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Marc Vaughan

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  1. Marc Vaughan

    Rigged (?)

    In summary - no the game is not in any way rigged. Injuries happen on a random chance - the size of this chance is determined by many factors but especially the type of training a player is undertaking (for training injuries) and the style of football you play (for match injuries). On top of this the physios you have ARE important - Rehabilitation physios help players recover from injuries more quickly and Prevention physios will literally prevent serious injuries ... you know that a 'Prevention' physio is working when you get a news item indicating a player was withdrawn from training or similar.
  2. Marc Vaughan

    English football

    Millwall played well - but I thought the referee was incredibly lenient on Millwall for physical play during 'normal time' but whenever Brighton did the same back we ended up conceding free-kicks and getting carded ... it can of course be argued that I'm somewhat biased The end result is somewhat harsh on Millwall, but tbh I don't care I was proud of Brighton for sticking at it and I'm dead chuffed
  3. Waves - then goes back to celebrating Brightons win against Millwall
  4. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    I'll have a look but it might not be 'that' simple to do (ie. not happen in a hurry as I don't want to increase the number of bugs in the game) - long term (ie. next game) I plan to give an option during loaning a player out to indicate whether you or the loan club dictate how he trains. Next version I reckon that'll sneak in, its a more complicated thing than you'd expect because of how the codebase is structured.
  5. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    What stamina do these kids have and how thick and fast are these games coming? ... also what condition percentage are they holding when a game comes up? (as mentioned previously the text just means they're recovering slightly more slowly than their optimum, I'm tuning when it appears for a future hot-fix as its obviously worrying a few people seeing it which is perfectly understandable as its somewhat misleading in this regard).
  6. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    In the early days of FMM I used to embed a change list into the games credits area - I'll see if we can't resurrect this going forward (no promises as I don't know if this is something which is flexible or not - I'm not certain why this stopped tbh).
  7. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    Can you get that save game to me at limey.coder@gmail.com? - I'd be happy to take a look.
  8. It might interest you to know I've always approached designing the game as it being a 'partial RPG' product - its why I put the player personalities and media into the early versions of Championship Manager ... I loved the Soccer Management game concept but found it hard to have empathy with the players when they were just raw numbers, giving them visible personalities and storylines made me (and hopefully others) see them as more real and thus feel guilty when they cut a player from the team or feel righteous anger when that kid you brought from nothing decides he wants to leave and move to a bigger team PS - I come from a pen and paper RPG background so the RPG track seemed sensible to me, heck if you want to go further the 'positions' are classes and the roles are sub-classes ... with a players 'current ability' setting being his level ... oh and I absolutely love the Fire Emblem series of games .... (I still run D&D games sporadically at my local games store - often with my kids playing in the games, mine are generally ad-lib based rather than run from specific modules as I find it is really good for stimulating my imagination and encouraging me to think on my feet )
  9. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    PS - Len, I think I understand your frustrations with training a little more and I'll look at further tweaking this going forward .... can't promise you'll love it, but we'll see
  10. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    When you tick over to the next season can you let me know if its sensible from then on in - it should largely 'reset' in the summer unless your players are active in international matches.
  11. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    Hidden Stats - ok I'll reveal one of our 'secrets' there is a jadedness counter which is effectively 'wear and tear' on an individual player, this affects how he recovers during a season slightly, this goes up when he plays matches depending on the amount of exertion he undertakes and goes down over-time at a rate determined by his training/personal stats (it will decrease more slowly if he's doing intensive training for instance or if he's really old and has poor stamina/natural fitness). The text indicating he is tired was triggering at the cusp of this affecting his recovery rate however from the feedback I'm getting this is scaring people and I think that is understandable as its slightly misleading, he will recover from exertions slightly more slowly but he's not really knackered at that point - because of the feedback I'm getting I'll look at tweaking when this appears so that its a little clearer to people (ie. it'll only appear when he is truly tired rather than when it only has a minor effect on recovery).
  12. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    If you're at the top level then obviously you have a lot more advantages in terms of player progression (ie. good coaches and training). With regards to what you're saying outside of that I can't say without concrete examples to look into, but I'm guessing you're signing prospects who simply aren't making the grade (or just not giving them enough time or they're not performing well enough to improve for some reason, a player needs to be at least 'holding his own' in order to learn). PS - No I'm not the only, developer on the project there are three of us who work on the game ... I've been at Sports Interactive the longest though (since the early days of CM - over 20 years now) and I'm old (circa 48 these days) and have survived raising kids so I am used to people being angry and upset with me I also make this game at least in part because I love playing it myself and I'm passionate about making the best games I can, all this combines to encourage me into popping my head above the parapets to try and get feedback even when people might be disgruntled, in all honesty its probably somewhat challenging for more junior developers at SI to post on forums at times, they are early in their careers and well aware that every word they post will be critiqued. I try and keep things civil and ask pertinent questions, supplying what information I can about the games design to explain things as easily as possible. Hopefully this helps people, at the very least it helps me understand where people are coming from with their issues and helps guide my evolution of the game somewhat.
  13. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    I'll take a look into this for the next version - I don't think its a bad idea at all.
  14. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    Its intended to be as little or much as you want, generally tbh I ignore it by and large but now and again I'll tweak things for a player because I want him to gain more in a specific way, this is generally after I've signed a young player and he needs to develop in a specific manner for his role (pace, aerial or stamina) ... but sometimes its because I'd like a defender to be more comfortable on the ball or whatever. (my normal approach to such things is to look at squad depth when the season finishes and decide a few training and transfer changes based on that)
  15. Marc Vaughan

    Condition on latest update

    If you look at the circle indicator next to his squad selection on the team page then that is basically a 'short-cut' to their condition, it shows roughly at a glance how his condition percentage is and is a 'quick reference' for that which uses colors for emphasis. In the match pages we show condition as a percentage because well we always (generally in terms of 'in match' - I think of subbing players who go sub-80%, sub-70% and they're definitely coming off if I have subs left ... if they're performing badly then sometimes I'll sub them regardless and sometimes if they're doing well or a set-piece taker I'll leave them on even if they're tired, if you've only one decent corner/free-kick taker then its worth leaving him on imho)