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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Ah, Looks like @sharaziuk has had a similar issue.
  2. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Slightly weird. The scout reckons my next opposition will only field 9 players (This didn't actually happen, but still strange.
  3. Article FMM18 New Role: Anchorman

    Great article. I love the mix of theory and evidence you use.
  4. Can you upload a bunch of career screenshots as a batch to vibe and do they have to be displayed on the forum somewhere before you can select them?
  5. I wouldn't personally do this, but I can't speak for everyone. Looking for young players/ regens, I would normally set the filter by age and one strong key attribute (like shooting for a striker). Then just go through the results. I'm almost always looking for something specific and trawling through each team just wouldn't be efficient. Personal screens might be more useful, but I think adapting it for context filtering (as I first stated) would be most useful. Personal info could do with being condensed. There is a lot of unused space in some of the screens; I appreciate that not everyone has a high resolution screen, so it might not be a commercially feasible idea. However, it would be good to have the following information in one screen: attributes, footedness, position, role, Age, personality tag, player preferred moves (all and not requiring changing roles to view) and scouting distinct info ('thrives in the big matches' etc...). Perhaps you could have the original style screens, but allow a 'condensed' mode in the options. I would shrink the portrait, convert the attribute text into icons (e. g. A boot picture for shooting), and reduce the size of the pitch-position diagram to achieve this. There is just so much digging through menus to evaluate each player. On a positive note, I think it is absolutely brilliant that the developers are engaging with the community. My suggestions can be taken on board or ignored, and that is okay - I still enjoy the game. It just means the world that they might actually be considered! 👍
  6. Even then you would probably just filter by age. I wonder if it is actually a bug because I just can't fathom how it would be intended to work like this. If it isn't, I just hope there aren't so many fires to fight they can't get around to it for patch 1. Judging by the bug thread, I'm not hopeful.
  7. The up and down arrows left of the player's name sounded like a great idea. However, I expected (reasonably I think) that the scrolling order would correspond with whichever list you were using. For example, if I sorted my team sheet according to position, it would go CD-CD-CD-LB etc... Or it would move through my shortlist in order etc... I haven't found anyway to arrange the order. It just goes through whichever team the player belongs to in alphabetical order. In other words, it is completely useless. It's not major, no, but combine it with the obvious increase in latency (time between button press and info displaying) from this year's iteration, and it seems like a missed opportunity. One for the first patch? @Alari
  8. I'll do my best To be fair, the current feature list is fab. The roll-out has also been superior to last year! Roll on Friday!
  9. Nice! In 2014 I started a career called Terraforming where I tried to increase the Belgian league standard. Then they introduced this very feature in FMH(M?) 2015. I've barked up the right tree a few times prior to release :-)
  10. Article Introducing Female Managers

    I reckon it is just a text box. The female manager also looks like Angela Merkel. She seems to be managing the Dutch national team, though, so perhaps there is a neighbouring country soap opera somewhere in there
  11. Love squad depth screen. Very useful. How do they decide which CM is the best? Is this generic logic or does it take into account roles? Arrows leading up from wingers... the cynic in me felt this might just be a visual representation of them being wingers. However, they are the only two players with it, and there are some other icons which are shaped (AMC and DCs). Role/Duty customisation?
  12. They should make this clear. I Just assumed this was a linear spectrum. Save is 5mb bigger for second league, 10 for three etc... Note: I just pulled these numbers out of my backside to illustrate a point; I don't know how much space they actually take ;-)
  13. Are you sure about this? Extra leagues are certainly something to consider from a performance & storage point of view, but I've never heard that adding a third/fourth league would reduce player numbers across all?
  14. You can't tell if it is only a re-skin if you don't play it. The match engine differences (hopefully improvements!) are the real attraction. Very difficult for them to define these as a feature unless they've added additional tactical options. Interestingly, the thing that makes the game fun to play is not something that lends itself well to building hype. I will probably buy on release, but I'm planning on getting a new phone @ end of Nov/ Dec time, so I might wait until then.