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  1. Google search and other footballing sites says otherwise it does mean 3/4
  2. Majority of hidden traits are personality works since it describes how the player approaches the game if you have a lazy player then they have poor work rate. A player that is described as "selfish" or "bends the rules" by a scout describes the player personality and not all players have a distinct personality; most players are listed as "normal" and you don't know what kind of player you will get with a description like that so you scout them to find more about them this is the scout revealing the hidden trait by giving information about their personality your not always given these details; it is hidden in the game so if a scout report says professional player than that player is a professional player. If you get enigmatic player or "bends the rules" then that means the player may not take kindly to harsher criticism. Because most players have "normal" personality it can change from the club culture and mentoring either for better or for worse so that's why you should scout those players because they are quite volatile All these hidden traits have a rank from 1-20 hidden in game. Only a few hidden traits don't have anything to do with personality like injury prone but i didn't explain it to that guy because it seems like he's new to the game so i thought i won't go as in depth as i should.
  3. SS is just a more defensive version of trequartista, they block passages, they can pressure the defenders, create play and move into the channels to get into a goal scoring opportunity. Dennis Bergkamp was a very creative second striker AP plays between defense and midfield and creates play from there. Bruno Fernandes plays like this Trequartista means three quarters meaning they play 3/4 up the pitch. They don't defend at all, they are very creative and have an eye for goal, they roam from position, they are very technical and even if they have no more pace or strength as long as they can shoot, pass have decent creativity and decision it will definitely work for older players 30+ Baggio/Totti/Ronaldinho/Kaka all played like this In todays game; it is rare to find a trequartista.
  4. minimum at least more playstyles (so many old players I could have easily played as an enganche but I have to settle for an AM) tactics need to improve and i would like player instructions
  5. Yeah hidden attributes is their personality because this year they added dynamics it is better if you find hard working players, determined players because they can increase team training performance, morale and play better in games. That being said if you find a baller that has poor professionalism make sure your cast of players is majority professional because he can damage team professionalism; if you have a lack of team professionalism, this goes for work rate and determination too. Beware not to sign too many of those kind of players. sometimes when self scouting and you find a player; look in player personal then look at personality if it says "normal" than send your scout and they should reveal a bit about their personality. Idk how much more i should add 😂 said quite a lot already
  6. well TH14 should have won the ballon'dor in 2003 but he didn't....
  7. sorry for late reply yeah you can scout yourself using find club or player search find club is great for countries that are not loaded in game but scouts are useful for hidden attribute e.g if you sign a lot of relaxed players or players who "bend the rules" then team morale declines and you get ineffective pressing which is not good for extreme pressing formations.
  8. Self scouting, only use scouts for hidden traits
  9. Do you just want to manage in england or are you willing to go abroad? Fmm21 is more advanced than last year so i don't think last season tactics will work as good as before. There has been a lot of other tactics this year so why not try them out? (Assuming you haven't seem them already)
  10. @hhooo thanks that sounds like a great idea, I guess ireland isn't as good then?🤔
  11. When you think of it there are a lot of teams that fell of in Germany including 1 FCN, 1860 Munich, Hamburg, have I missed anymore
  12. Im thinking of taking 1860 Munich back to the glory days until im done in lower league spain
  13. Wouldn't really call it help but i would like to know which league or team has been the most fun, challenging, etc For me the serie a has caused the most havok for me always suspence and the case of bottling and so forth, also they aren't afraid to sack you early goes for most teams
  14. Just max your coach to gold i guess there isn't much to talk about with coaches