speak. Dujon Caleta Car was the 2nd CB signing - heard he didn't board the private jet arranged for him as Marseille pulled out of talks coz they couldn't get his replacement last minute. So, its going to be Davies and Philips paired up in the fixture against man City.