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  1. First of all I can’t seem to get my squad relationships higher than 9 even though as I have seen playing the same squad in the same positions as much as possible it doesn’t for me. Secondly, how can improve an individual players influence on the squad ie work rate, thanks.
  2. Yeah I wish you got to pretty much control the reserve team as well to develop players better added 0 minutes later Thanks mate
  3. Same but why would they add it into the game if it wasn’t is my thought.
  4. FYI, I play a 3-4-3 with inside forwards and a flat 4 across the midfield but can’t find any coaches for the 3-4-3.
  5. When you employ staff (Coaches) does the formation actually mean anything because I can’t seem to find out if it does. I would assume for defensive coaches it would help more with positioning or development in general would be better but I can’t find out. Does anyone else know?
  6. Does anyone know how to avoid the ‘Needs to mature to develop’ thing? Thanks
  7. Are there any things I can do to eliminate the chances of a work permit being declined for a player?
  8. Can u make an online game for me and my mate to play in the same game with different team like in fm or can you not do it on Fmm20?
  9. I’m doing a rebuild of Ac Milan so I will try it with Ake Zaniolo and let you all know
  10. I have been playing the game since FMM17 but to this day still can’t work out how to improve a players weak foot, is this even possible? If not it does need to be sorted in the next game.
  11. added 0 minutes later I also found regilon the Spanish left back was a bargain with a relates clause of 3M at the start of the game
  12. Hi I’m just looking for any bargains at the start of the game - looking for players roughly 2* or more and or 4* Rated potential or more, cheers.