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  1. I think they have the same training facilities and coaches now, and ye take them out when they need to play a higher level but I’ll give it a try. Do you know how to get better affiliate clubs because I keep getting bad ones that my players don’t want to join
  2. I currently have a career with Villareal without paying too much attention to the B team they are in the Spanish second division. Will young players who I want to develop still develop well playing in the Spanish second tier or in the first division. Will they develop the same as being on loan or not develop at all? Thanks
  3. What are the best releases clause bargains in the Spanish league ie cheep good players or good players at great value or young prospects who have a cheap release clause. Cheers
  4. This is so annoying ffs. No career is ever the same as the next and you get to know all the re-gen players etc there has to be a better method of recovering saves where u have a 5 day period to recover or something or a double save method.
  5. They need to add a Recover save button/area I have done this too many times over the years. I am 7 years into a Lazio Career and make a new career with a different club to do at the same time today and I accidentally replace the lazio save for the new one so now it has gone, Ik u can save it too the cloud but it’s something that I doubt many people do/ use or remember that it’s even their unless you play on 2 different devices. What do you guys think or could u help. Cheers
  6. Where sorry? I’m in the EPL btw added 0 minutes later Where sorry?
  7. Does anyone know how to remove or loose an affiliate is they are no use/ not good enough and then following on from this does anyone know how to acquire better clubs as affiliates? Cheers.
  8. I have no players like that, pretty much all of them have sideways arrows and idk how to improve them. Some of my players have a downwards arrow for work rate though, do you know how I could get that up at least? added 0 minutes later Cheers mate but I have quite a few going on at the moment like that but I haven’t noticed any change.
  9. Does anyone know how to get squad relationships over 6 or 7 because I can’t on any save for the whole game? Also how can I improve my squad dynamics as on this save I have F grade work rate F grade moral even though the players are happy and F grade loyalty - how can I improve these as it leads to less pressing efficiency and a less resilient squad? Cheers.
  10. First of all I can’t seem to get my squad relationships higher than 9 even though as I have seen playing the same squad in the same positions as much as possible it doesn’t for me. Secondly, how can improve an individual players influence on the squad ie work rate, thanks.
  11. Yeah I wish you got to pretty much control the reserve team as well to develop players better added 0 minutes later Thanks mate
  12. Same but why would they add it into the game if it wasn’t is my thought.
  13. FYI, I play a 3-4-3 with inside forwards and a flat 4 across the midfield but can’t find any coaches for the 3-4-3.
  14. When you employ staff (Coaches) does the formation actually mean anything because I can’t seem to find out if it does. I would assume for defensive coaches it would help more with positioning or development in general would be better but I can’t find out. Does anyone else know?
  15. Does anyone know how to avoid the ‘Needs to mature to develop’ thing? Thanks