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  1. If that first team AND reserve team? - regardless any chance of grabbing that save game?
  2. Can you go to the players training and click on the progress bar showing there? - this should indicate what your coaches current view of him is, additionally if you could post or explain what it says under his training that would be great. It sounds very much like he's got the ability to improve but it currently unable to lift himself to the next level; that might be for any number of reasons including: * Not mature enough to make the next step at present (needs to gain in age) * Your coaching staff isn't quite good enough to help him improve further * The level of football he's playing at presently isn't enough to bring him on (if this is the case make sure you play him in any matches which might be at a higher level than your divisional standard, ie. FA Cup matches etc. if you're lower league). * He might be unhappy and not professional enough to put that to one side etc. (basically think of a player improving like when a coach takes an exam in the game, they can improve but there are factors which might prevent it occuring - if those happen then the bar remains at 100% until his next opportunity, I'm not mean enough to zero it out )
  3. These are the 'main' features - there are lots of smaller features and 'tweaks' in the new version ... you'll discover and (hopefully) enjoy those as you stumble across them
  4. The issue with the 'assists' - I believe that these are stored in a 8 bit variable (char) and as such can only handle a range of 0-255, any higher than that and it will wrap around to 0 and count up again ... The histories (as Scratch mentioned) will only allow up to 121 (again more than enough for most players in sensible situations in a single season) this is because they use a signed char so the upper bit indicates if the value is negative or not, this means the positive range is smaller (the reason for negative ranges being required for some variables is internal to the game and I'm not going to go into that). I'm pretty impressed anyone would manage to get that broken in a single season tbh, apologies if its caused any inconvenience but I seriously doubt it is a big issue for most people and increasing the sizes of all such variables in the game would increase save game sizes (and load/save times etc.). So technically - yeah its a bit odd, but shouldn't hurt your gameplay overly and for 99.999999% of users won't be something they'll ever see ... apologies for any inconvenience.
  5. Just to indicate - there will be another update to FMM19 yet, I'll indicate details when its coming up to its release. I don't see continuing to tune 19 as being detrimental to 20 as obviously one will build on the other and I want as many people as possible satisfied with our games I apologise for not having posted much recently but (1) I'm working on the (hopefully) final update for FMM19 and FMM20 features, (2) My girlfriend has been having health issues so I've have been spending more time in hospitals than we'd like which unfortunately gets in the way of important things like posting on forums
  6. It'd be more helpful if that poll included an option for after the last hot-fix ...
  7. I always try and ensure that the game is fun to play - however for many people part of that fun comes from it being reasonably realistic ... I'm hardly 'telling people to suck it up' - I'm trying to communicate my thoughts and the reasoning behind the decisions which have been made and to tweak things to a stage where the maximum amount of people can enjoy the game. I realise it may be you aren't at present - however your statistics imply is that you will need to 'rotate' for every single match, in practice during my play I only really need to rotate in extreme circumstances, basically where I have games in quick succession .. now if you're Man City this might happen more frequently than some clubs, but for me its not 'every' match and before Christmas I rarely have to rotate my squad more than minimally (normally I'll play kids in Cup matches). If you are finding things different to this please let me know and throw me a save game or two to examine. PS - I've played probably 100+ seasons in the game with this years version including one start -> finish 30 seasons, two bottom division to top division and various 'test cases' but obviously there are millions of possibly styles of play and teams so I'm happy to take feedback and saves where possible.
  8. No I won't tell you to stop playing your wingbacks - but you might want to give one of them a game off now and again, most of the big teams do some sort of rotation during the season to try and ensure during 'heavy' fixture periods that players get rest, you can see this most commonly during League Cup matches or matches against smaller sides where someone might be left out of the squad entirely or start on the bench. I'm guessing from your comments that your tactic is fairly intensive - can I ask whether you're using committed tackling and pressing? ... (also I'd be happy to take a save just before your tumultuous run of games and play it through to see how 'bad' things are for you - but in all honesty I'd expect some tired legs out there, anyone in the 90's is definitely playable, 80's will take a bit of a performance hit but still be alright if they're good enough (and if they're not that great why aren't you rotating them?). To give a real life example (stats etc. taken from BBC website) demonstrating that some rotation (and most vitally early subs) is commonly done in real-life if there is fixture congestion. (and no I don't want to make the game into a chore - but equally it should feel realistic and challenging imho and if you're in all competitions in the way Man City are in real-life then having to consider rotating a little is to be expected imho, the game tries to make this relatively simple you can save two distinct squad selections down and load one up, simply remove/add a specific player or two or if you're really lazy just clear and ask your assistant to pick your squad, tweaking it afterwards ... none of these options should take more than 15-30 seconds in my experience) Man City squad before their last Champions League second Leg: Their squad for the second leg itself when they won 7-0 ..
  9. Can you throw me that save game so I can take a look please? added 0 minutes later I think I've figured this one out - will be in a future update.
  10. You say that but if you look at Man City presently they have a match on the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 14th - this is just the 'Semi-Final' stage for the FA Cup and if they manage to get through that for all competitions then their congestion will be immense towards the end. In real-life the Semi-final dates are 4/30 and 7/5 (so its off by one day in your game) - Man City have a match scheduled on the 4th May already. They already have one game 'in hand' and because of their impending FA Cup Semi-Final they will have another to schedule before the end of the season - they already have matches every 3-4 days in April so its unlikely they will squeeze on in then ... which leads me to think that they may well slot into May, meaning the fixture list you're seeing is fairly plausible ... if somewhat hard going for the teams involved in it. (this is also why its INCREDIBLY rare that a team can pull off a treble or quadruple both in the game and irl) PS - If you rotate players in the run up to it you'll probably find they weather it reasonably well, make sure you substitute players who you want to play in the majority of those matches before the end of the match, having a bit of a rest towards the end of a match can make a huge difference in terms of recovery for players (although in all honesty I'd probably rest most of my team for the CL semi-final ... and likely regret it if we got stomped ).
  11. This is normal if its a big sale - the chairman basically isn't going to let you veto it at the last moment because he thinks its a too good a deal to miss (normally you get a final yes/no opportunity after accepting a deal) ... if this is happening for other deals let me know and I'll investigate.
  12. Star ratings are 'relative' to your current club - so a 5 star rating for an English Conference team might only have a current ability of say 85 out of 200 ... where as a 5 star for a Premiership club would require 140-165 current ability or similar (depending on club size, whether they're in Europe etc.).
  13. Check on your device under your documents area for a folder called 'Sports Interactive' - you may find if you have a device which can take an SD card that it was (or wasn't) mounted when you installed/upgraded the game ... if so then your save might have been dislocated and the game looking at a different area, this is incredibly rare in the main.
  14. Not meaning to post it here (there are probably issues with that as you said) - contact me via. PM and I'll tell you how to email it to me.
  15. I'm guessing he's not fully fit for the match and is thus more prone to injury if playing against a side which is tackling hard (although I'm surprised that he's injured that much, in-match injuries are generally fairly rare) - either replay until he avoids injury if you really want to cheat (which seems to be the case) ... or accept that sometimes shit happens and managers have to deal with hard decisions or forward the save onto me and I can take a look at it.
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