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  1. Do the regens have the exact same preferred foot and positions?
  2. Cheers big help added 0 minutes later Cheers, but help
  3. So when do the regens of players who are already retired come in
  4. Do the regens spawn in the league they retired in or their nation and how often do the world class ex players regens get added. Cheers as well
  5. Hi guys I’ve never bothered to look into finding regens but want to start doing it now. Could anyone explain to me the best ways to look for specific players like Torres, Iniesta, Puyol, Essien and Kaka
  6. I’ve just started a new career with EFL league 2 Team Exeter and have 200k to spend does anyone know any bargain young prospects.
  7. Haha I have found that if you offer them to clubs and put them on the Loan List and put it as recall clause off then I managed a to loan all but 1 player out, but ever time you can negotiate and add the recall clause back in
  8. After selling Jorginho for £91M I have bought Neymar who has got 14 assists and 5 goals in 10 starts. If your still struggling try using a poacher instead of a Complete forward
  9. Cheers made some new investments in Ziyech in the AP role who has scored 4 and assisted 5 and mason greenwood who has been on rotation and has pht away 4 in 8 starts which I fairly happy with.
  10. Is their anyway of Increasing the number of loan offers for young players because I’m having trouble finding some. In the first season I was only able to loan out one of 20 players.
  11. Hi I’m struggling to score goals with this and have changed the DPL to a DM and changed the tempo to fast is their anything else that I could change and also any young players who have done well for you in this tactic