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  1. Looks good, going to try with Forest 👍🏻
  2. Here’s my second tactic, my current favourite, I’ve been playing a lot this season with strikerless tactics and wanted to create a double false 9, my concern here was lack of steel in midfield but the BWM and IWB’s offer solid support for the back two and the sole central midfielder. Only tested with Forest, it is a 2-3-1-2-2 but I call it a 4-1-1-4!
  3. Here is the first of two tactics I’m going to download today, this one is a 4-2-3-1, control possession, slow tempo, only 6 losses in the Championship and currently serving me well in the Premier League after 2 seasons. Only tested with Forest, here’s the screenshots from the first season:
  4. Ok, first of all I took inspiration from this tactic posted here recently https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/46344-man-citys-no-striker-tactic-2-3-2-3-with-man-united/?tab=comments#comment-442840 Whilst I liked the original tactic I wanted to try and improve on it, and settled on my 4-3-1-2, pushing the wingbacks back, moving the DM in to a midfield 3 and moving the IF’s forward, this being the end result: Admittedly I don’t score a lot, but I don’t concede either, and with better players this tactic should be a beast. My squad: When starting my Forest career I like to base my team around Jayden Richardson, Joe Worrall, Scott McKenna, Ryan Yates, Joe Lolley, Alex Mighten and Brennan Johnson, but for this one I also wanted to add Scott Twine from Swindon (a shadow striker who is a distant relative of mine) I only sign players under 21, but, for this tactic I’ve kept the core of my initial Forest squad. From my first team Richardson, Worrall, McKenna, Yates, Lolley & Mighten were at the club at the start, Vandevoort, Mitchell, Lein and Twine I signed right at he very start of the Championship season and Gabriel Menino I signed at the start of 2021/22 - I didn’t change my first XI at all for for the 2022/23 season. My second team Mbe Soh, Gabriel, Ribeiro, Cafu, Carvalho, Swan & Johnson were at the club at the start, Colwill is my on-loan cover for McKenna, Boyce-Clark was signed as a backup GK at the start of the game and Dembele a free signing at the start of 2021/22 So with the vast make-up being at the club from the start, here’s how we progressed:- I also won the FA Cup in 2022 and lost in the final of the Europa League in 2023 - though my two keepers were both out injured along with McKenna and Lolley. My tactic The results Goals scored: As I said, not the best for goals but some decent results, especially against the bigger teams, and like I said with better players this should be a top tactic, but I like to remain loyal and build in what I’ve got.
  5. Are you using exactly the same tactic? One thing I did was ensure that all of my first XI were either 3 star minimum or 2 with a potential of 4-5. I always use the position template for attributes when searching for the right player for each role.
  6. I would say the libero is crucial as he fills in the gap between the defence and midfield. The wing backs are also important, I use the new player attribute template search, works very well to ensure you find the right player. Here’s how I did in season 2 and season 3:-
  7. No, only Forest, just finished my first Premier League season using the same tactic, 5th placed finish, of the 9 losses only 2 (Villa and West Ham) were against non “big 6” teams so looks fairly solid so far!
  8. I’m a massive fan of 1 striker and 4 at the back but fancied a change so I played around with a 5-2-1-2 and got instant success with Forest. The first season in the Championship on FMM 21 is tougher this season in my opinion, with Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth normally hard to beat and finishing top 3, but this tactic got me goals (mainly from my TM, P and SS), a solid defence (normally I would concede at least a goal a game) and only 4 defeats in 46. My biggest worry was my midfield, I wasn’t sure if using a BBM and an AP would leave me too open in the middle but I already had 2 BBM’s in Yates and Arter and I signed Wilshere on a free for the AP role re-training Freeman as a more central AP. It’s also worth noting that I re-trained Lolley as an SS and Mighten as a P, both IF’s normally, and both got me 20 goals apiece with Grabban getting me 35. So, overall, this is a very solid Championship tactic.
  9. I switched the AP to an IF in my Forest save and it worked better for me, Lolley/Harrison being my right sided IF's, Mighten on the left as the advanced IF is a beast with Lewis-Potter as back-up. Did you play your Trequartista in the forward role or in the AM role?
  10. This tactic is a beast, well done sir! I changed the TM to a CF though, and the results were phenomenal, most points ever accumulated (I got 109 once in FMM 20) and my strikers scored 78 goals in 55 games, Lewis Grabban alone got 53.
  11. Anybody else had problems with loanees? I brought in Dean Henderson and Ryan Cherki on loan, when I went back in to my save they’d returned to their parent clubs!
  12. I'm friends with Andy (and Bobby) Madley, always makes me laugh when Andy pops up as the referee, especially as he's classed as being a harsh referee in-game!
  13. Half way stage of the season, so far so good, thanks for working out a good tactic 👍🏻
  14. Nice tactic, been shipping goals with every tactic used so far, but it’s P5 W5 with 0 goals conceded - very promising.
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